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I may have posted this before, excuse me if I have, my computer has a problem and I cannot check to see if I did post it earlier. Kathyc and MeFloody have been speaking about the "Rum Runner" for a couple of days so I thought about posting it again for them.

The Everly Brothers appeared at the "Rum Runner Katz Club" on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre in the UK in 1968.

There seems to be some confusion as to the opening date of the Rum. This is probably due to the fact that the club actually opened twice in the 60s and re opened again in the Duran Duran era. At the bottom of the drive to the left was the casino. This had been open for some time before the second part of the development happened. The Rum Runner night club part two, the restaurant, the quiet bar, the main bar and the dance floor with live local, national and international bands was opened in April 1966 by a local group, The Vacant Lot. They played a one-night stand and were invited back in a fortnight’s time for a second booking. This was where the gods of rock-band fortune played a hand. It was demolished in 1987.

The owner Don Berrow -
Top of the tree for Don were US legends the Everly Brothers. He knocked them down from £2,000 to £800 for a week long stint. "They were colossal - all those others we had on, they left them stone cold. They must have spent what they earned in the restaurant - they were there till 4am every night"

This is what a lady called Moira posted (16th September 2013) about her night at the "Rum Runner Katz"

"I remember the Everly Brothers playing there and then joining us on the dance floor. They danced in a very peculiar American way with their thumbs tucked into their trouser pockets. Not a cool look! Some of the happiest nights of my life….even though when we were turfed out at 2am, we went for chips before hitch hiking home"!
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Remember Don complaining they over cooked the pasta - was use to it - he wasn't, happy days!!! There was a guy there looking after things who had been in a British pop group there - was the name red in his groups name I think but can't remember! He came back to London with us.
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£800 aweek doesn't sound much now but the average wage back then was probably only £25/week, so the deal wasn't too bad.
I found out about the shows because of a 4ft poster stuck to a wall about a mile from the venue. I did have a quick try at peeling it off the wall but that glue was good 😥
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Bad luck about that poster MeFloody!! Quite the piece of memorabilia if only it had come off the wall!! One does forget how tiring touring must be for performers Not getting a good meal could well become a big deal when you are tired, hungry, far from home and in a different bed each night as you change hotels and have to set up in new venues! The performances may look glamorous but the actual touring I am sure is not! Not to mention the same inane questions at press conferences etc I am surprised that Don and Phil managed to keep those lovely smiles on their faces for most of the time!
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Kathy, was it The Redcaps? They were from the West Midlands I recall. Do you remember them Mike? Link below:
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Yes it was the Redcaps Jane.
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