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A new one on me Info anyone,
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New one on me, also, Annmary. The NYC Brill Building hit-team of Carole King and Gerry Goffin were the composers, all kinds of dates 1967, 1980, Chained to a Memory, different box-sets, Bear Family, probably James Burton on guitar, Hal Blaine on drums and Larry Knecktel on piano, psychedelic-folk-pop treatment of the times......I am far from an expert Annmary, and simply Google whatever and all I do is say whatever the histories show..The EB WB contract was for $100K a year for ten years, '57 to '61 they were Kings even topping Elvis at times with No. 1 & 2 hits on the charts, but the cutting off of The Bryants and the top of their career when going to WB, e.g., Don's "Cathy's Clown" 7 to 8 million-selling hit, etc., BUT, the times were a'changin as Bob Dylan said and tastes changed..."Col." Tom Parker shrewdly had Elvis run to the movies while still hot and picked up a fortune doing those B-films....Pop Music is fickle as Don says...The Beatles were unknown in 1962, The Stones with Bryan Jones were eating raw potatoes in a dumpy room in 1962 and then, voila, 1964 onward, The Fab Four became the biggest act in all of show business history and The Stones, even today, commanded millions of dollars PER CITY on a 20-city tour and hundreds of millions of dollars = serious money, year in, decade out....and to think that in 1956, Presley would wiggle his hips, and dance around a bit on-stage and that was...!!! Unbelievable Excitement !!! End of the World, etc. HA!
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Thought l had and heard all the guys songs ,but this is new to me .Awesome as always these gorgeous ,beautiful handsome talented lovely guys are ,the best in the world. No one will ever be or sound as good as The Everly Brothers .I Love them with all my heart, listen to them day and night .Phil is my darling and l will love him for eternity and he is in my heart for ever .I will see him with the angels and hold him and love him .Paula xxx
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It sounds as though it is from "The Everly Brothers Sing" album era 1967 where they were experimenting different psychedelic sounds and styles
It was written by Gerry Goffin/Carol King,
I believe it was included on the Box set Heartaches and Harmonies
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Bless you Craig. I can always rely on you to fill me in on what's what. All very interesting.
Also thanks KDF for comments.
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Thank you for your kind words, Annmary, but I don't really know anything more than you and others know. Strange that throughout past decades how I / we have listened to and delved into 'Everly-ology and, yet, badda-bing, badda-boom, here's another song that few of us have heard before. The Everly Brothers are never boring, that's for sure. Be well and have a Happy, Healthy, New 2019 Year. It's gray and overcast and glum here in Pennsylvania. The Sun simply refuses to come out around here! 90 more days 'til Spring. I have to have birds chirping to feel good and/or seagulls squawking if at the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey. However, guard any food that you might have with your life, lest the Squawking Squadrons come dive bombing down. They'll take an entire sandwich out of your hand before you know it. They're professional moochers, to say the least!
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A new one on me too! It does have a sort of dreamy, hazy quality of some of the pop songs of that time! Interesting that it is by Goffin and King! Got to be an earlyish date as Carole King and Jerry Goffin split up when they were both quite young ?? So interesting that things still pitch up from the boys that few have heard!
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