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Christmas Eve Can Kill You7964

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Indeed, unfortunately if one is prone to depression and only has so-so, memories from the past, then "holidays" can be twice as painful. 1971. Bad year for me. Reminds of "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" by Kris Kristofferson. Stay well & healthy, Bert. See ya'.
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Marion private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Bert for posting. A tough time of the year for many people Craig, sorry.
Thank you as well to sharona who has posted some very nicely done Everly videos on YouTube this year.
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Thank you Bert! Rings Oh! So true this song! Maybe if living in a warmer climate during Christmas time we could encompass more people within our own flock by BBQing Christmas lunch, eating in our gardens or conservatories! I know those who sit alone over Christmas and Boxing Day and I invite them at about 5 in the evening to come over and join us and enjoy a buffet meal! We can’t always manage a whole day when we have guests we haven't seen for a while! However, Christmas evening is a nice time to share with those who may otherwise sit alone!

How are you Bert? I do hope you and your wife enjoy a nice Christmas, free of health problems!
Love and God Bless to you both! XXXXX
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
So many of us are too far away to be of much help over these holiday times! Craig, I and I'm sure others on the forum will think of you and others having a difficult time over Christmas and other holidays! We have no children in our families and Christmas is such a great time for children to enjoy! At our ages, we have all lost loved ones and have empty chairs at out Christmas table! It can be an agonising time!

Love and God Bless to you Craig, you won’t be forgotten! XXXXX
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Jean, your thoughtfulness is outstanding! I'm kind of used to "it" through the years but, it's great when families and kids have a joyous time of year. be well and this forum is a loving one, seriously. Love and good times and health to all. Or, as Tiny Tim would say, "Happy Christmas to us all; God bless us, everyone, and to all a good night." Scrooge had a change of heart, after some ghostly visitors came to him. Plus, I like Plum Pudding with either vanilla, or custard sauce.
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bert private msg quote post Address this user
Since 1999 we live here in the Caribbean on a sunny island and since that time we also have lost that Christmas feeling we had in Holland....the cold , the wind, sometimes the snow and the long dark evenings. Here today it is 90F a bit windy, blue skies and feels crazy entering a shop and "Dreamning of a white Christmas" is played on the radio.It's different sitting outsite on the porch and watch the Christmas decorations in short and T-shirt.Jean, my eye operation was not successful ! I'm looking now through a wet windshield, instead of an eye and the wiper does not work. Walking around the whole day like Roy Orbison with dark, very dark glasses to protect the eye against the sun, is no fun, but exhausting.Have to wait 'till mid January, when I have to go to hospital for a new operation.I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Oh! Bert! I'm so,sooo sorry your eye op. was not a success! We can only pray the second op. will put things right! I'm so sorry to learn this! Keep us posted about your problem and the next op. Must be awful for you! You sure have my sympathy! Eyes are so precious, I'm wondering what the problem was!?

I also have eye problems. I wear a contact lens in my good eye. Some 12 years ago this is the one I had a retina tear almost the whole way round! I had it sort of soldered back on, with a laser!

Unfortunately, like most of us as we gain in years, I have cataracts in both eyes! The main trouble is, the eye surgeons are not keen to operate on my eyes in case the one that had the torn retina, could have the retina come out with the cataract! Ugh!

Retinas usually tear when it’s the eye that has done all the looking due to the fact that the other eye has little vision! Sooner or later I will no doubt have to take courage and prayers in both hands and have the cataract op. and see what happens!

I had what is called an iridotomy (2 holes made by laser) in the pupil of my low vision eye, as I have a close angle problem where the pressure could not be released as it builds up! Will soon need the same procedure in my other eye!

Forgive me going on about my own eyes Bert! How are you managing to read on the forum? I find it very difficult when the print is sort of grey instead of a good black colour! It’s a good thing we can alter the size of the print! But how I wish black ink was plentiful!

I feel for you having to go through Christmas before your next eye op. I hope you are able to relax? So difficult helping your wife I should think with wearing dark glasses and one eye driving you mad! Just make sure you don’t trip over anything, be extra careful!

Sending love to you and your wife and I pray next year will put things right for you both and you'll be back playing with your band!
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Oh, my! Bert....and..Jean. I make and sell eyeglasses on the retail level (Optician = eyeglass store clerk), but interacting throughout the years with Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, know a little about the eyes,lasers, implants, corneae, retina, etc., so, prayers and wishes re your conditions, situations and futures. I trust that you are in good medical hands and all problems will be put to rights in the in good time. Things will work out. Think positive and I know that is easy to say when one is not going through it, but......... 2019 will be a good year. Always darkest before the Dawn.

With love & best wishes, Craig
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Craig! Very kind of you to write to Bert and myself! Poor Bert, So feel for him with an eye op. gone wrong. Must be ghastly! I hope he has help with his wife during this time!

Since you are an eye expert, we know who to come to for advice! You hoped we had good medical care. My hubby Graham paid for me to see a ‘Moorfields Eye Hospital’ Professor. The professor wouldn't operate on my eyes especially the one with the cataract with the once torn retina!

I think if we go too far up the ladder to such surgeons as well known professors, they don’t want to chance operation failures and have it marked down on their good record! One could say they are ‘cherry picking’

It was a disappointment but he must have felt it was chancy!

Thank you for your kind reply to us Craig. I know Bert will much appreciate your concern For him!

Love to you! XXXXX
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Jean and I wish that I was an eye expert, however, I have heard from customer / patients for ~ 35 years now about their experiences, so....some doctors are conservative, some are in it for the money, some will operate on anyone for anything at the drop of a hat,.....not sure what Bert had done. Lens(es)implants for cataract(s), macular degeneration (dry or wet ?) shots, LASIK, coronectomy,.......the eye is very sensitive, so any pain is magnified (no pun intended) any number of times. Ask any contact lens wearer who has fell asleep with the lenses still in, however, there are lenses that can stay in for a month at a time. The eyes are so sensitive....the Germans in WWII in North Africa used to torture info out of our soldiers by stichting their eyelids open, so you couldn't blink and then laying you out in the desert sun. Most people cannot keep their eyes open without blinking for even a couple of minutes. In Opticianry School the first thing they teach you is to show just how precious and delicate those two organs are, and to ask your customers if they would rather have $25 million dollars in cash in a suitcase given to them now, BUT be blind for the rest of your life, or have perfect, safe vision, forever and just enough money to live a simple life. What good is the money? You couldn't see a new Rolls-Royce, let alone drive it, couldn't see fine food, great art, sunsets, people, a mansion, the color of your Dior, or Armani suits, movies, theaters, grandchildren growing up, new-born babies,....the list is endless, and yet a tree branch pulled back by the person in front of you on a Scout hike, then lets go too early and it smacks you in the face,.....diseases in Africa and India leave children blind at an early age.... There is a world famous eye hospital in Philadelphia called Wills Eye (College) Hospital that can correct mistakes from other operations and's where the rich and famous come and go.....they do a lot of research and charity work.

God bless us all and let's see how it goes for all of us as we get older. Phil Everly should not have smoked and he said as much throughout the years. Don did a lot, also, but went cold turkey one day and "threw the lousy things away." Life is short. There was a line in a Goth "song" years ago that said, "Ain't nothin' in the future, ain't nothin' in the past, We only got the Present and we gotta make it last." And, on that Happy Holiday note.....!..I try to be an optimist, a glass-is-half full guy, as it is healthier for your mind and body. Things could always be better and they always be worse. It's an ill wind that blows no good. Things happen for a reason.....they bring about a greater good, somehow and I know that it is easy for a person to say that who is not going through the ordeal, but....
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Bert for that poignant song! I do hope you and Jean get your eye problems resolved well in 2019 Have a good Christmas anyway and try not to dwell too much on anything negative The power of positive thinking is a very strong force I do believe and will assist you both in future surgeries! Drink from those half full glasses and have a very Merry Christmas!!
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