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Liz58 private msg quote post Address this user
2 years ago today I joined this forum. I've taken the liberty of selecting only 2 of the many many fine songs that Don and Phil have written... and one that is my personal favourite, from their later recordings. (It was difficult to choose).
I want to thank all of the forum members for welcoming me, and for all the great fun it has been taking part in the posts and discussions. I freely admit to coming late to an appreciation of the Everly Brothers, but I'm catching up now. Its meant a lot to me, especially over the last year, which has been difficult for me on a personal level, with the loss of my sister.
Thank you again, one and all. I'm looking forward to my 3rd year as a member.
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
Happy Anniversary - and nice choice of songs!
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Marty private msg quote post Address this user
I’ve never heard that Phil demo of When Will I Be Loved. It really tugs at the heartstrings.
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Judyc13 private msg quote post Address this user
Love all three - nice.
I can relate to the late discovery of EB - I'm catching up too.
We're just lucky there is so much to discover!
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cuddles private msg quote post Address this user
hi liz58 great 2 years
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Thank YOU Liz. You have contributed a great deal to this forum over the two years you have been a member. In particular a big thank you from me for picking up from one of my posts that I would like a vinyl copy of A Date With The Everly Brothers, offering me a copy you had found during one of your excursions to a Record Fair and posting it to me. It was a very thoughtful thing to do.
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
I just love that demo of When will I be loved by Phil! The dragged out notes he puts on the lines is really wonderful! It gives the whole song a different feel! Really poignant! Love it!!! Congrats on your second anniversary on the forum Liz I only joined in April this year though I have loved the Everlys since I was little Just so wonderful to find this forum and meet all these other like minded fans of the best duo the world has ever seen isn't it?!!!!
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