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Thanks,Bert. Hope you are doing well. 1956, 1957, 1958........nobody could sing like they could. They always had a good, professional, stage presence. You got your money's worth with The Everly Brothers. Then their talent and 'sound' really became something. Record Companies, contracts, world-wide tours, all happened relatively, pretty, darned fast, all things considered. Don't see how they did it physically. Record companies hollering for that next hit right around the corner, the next hit, the next hit,, times and tastes changed along the way...the teens of 1957 were now in their twenties, and the 15-year-olds of 1964 had different tastes. Happens, constantly. Like Sonny & Cher said, "And the beat goes on, And the beat goes on." Don & Phil could do country, blues, folk, pop, rock,and do it well....... I got really hooked on them ~1960. A bit late, but after The Steel Pier Shows, the Cadence albums, the first Warner Brothers albums,.....I don't know. Something about them just 'clicked' with me. Never thinking that I would ever meet and chat with them in the future. Thanks, guys!! You wouldn't remember me from your millions of fans, but I remember you. Super nice, super cordial, never felt rushed even though you must have been dog-tired after the last show before getting into that large bus and going on to the next town, city, etc.
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Nice photos Bert! Very interesting comments Craig! You got into the Everlys long before me!! The first LP I ever bought was the Golden Hits of the Everly Brothers long after all those hits were first released and zoomed up the charts but ever after I have loved their magical harmonious sound! I envy all you folks who actually got to meet them back in the day!! How fabulous and treasured those memories of those meetings must be! I have to "make do" with their sound, their videos and the mementoes I have managed to acquire over the years including my magical Gibson and Steinegger Everly guitars! I'm not complaining though, as all the video that is available takes me into their concerts, interviews and appearances and keeps it all fresh for us fans forever!!
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Hi DeeDee, Hope all is going well and you are just as much a wonderful EB Fan as anyone on this outstanding website, or anywhere else in the world. We are all of different ages, time frames, musical have more videos, mementoes, know more about guitars, etc., etc., etc., than I do, as well as other fans here who have really seen, talked to, met Don& Phil quite a number of times, so we all have our unique, personal, 'testimonies', about The Everly Brothers and it all boils down to our entranced, wonder of the songs. I like " 'til I Kissed You," "Dream" and "Lord of the Manor" and their Steel Pier Shows in Atlantic City, New Jersey from "back in the day." So, that's my 'seventh heaven' love for starters, and then, of course, there's always, every other single, solitary song, 45, EP, LP, they ever recorded, that is a "favorite", also! HA, we all have our own love for something Everly throughout the years. They had a knack for having real, real, good, both 'A' and 'B' sides on their 45's im my humble opinion.

Thanks for your note DeeDee and don't travel to Philadelphia, pennsylvania around now....6 degrees !! with nightmarish gusts of wind howling throughout the night and with the Sun rarely coming out during the day for WEEKS, now! Can't get over that tropical photo Bert send recently!! I need my head examined for lived up here. Florida, Arizona, Southern California, Hawaii.....anywhere where there is Sun, blue sky, white clouds and about 72 degrees thank you very much. With my luck if I were to go to Southern California, that's when some huge earthquake would hit.

Spring is on the way, i hope, I hope, I hope.........Be well.
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I got my first 45 Problems on my 15 birthday in March 1959. I had of course heard Bye Bye Love and Wake Up.... on the radio but we diddn't have a turntable with 45 RPM only 78, so I had to listen to my birthday gift with a tump against the turntable to get the "speed" down. My parents went nuts and after some weeks they bought a new " music furniture" and me and my younger brother were very happy. They also sold the piano, to buy two guitars for us and life became a pleasure. We could start playing and making music that we loved. No Chopin on the piano anymore, but Everly's,Buddy Holly,Chuck Berry etc on guitar. It took us some years before we started our first band "The Gemini Brothers" (everybody thought we were twins)Because of the Everly Brothers life changed, got the love for music, got the love for guitars and it is just a wonder to me that my heroes became friends. I've met them so many times before and after concerts,have seen them live in England, Belgium, Germany and Holland many many times, stayed in the same hotels, sat on the bar together, was invited in Phil's house in LA, started my Gibson Everly Brothers Owners Club, after having discussed the idea with Phil (first) and Don, visited Margaret several times, can pick up the phone and just give her a call, just unbelievable. Here I am in my seventies still making music and still buying and selling guitars (2 Les Paul's came in last week) still having fun when we play "oldies" here on the island in the sun, "meet" a lot of friends here on the site with the same feelings for good music just because I was there when R'n'R came alive and heard the intro of Bye Bye Love. Thanks Phil and Don and thank y'all here
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What a history! Thank you so much, Bert ! That is quite something, isn't it DeeDee........
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Lovely comments from everyone. I quite agree that we all have different stories to tell and different memories that we hold dear, but the thing that we all share is our love of their music and harmony. Having been a fan for more years than I care to tell I know that for me and many others, this is a lifelong passion. I still get as much pleasure from listening to them today as I did as a teenager.
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Wow! Terrific memories from Craig and Bert! Really enjoyed reading your comments of meeting and spending time with Phil and Don!! You lucky people!! It is true though that at the end of the day, the magic is in the fabulous music that Don and Phil made and gave to the world and which we can all enjoy forever!
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Yes, and as you say, different experiences. and yet we are all equal in our deep appreciation of The Everly Brothers. Bert is many levels "above me", if it was some kind of contest, for example, and yet, we are all 100% in our deep interest and enjoyment of "Everly0ology. Thanks, once again, DeeDee and stay warm wherever you are, seeing as it is getting colder and colder over here!
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