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Harmonies from Heaven is being repeated on BBC 4 tv on Friday 18 January at 8 pm and1-30 am for those who want to watch again or those who have lost the recording. I’ve got it saved but will be glued to the tv again.
Incidentally my husband bought me an Amazon Echo for my birthday back in November. It’s great I can be my own DJ and ask it to play any Everly song or album I ask it. Although sometimes it has trouble finding some. It’s also very portable so I can have it in whichever room I’m in. Love itxx ❤️❤️
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Happy to say I have the Eagle Rock dvd of this now, but this was one of the documentaries which revitalised my interest in EB. I was impressed and amazed, and fell in love with them and the music as I had never seemed to have time to before. Very grateful.

Your Echo sounds great. What I need is something I can play in the car, since the existing system is now inoperable, thanks to chipmunks and mice.
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Joy our son and family purchased an echo dot as a Father’s Day gift for my husband in 2017. I got my hands on it and keep it handy in the kitchen. There was a special buy 2 deal and I since have purchased one for my husband’s office and one for our room. I can bring up Everly albums, music and radio stations locally and the BBC etc. there is so many extras that can be attached as well. I love it!
I did have to get used to word phrasing etc. to get Alexa to understand and still do experience some problems.
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Ha yes I keep asking Alexa to play the Definitve Everly Brothers But it says The very best and starts to play that. I’ve tried tricking it It couldn’t find Hit Sounds in my library so I asked it to play Blueberry Hill and then it could find that album. Similarly it couldn’t find A Date with so again I asked it to play the first track Made to love and then it would play the album. I know what you mean about how you phrase the request I try all variations!! Xx❤️❤️
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Thank you so much Joyb - Virgin made me have a new box last month and I lost all that I had. The TV tributes to Phil upset me the most to give away they said that they are out there somewhere and I can retrieve them somehow although they did not say how. I have Harmonies on a DVD but will record and enjoy all the same. Thank again.
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Ah it’s so annoying We had to have a new sky box a few years ago and I have recordings of the boys trapped in there which I can’t watch now. Really frustrating There are some tributes to Phil. On YouTube if you watch some of the news clips of his passing xx❤️❤️
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Girls we have had the same when we got a new box with Virgin, thing is I managed to get back most of what I wanted, then they wanted to replace that one!! This was only a few months ago and I am still trying to get back what I lost.

I asked the guy who came to install the box and said "How come you cannot transfer all the stuff from one box to another" and he said "that would be good but it isn't possible"!!!! I am sorry Virgin but this latest box is the worst yet so no doubt there is another in the pipeline soon when they realise customers are not happy.

Thanks Joy for the heads up
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Oh those boxes are sooooo frustrating I agree! I am sure they could transfer the stuff from the old one to the new one but they can't be bothered or don't want to give their customers the time it would take for the engineer to do that more likely! Thanks for the tip re the re-run of that excellent programme Joy! I also have it on DVD as I tend to buy every Everly thing I can on DVD just because of the problem with those Sky/Virgin etc boxes losing everything when they go wrong and are replaced as happens maddeningly often!
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