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I see the name Heide Ploen on some pictures of the EBs and on an interview with Phil and was wondering about her connection to the boys. Was she a manager or part of the music industry? Family or family friend?
Just curious Bc her name pops up pretty often.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
In the interview with Phil she mentions EBI or Martial Bekkers, I would have to refresh my memory with another listen to check which she said. I have seen it written that she was a good friend of Phil and Patti afterwards. Maybe Kathyc knows some more.
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks, Chris!
Yes, maybe KathyC can shed more light on it all☺️
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi folks yes I know of Heide Ploen. She was a German fan and a member of our fan club. In September 1963 they visited Germany and Heidi got to meet them, she sent us fab photos of this and we printed them at the time in our fan club news mag, maybe some of you still have it, I do somewhere buried. There were photos of Don and Phil and Joey Paige the lady talking to them was Heide although she later looks nothing like she does in these pics.

In sometime around 1964 she emigrated to LA, she sent us pics of Phil's house. Then in 1965 when Phil was over here with us in the UK her name was mentioned and to be honest Phil at the time was not too happy it seemed she hung around his house and took photos through the window and he said Jackie would chase her away with a broom swearing at her in German! So we kinda disassociated ourselves with her at this time, not wishing to upset Jackie who was on our mailing list so we lost touch. She didn't seem interested in Don he obviously ate his breakfast in peace.

After the reunion concert we discovered she was still around and sending stuff to Martial for their newsletters and by now accepted as a fan/friend by Phil. I believe she use to visit him a couple of times a year for a catch up.

She always had a fab collection of photos that she mainly bought and she must have very special ones that she took too whilst he was eating his breakfast which have not yet been shared!
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user

That was some very fun behind the scenes insights! Thanks!
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks, Kathy! You are our EBs historian and I knew you would shed some light. If you ever unearth that fan club magazine it would be great to see the pics in it!
Poor Phil, he does a good deed and is kind to a fan and this is his reward, having her peer onto his windows! But, as you said, I suppose he found a way to make a friend of her, as he then invited her into his home.
I’ve seen some backstage photos about which she says “I took these myself” and I’ve also seen it said she was instrumental in the boys getting their star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and she is indeed present at the unveiling, so I imagine she was close to them for a time in the 60s and she managed to become a part of their (or at least Phil’s) intimate circle as years went on.
Don, perhaps wisely, kept his distance 😉

Again, thanks to you for always knowing the really back story! I love hearing all of your EB memories!🤗
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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
I found Heide to be rude and offensive; never there when Don and Phil had split, and all us like a rash as soon as they got back together. Sorry, that my honest view
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for weighing in! Never apologize for being honest! After all, we are all friends here. I appreciate your candor.
From what Kathy has said, Phil and especially Jackie shared your opinion.
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BobbyBri private msg quote post Address this user
Probably Phil was following the slogan "if you can't defeat an enemy make him your friend".
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Sharon private msg quote post Address this user
There is a photo album at Central City with pictures credited to Heide, I "re-took" some of them and posted them on this site.

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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you, Sharon! What I assume to be Heide’s notations on the photos suggest that she was the one behind the cameras and so travelled extensively with or to see the EBs to several countries and venues. She seemed to have had a lot of access to them oth and later, to Phil. Perhaps, as BobbyBri suggests, Bc she wore them down and they decided it was better to keep her close? She did seem to have a lot of personal contact.
Either way, an interesting character😉
And lots of nice photos, which are always fun to see.
I think we all love seeing a “new” photo that was previously kept private. The boys were photographed so very often, I’m sure there are still lots of fan pictures taken by others like Ms.Ploen that have yet to see the light of day. day...
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Rusty private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry to sound so po-faced! But with that background, whose frankness I appreciate, I just feel a bit uncomfortable about even some of these photos - sensing they may be intrusive and obsessive. I realise that as fans we sometimes have to keep our behaviour or attitudes in check. I'm equally sure that 99.5% of us do.
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Since the photo on the flight to Hawaii was in 1965 around the same time Jackie is chasing her away from their house and Phil is calling her a pest I think it is extremely unlikely she was on that flight. It also says Heide Ploen Collection, which means they are photos she has copies of not actually taken and ones she has obtained, I've seen loads that I know were taken by others credited to her collection I can also tell you she never travelled with them to several countries in Europe or travelled with them at all as far as I know. Wish Phil was still around to confirm this, so you will just have to take my word for it.
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
I absolutely take your word for it. Please don’t think otherwise.
Her notations, I guess, are misleading. As is the fact that Phil seemed to continue a relationship with her despite her intrusive ways. As I said, she seems like an interesting character.
You know we all depend on you, Kathy, to set us straight!
I do enjoy seeing pics of the boys, whatever their point of origin☺️
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Sharon private msg quote post Address this user
And please don't shoot the messenger! I was allowed to take photos of photos that anyone who visits Central City can see, many are Polaroids, and I only passed on what the caption says. I really love seeing the boys in these pictures, regardless of who took them.Thank you Kathy for your take and insight.
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Sharon - Sorry I hope you didn't think I was getting at you, not at all, yes it's nice to see photos of our boys so agree. I hope you don't think of me being OTT picky - Hawaii pic I thought I don't remember them going to Hawaii in 1965. From May onwards Don Wayne use to give us all their dates so I thought I guess it must have been before May then I looked at the photo again, it could not have been taken before mid to late 1966 look at Don's hair. Phil combed his hair in what we in the UK called a college boy in early September 1963 as his hair was very short from the marine reserve training, he managed to comb it back by the start of the tour and wore it like that on stage but privately wore it in the college boy style especially as Jackie liked it that way. He wore it the same way in the UK in September/October 1965 and it went down well with their fans Don use to tell the audience he's a mod and I'm a rocker which always got applause. Look at the photo Don still combed his hair back in 1966 when he was in he UK and Ireland he wore it this way but he finally gave in and joined Phil which this photo shows so definitely after June 1966 or 1967 or even later and not 1965. Sorry I hope you don't mind I just get annoyed when things are wrong and mistakes get duplicated. Actually years ago 80's or 90's during a performance think it was in Scotland - Don was telling the audience something wrong (he often did get things mixed up) he asked Phil to agree and he just made a um noise - I looked at Sheena & rolled my eyes with here he goes again I had no idea Don could see me or was looking at me - he stopped mid sentence and asked me when or what can't actually remember other than being very embarrassed I told him the correct answer - at which point Phil then joined in and said Kathy is right she knows what she's talking about - Don then apologised and said what I had. After that I always looked down didn't want that to happen again.
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
NEVER, Sharon! It’s nice to see whatever photos or info is out there and thanks to you, those of us who cannot get to Central City have visited through your photos. I’m sure we all thank you for that.
I agree, I love seeing all the photos, regardless of who took them, though I admit, I’m always curious about the backstories. It’s fun to learn new things about the EBs and about their friends and acquaintances and those who were a part of their inner circle.
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
I and everyone here, I think, always appreciate your insight and your amazing memory. I can’t remember what I had for lunch! I always enjoy your stories and I’ll bet you could have told Don and Phil what was what on more than one occasion.
Did you ever run into Ms Ploen and meet her in person?

Thanks again for helping to sort it out. Sorry if I started a kerfuffle over this. Curiosity killed the cat!
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Marty no I never met Heidi and I've never been to LA. Have always ment to go - Don Wayne keeps inviting me. Have tried to pursuade Sheena to go - but she says she is too old. Also she went in the 90's and visited Phil's house too.

Sorry about my memory my mother use to say you and your memory will get someone hung one of these days. Incidently it's all in the past what have I done with my car keys????
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Gosh! Interesting stuff! Why can't people just admire and enjoy brief encounters with their heroes if they are lucky enough to meet and spend time with them as people like you Kathy have done? It must be so, so hard for stars when they acquire obsessive fans who follow them about and pop up in inappropriate ways!! Sounds like a re-run of fatal attraction only without the bunny or the knife or the affair!!! Poor Phil, he obviously tried to handle it in various ways though no doubt Don had his share of peculiar people becoming obsessed about him too!! The price of fame!!
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