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Complete Everly Brothers vinyl collection to sell.7956

JillBlake private msg quote post Address this user
Hello All,

I have a complete Everly Brothers vinyl collection to sell (approx 450 records) . It comprises every recording they've ever made including all recordings they featured on.
Includes framed copies of 'The Sun Keeps Shining' 7" promo & 'Temptation' 78 in original sleeve.
This collection belonged to my late husband, Rupert Blake, who was a huge Everly's fan. I would love for this to go to a collector/fan rather than be broken up and sold off separately.

I also have a replica of an 'Everly' Nashville acoustic guitar.

If you are interested or need more information please send me a message or call.

Many thanks,

Jill Blake
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Very interested Where are you selling from? UK or USA? What price for the collection?
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JillBlake private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Dee Dee

I am UK based.

I am looking at a few options but was keen for the collection to go to a fan.

I’m looking for offers for the entire collection


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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
Jill, I was very sad to hear from Laura of Ruppert's death.
I have all the vinyls with the exception of the first Columbia single, which I would be very interested in. I will private-message you with a bid.
Best regards
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Sherbear57 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Jill,

My name is Sheri and I am interested in your collection and curious of the price. My grandmother on my fathers side last name was Everly as was my great uncles. We are related to the Everly brothers and I have recently been very interested in their history through the years. It would be a perfect addition to my small collection of family memorabilia that has been passed on to me by my late grandmother. We can private message from here on out to negotiate if you feel I am
the right fit for the sale.

With gratitude,
Sheri Calhoun
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JillBlake private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there, thanks for contacting me. It’s been a rollercoaster day emotionally as this was my husbands lifetime collection. I decided to put feelers out on the forum to try to get some idea of the interest around and I’ve been a bit stunned by the replies all within 12 hours! I guess I always knew it was a pretty important collection but am a bit overwhelmed at the moment! There are 165 LP’s and 76 7” EP’s plus about another 100 various albums where Don & Phil we’re guest artists. Rupert was nothing if not a completist and everything is there including a lovely letter from Albert Lee explaining the set up prior to the Reunion Concert.

At present we are cataloging everything and I know that it must go to someone who will appreciate and listen to it but it’s hard to part with. I’m assuming you are in the USA so when I’ve decided what to do with it, I have to think about how to distribute or arrange for it to be collected. My brain isn’t up to this at the moment!! Maybe you could e-mail me directly on in a week or two when we’ve got everything a bit more sorted. Im finding getting onto this forum quite difficult.

Am sorry to appear so disorganised but it’s a really hard thing to do so please bear with me. I’m sure we can sort something out.

With kindest regards Jill Blake
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Hello again Jill, I can understand what a wrench this will all be Can you give more details re the "Nashville Everly guitar" you mention? Once you have collated everything it would be great if you could also list it all on this site and then we can all see where we go from there Thank you We are all fans here on the site and it might be that a small group of us have gaps to fill that parts of your collection could complete so it would be good to know what exactly you have then we can "talk amongst ourselves" so to speak and see how best to proceed! Take your time and just go with how you feel about it all I can understand how difficult this step is for you and no-one would want you to get upset by rushing things until you feel the moment is right Best wishes and condolences [I am in the UK by the way]
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JillBlake private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, because I’m very Luddite I’m having trouble getting a photo of the guitar on here. Rupert bought it in the early 90’s for £600 and thought he’d learn to play it. Far chance! Albert Lee and Barry Tashian have played it more than he did! I don’t feel so precious about this as I do about the collection but I think it’s importan that it’s played & enjoyed. Albert thought it had great tones. I’ll try again to send a photo but I seem to fail miserably!! If you are interested, make me an offer. It’s more about the music than monetary value! Jill c
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Hello again Jill, Thank you for the photo of your late husband's Nashville guitar I confess I have never heard of this make as only Gibson had the rights to produce the actual Everly guitar so it's probably an unofficial near copy? [From the 80's reunion Rbt Steinegger was licensed by the Everlys to produce the Ike Everly model they played thereafter so this Nashville is a mystery to me} It's hard to see properly in the photo but it looks like the guitar has had quite a lot of play and wear and has some small patches of damage to the top? What are the back and sides like? The photo you posted has come out OK so maybe you could try a couple more photos of the other bits [back and sides] of the guitar? Thanks so much for taking the trouble to respond Much appreciated I do play guitar by the way so play everything I own! Guitars need to be played. I believe they have a soul that needs nurturing so they shouldn't just lie in cases!
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