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Lake Tahoe concert Nov 19847992

DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user This is a great live recording of a concert the Everlys did on their Reunion Tour of 1984 It's audio only but has a great atmosphere about it so hope anyone who hasn't heard it before will enjoy?
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Just listened to the whole concert [1 hour 14 minutes] and it's great as there is a lot of chat between songs and it feels so immediate and live and they do a few songs that they didn't do often live including their wonderful rendition of Sam Cooke's "You send me"!
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DeeDee will listen later - but songs they didn't do often??!! - You Send Me?? They sang this song every live performance for over 20 years so not that rare, as I said I will listen and let you know if I find any rare ones.
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Apart from Nightingale they sang all of these other songs all of the time. On listening I would say it's a Sparky recording. Sparky Neilsen was their Sound Engineer/Technician he as well as twiddling the nobs recorded every show just in case one of the boys had an issue - if not (mostly) he wiped the tape (what a tragedy) obviously someone asked him for this tape. One night in 1987 he gave Sheena that nights tape, I have a copy of it - if I could work out how I'd post it. She also recorded on video a show, but got carried away and should have stayed with Sparky out of sight, but went down to the front of the stage for a close up of Phil. The theatre management took her and her video camera out and refused to give the camera back to her, it was her step son in laws and she was devistated, backstage after the show in tears she told Don and he, bless him interviened and demanded they give her back her camera, which I'm glad to say they did. Need to chat to her about that video at the time I asked for a copy she promised but never got one so I'm not sure whether it was any good or a blank tape they gave her back - will ask her!
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting info Kathy! I think on the tape Don says they are singing songs they didn't usually do!! I don't know if that was the case? You have heard way more of their songs etc than I have so I am always coming across things I haven't heard before!!
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