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It was easier to find than I thought. It is in this thread about the Duane Eddy interview on BBC Radio 2.
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“My point was that oppose to slipping into a quiet church, Don went to their Studio B. He needed to feel the life they had both shared and maybe hope to feel Phil's spirit meet with him there!”

That was exactly my point too😇
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Yes Marty, it’s the most difficult time in our lives when someone so close to us passes away! It’s the pitts! Having a small pot of Phil's ashes gives Don comfort too! We are all different, it wouldn't comfort me! However Don talks to the ashes. Of course ashes don’t disagree with us. Therefore the comfort is twofold!

Phil sure is spread out. In Hollywood, In Kentucky and in Nashville with Don! Maybe Don will want the ashes with him when he passes! I hope so! xxx
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@Jane43 thanks. Yes, I think this was what started me thinking about it. Then I wondered whether Don had also written something about how he felt. Would have been strange if he hadn’t, since he always poured his life into his songs. Would have been from a different angle though.
Interesting that Phil mentions never feeling free, and chains that bound him, and wanting to leave, but also seems to regret being alone. Evidently the trapped feeling was shared by both, although most articles I’ve read distinctly state that Don created the break-up.
Of course, later - after the great and wonderful reunion - both agreed that it had been essential for both of them.
I love that everyone who really knew them well comments, like Duane, that they “loved each other deeply, but argued as brothers will”. That seems pretty obvious.
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I have made a peace with some deceased relatives that was impossible to forge in life Bc you are quite right, the dead can’t disagree with us. I like to think they are listening though and hopefully with greater understanding.

I don’t think anyone can know what we know about Don and Phil and not understand how deeply they loved one another.
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Perhaps Don’s favorite song or the idea for writing the song that Phil wrote was discussed in length or possibly recorded in studio B and he felt closer to Phil there after learning of Phil’s passing while listening to the song. I am sure the memories were comforting for Don and he felt a closeness to Phil whatever the reason he went to the studio. I personally think the song may have been “When Will I Be Loved”.
It is a very touching story to me on all levels.
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