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Dreaming of a White Christmas7970

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Hi Redhead, your two sides of winter are bang on. I lived in Canada 🇨🇦 for many years and now living back in the UK but I think snow is great on Christmas cards, videos and that’s about it. Skiing is ok snowmobiling ok but my thoughts are you don’t have to brush sunshine off your car or clean the sunshine out of your drive
I enjoy your posts and are Related by All things Everly.
Keep up the good work
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Glad you enjoyed my take on winter here in the frozen tundra!
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Yes indeed Redhead, you are surrounded by tundra. From my recollection N and S Dakota get it bad and always disliked having to fly in/out of Chicago in the winter because we were always delayed having to de-ice the plane so not best pleased, having said that I’m pleased they did it
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a healthy 2019
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The give you all an idea how a "white (cloudy) christmas" looks like on the island:
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Now that's a White Christmas I can cosign on!
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Oh....MY.....GOSH!! Absolutely stunning! Are you sure, Bert, that you don't want to be in cold, gray, bleak, Philadelphia?? I know I don't want to be! On the Jersey shore, the water can't even see your hand under the water, let alone, clear and clean and warm! Once you're in it doesn't seem as cold, as you play around, jump around, dive either over or under the waves, ripples, and play in the "surf." What can I tell ya', it's New Joisey! The Boardwalk is fun if your 18 and under, but for me, it's 'been there, done that.' As I get older (and I'm only 39. Liar!) I like ...mild....mild everything. Mild food, mild vacations, mild exercise......mild...easy. Youth is wasted on the young as George Bernard Shaw said. Little did I know how 'indestructible' I was at ~20. No doctors, no dentists, I could stay up for a few days and nights at a time, go drinking, have female companionship, land in jail, get bailed out, have a cold can of Pepsi-Cola for breakfast, go to work and then ready for another night into the wee hours of the morning of "party time.' Gad, a misspent youth! I blame it on The Beatles. Not really. Their music was constantly playing. It was the '60's. Now, The Rolling Stones, yes, we could blame 'things'on them, alright. I wasted admission money at Convention Hall a couple of times and could hardly hear anything, due to the constant screaming from the girls. Cops had to hold them back, they were fainting and everything. C'mon girls, hush! I want to hear the songs, already!
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Craiglhope -

You mean *this* doesn't entice you????

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Hey, it's the Mayor of Philadelphia stuck on the Schuylkill Expressway-Route 76...."The World's Longest Parking Lot" was outmoded with backed up traffic the day it was opened in 1959. Oy Veh!!
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Well I 've been trough that Redhead and Craig, snowblisters, freezing cold, slippery roads.... brrr. When I had production lines in Poland and Ukraine and visitin' Moscow several times to try to set up some production there too. Most of the times the problems came and I was invited in wintertime ! -13F (-25C)in the day !!! Just unbelievable, when I think about it, I still feel the cold after all these years !!! I HATE IT and never go back!
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The coldest I ever personally experienced it was about 16 years ago when it was - 60F not including the wind chill. We were officially the coldest place on earth that day. It was so bad I was actually *angry* at the weather .... how crazy is that? I stood at my window and verbally lashed out at ... the weather. Yes, things like that can make me a little nutty
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Oh! Redhead, I remember, this last winter we had some extremely cold weather, it’s the bitter winds that cut across Britain we all dread! My sister Sue thought she'd walk to the shops for exercise! She'd no idea just how cold it was! Sue told me, when she returned, she was colder than she'd ever been and was absolutely FURIOUS! How crazy is that? She was asking me by phone!

Now this is ‘small fry’ against the cold you are talking about. However, it just shows us how, when painfully cold, we just have to let rip! xxxxx
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So interesting to hear about your world-wide Christmas weather. Here in the UK it will be chilly but no snow I believe and with quite a bit of sunshine though it will be dark by just around 4pm! It feels right to have a cold, dark Christmas as described so well by Mr Charles Dickens [whose charming home in Doughty Street in London I re-visited just a fortnight ago and if you ever get to Bloomsbury, it's well worth a visit!] Somehow eating turkey and all the trimmings on a beach doesn't feel as good as sitting round the laden table on a chilly winter's day and tucking into a steaming hot feast with all the trimmings! That said I would swap all the other freezing days to come for some time on the gorgeous beach in your photo Bert!...Just not Christmas day!!! Have a great one everyone, wherever you spend it!
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The Vortex-Bomb Storm that had zero degrees with gusts howling broke 2 of the 3 plate glass windows in my storelast February. They put up big wood boards to cover the store front and then the pipes on the 3rd floor burst and water all over 3 floors of offices, etc. Couldn't have been worse, unless, of course a fire were to burn the whole apt. bldg. down. You are right, Bert......if I moved to where you are, or Southern California, I would never come back to the Northeast. I would just sit in the Sun and wait for the big earthquakes that might come out there. I think Redhead's Minnesota wins First "Prize", however, if you want to give that a prize at all. You're tougher than I am, Redhead, although Minnesota is a scenic state.

DeeDee, Charles Dickens was an incredible writer, indeed. I love reading his works.
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
YEA!!!! I win first place in the Terrible Weather Award! But the summers and autumns make up for it!

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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
England (GB). 11.20 am (morning).

Merry Christmas Craig! Hope you have a peaceful day! Our weather is dull, yesterday was lovely but down to +1 last night, will likely be a muggy +11 for a few days with fog and mist! Ugh!

Yesterday evening my best but very old roasting pan I use for roasting potatoes, sprung a leak in the corner! Shops all shut! Isn't it just typical!

Put your feet up Craig, I'm sure you've bought some goodies to enjoy!

Love to you, from me and my cat Tailer! XXXXXXX
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Ha ha to all the very nice and friendly friends on this site who have tried to persuade me to move to a cold luck. I wil stay here 'till the day I die. Sometimes a short trip (in the summer)to a place where the weather is ok and meet "my standards" fine, for the rest I'm very pleased living here on a small island and have a "sleigh ride" in our convertible. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S to y'all !

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Ah, come on, Bert, be a sport! C'mon up to freezing, dsrkk-17-hours-a-day, glum, ol' Filthydelphia! You can sit in my small eyeglass store and be bored out of your mind, day-in, week-out! If I can't be warm, dang it, I don't want anyone else to be enjoying any warmth, either. How's that for a mature, adult outlook?! Just kidding.....that shot that you sent of the boats and the coastal water and the blue sky with white clouds,....alas!! More power to ya'. You're smart, I'm not.

Thank you for your kind words Jean, and sorry to hear about your roasting pan leak....never fails...that's called Murphy's law, I believe. Chr. Eve, last night, I did go over to an acquaintance's house and they and their family had lots of relatives and kids over....he is a successful accountant and the presents were piled two feet high! Kind of embarrassing, IMHO. I recall going to a homeless shelter about 25 miles from here a number of Christmases ago and as we served the homeless, they also had a "present time" and I will never-ever forget one poor, thin, girl who was so proud and elated to get two.....two....presents....a cheap dime-store coloring book and a cheap, small set of dime-store crayons. Coming from a mid to upper-middle class home, I was a bit shocked, stunned, saddened, and started to get teary eyed, as she sat there in an obviously hand-me-down dress, proud and happy with her only Christmas gifts. If I had had a million dollars at that time, (I did at one time, but not then) I would have absolutely given it away to help them all. It humbles me to this day!! When I was her young age, I was overly blessed. And, if they don't escape that social trap, many grow up into abuse, poverty, alcohol, drugs, and an early death.

No, didn't buy myself any goodies, yesterday, just had the food that the family gave me to take home. Holidays are for kids. I slept 'til 10:30 AM and have been doing genealogy all day. I feel like a bum in that I haven't shaved this morning and it is now 8:30 PM, so will shave when I end this note. HA, I love cats, so I'm sure I would love Tailer. Most cats come right up to me and let me pick them up and I put them on my lap. but I never learn, soon after they plop down on my legs, they start to purr and KNEAD with their front CLAWS the top of my legs and OW! So, I put a blanket over my legs first. Then I pick them up and kiss them and then my eyes start to get watery and I start to sneeze. Then they jump down, give me a dirty look because they always have to be in charge of the house...they then lay down, kind of roll on their back, and I always assume that they want to be scratched like a dog who will lay there for hours and let you scratch-pet them, but, stupid me, no sooner do I do that, but they claw and scratch me!! Is that their idea of playing?? They are so independent!. Sometimes, they chew on plants, knock plants and things over onto the floor just to be "bossy", they kind of used to go to bed with me up close, but wind up at the foot of the bed, sooner, or later, that is, unless they awake at 3 AM and go crazy running around in the dark, careening all over the place. Miniature jungle tigers like their cousins!! I hope that Tailer has his / her own Christmas stocking and has treats, or a can of tuna fish in there, or something. My cat used to walk to the front door, sit down, look at me and meow. One would assume that the feline wants to go out, I get up, open the door, but she didn't budge. Now, go figure that one out. Inscrutable creatures. The Egyptians worshipped them, and the Chinese eat them.
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