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Just watching PAUL O Grady on ITV in Love of Dogs and some of the background music has included snippets of Long Time Gone Little Old Lady and Let it Be Me. Not only is Paul a huge dog lover but also appreciates good music!! It always gives me a big thrill when Don and Phils music pops up unexpectedly on radio or tv xx❤️❤️
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Yes Joy, Paul loves animals, especially dogs, very deeply! I just can’t watch the show, I'm a real wimp and become soooo upset when dogs and other pets have been abused and neglected! Paul says they have to cut out the real abject cruelty, people wouldn't watch the show!

Very nice to know The Everly Brothers recordings were being played in the background of the show! Thank you Joy! xxx
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I am 1000% like you, Jeanroberts.
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Ah Jean 99% of the time the dogs are found new and loving homes so happy endings for them xx❤️❤️
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
They sound a very fortunate few Joy. I'm very pleased the poor dogs find homes. We have to remember it’s a few dogs to make a tv programme! xxxxx
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Originally Posted by craiglhope
I am 1000% like you, Jeanroberts.

I'll never understand cruelty of any kind craig! Just what goes on in the heads of some people? Totally satanic! I always so pray for a change of heart! xxxxx
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.....and their acts of horror are deliberate and premeditated, they are walking around waiting for the "opportunity" to do these , yes, Satanic, acts of cruelty. Bad enough when it involves humans, children, et al, but defenseless animals...?... and then these "people" get enjoyment, or some kind of perverted thrill while causing pain......I can't comprehend it...some kind of insanity....this world was not made to be like Heaven....good & bad, pain & pleasure, this USA with it's many, many, acts of violence, that school shooter in Florida was said to be known to torture and kill animals when he was younger.....when God judges each of us, how we treated his creatures will be a large factor in that judgment, so, going to be both a lot of happiness and joy and, also, a lot of sorrow with tears shed when the Lord returns. Might be a surprise when animals can then talk at that renewed time, also. They all have different personalities and come into our lives at a certain time and place, for certain reasons and can you imagine the tears of joy and elation when they are once again, united forever with their, favorite puppy, or kitten, or horse, or an aunt, or uncle, or parent....the Lord can return right this minute as far as I'm concerned. Somehow all of this brings about a greater good in this vale of tears. All's well, that ends well.
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I totally agree with you craig! To stop this cruelty, I welcome the Lord coming right now!

Mass murderers all usually have animal cruelty in their personality! I think it was Ghandi who said “We judge a nation by how they treat their animals!”.

I was told, when the FBI have to find the murderer of children, or a mass murder has been discovered. The police go straight to the files to find those who have been found guilty of animal cruelty!

Seeing callousness by any human to animals, is such a horrific eye opener. I would never trust them fully no matter how nice they might seem otherwise!

I actually knew a young man who had a full change of heart! From shooting for fun, anything that moved, he oneday shot a woodcock! A beautiful bird! He ran gleefully to grab it......something came over him as he picked the lifeless big bird in his hands! He was filled with a most terrible sorrow....”What right have I to kill you, you likely have a young family and a Mrs. who need you and will probably all die without you to feed them!”.

He met a girl who was an animal lover! They married! He has four sheds in his garden, people bring injured animals and birds to him and his wife. “No animal or bird”. he told me “Ever leave us without a home to go to. If wild I keep them until they are able to look after themselves!”.

A story cut short! Craig, I will always pray for a change of heart! Love to you! XXXXX
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What a wonderful note, Jean. Thank you so much. Re your young man-hunting story, I know of two similar cases. One involved a pair of second-cousins during our teenage years. Their father took us on a 'Mountain Trip' to the Pocono "mountains" in upstate Pennsylvania. Compared to the rockies out west, these Poconos are only hills. Their father used to go deer hunting with his other goofy friends (his wife thought he was nuts) and they would drink tons of beer and if they didn't "get anything" after a couple of days, they would shoot at anything. Cows, cars, road signs...... The youngest son who saw himself as a know-it-all, 13-year-old, took a .22 rifle out into the woods, along with Roger the older boy and myself. We went along, not really caring one way or the other, when Robert saw a bird way up on a tree branch, aimed the rifle and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, he did hit the bird and it fell to the ground. We had to wade across a shallow creek, with him almost tripping over the rifle barrel and would have shot himself had he tripped, ran up to the bird and picked it up. It wasn't quite dead and it was very unpleasant to watch and something came over him, he turned away from us, and rough-tough Robert started to quietly weep with the still throbbing bird in the palm of his hand. His father gleefully came running over, "congratulating" him and wondering why Robert was somber and sad. He was changed after that. He became a quieter teenager, actually did Junior High School homework and never picked up a rifle again. The other case was a neighborhood young man who was drafted in 1967 and was sent overseas to the Vietnam "War." He wasn't sure why he/we were even there. It was a trip to Hell. Soldiers smoking pot, doing other drugs, "accidently" shooting their own Lieutenants and Captains in the battle zones, booby traps in the horrible jungles, soldiers being zonked out of their minds on drugs, not really wanting to shoot anybody! Men and women getting killed, becoming quadraplegics, or being flown home in body bags and unloaded at Dover, Delaware Air Force Base. LBJ eventually gave orders that no newspaper reporters or, photographers were allowed onto the base(s), as people all over the country were starting to get fed up while eating dinner and watching that on the 6-o'clock news broadcasts. Alas, it went on for years more, into the '70's. This young man came home after two years a 'older' man. Never talked about what he went through, other than to tell his parents that it was an "awful trip to Hell. I'm lucky to be here!" He too had a handgun, that he disassembled and threw the parts in the trash and never talked about that nightmare again. He moved far away to northern Arizona. Fast forward to last night and I watched as Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan travelled in the South Pacific. I fell in love with them. The children and people loved and hugged them! William & Kate seem a bit more reserved, but I cried and wept how they were so loving and kind and and the way they hugged the people, and were so down-to-Earth. Harry was Diana's son, along with Will. I fell under their magical spell. I worship Don & Phil, The Everly Brothers, and now Harry & Meghan (Markle) who are both new to me, and any and all animals. They are shining stars in these bad, troubled days...'a field day for the heathen', where "there's a bad moon on the rise" as CCR used to sing.

With love & best wishes, Craig
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Thank you craig, I will read your post a number of times and contemplate all you've had to say!

I saw how cruel people could be to animals when I was a very young child. I'm sure having a natural love of music, I could turn my back on the world and drown in a completely different emotion. A love of sound, melody, chords, harmony etc. From Mozart, Gabriel Fauré, to The Everly Brothers and so many more!

I wouldn't watch films, as soon as an animal was brought on, I knew it was curtains for it! In those days such animals belonged to the film company and trip wires were used continually! After battle scenes in epic productions, a vet would go round shooting all the wounded horses! Even ‘Born Free’ involved the most shocking cruelty!

I won’t go on, my hubby, a deep animal lover, tells me, “We can’t save the world!” This is true, God declared “Vengence is Mine!” as you were saying craig, such a terrible time of judgement this will be!

We thank God for the gift of music, for the glorious sound of our Everly Brothers! I'm sure music has been a life saving emotion for so many people and an uplifting sound for so many of us to dance our cares away! XXXXX
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Yes, yes, Mozart (genius), Faure (Requim)...I love Chopin. Born in Poland, but the French claim him. Indeed, of the three arts, Literature, Art and Music, I think that Music is the strongest. There is probably all kinds of celestial music in Heaven that we haven't even heard, nor imagined. This life is a short journey down here, even if one lives for ~110 years, it's short, compared to all of eternity.

Unfortunately, children and animals get the worst of things. Guess, we'll find out why all of the "unfair" things happen the way they do. Then again, who said life was fair. At least, to our way of thinking. We'll find out. God, a loving Heavenly Father, loves his children and his creatures more than we can comprehend. It's all some kind of test, down here. There is wisdom in all of it, on this planet, however. The final chapter hasn't been written, yet.

Be well.
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I caught part of the programme Joy and heard Let It Be Me. I didn’t know the other songs were on too. It is great to know their music is being kept alive on programmes like this and even on the bizarre ad for Deliveroo where burgers and snacks are floating along the street accompanied by Dream. Paul O’Grady is very entertaining and his love for dogs is apparent; he often finds it hard to resist taking the dogs home with him.

Jean your story of the young man who had a change of heart about killing animals is very heartwarming. If only everyone could see the error of their ways and I’m glad he found love with an animal lover.

Craig your story shows that love is always the answer to the problems of the world if only people can show it to others and find it themselves. Harry has made public his problems with his mental health after the tragic loss of his mother. He has now found true love and will soon be a father.
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Ha! Ha! I think we'll have to call this forum ‘The Everly Brothers forum’ (Dogs Welcome!)

Craig, we mentioned Gabriel Fauré and his Requium. The first piece of Faure that bowled me over is ‘Cantique de Jean Racine’ opus 11. Just 5.26 minutes in length! I now have it by the ‘Choir of St. John's Cambridge’. The chords sang by the choir are stunning! I give it some boot, Ooh! the control by this choir! Ultra Stunning!

Strange, we think we don’t hear too much of Faure's work but his works have been, over the years, used as signature tunes on radio and television...’Pavane,op.50.’ ‘Sisilienne, for cello and piano’ ‘Dolly Suite,Op.56’. and so on! Even played Fauré at Harry and Meghen's wedding by the guest cellist!

Andrew Lloyd Webber on television declared he would love to hear the Everly Brothers sing his ‘Pie Jesu’. Wonder why that, would be, gem never came to pass!? Could it be in their archives somewhere? Or maybe it didn't quite suite them, hard to believe! Good to talk to you Craig! Hope we haven't bored our friends! XXXXX
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Like everyone else here I cannot comprehend why some people seem to get pleasure out of inflicting pain on others be it humans or animals In the UK there are far fewer guns thank goodness and it does seem strange that a country as civilised as America clings to the "right to bear arms! when those arms inflict so much misery and pain! If only people would follow that great saying and "do as you would be done by" the world would be a better and much safer place!
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
I'm sure we all agree with you DeeDee! While America have their guns, we have a pretty terrible knife crime especially in London! So many attacks are fatal! Since there is little deterant, I can only surmise our government have decided it’s cheaper to let the lads and young men, kill each other!

We can’t be blamed for thinking it’s of little consequence. If it wasn't, something would be done about it. But of course that costs money and we're not worth it!

So we go back to our music, using it as the soothing balm it is! xxx
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DeeDee, you are correct re guns in America. It's like Dodge City in the Wild West ~1875 days. Wyatt Earp & his brothers. The only law west of the Pecos River was "Judge" Roy Bean a self-appointed magistrate who may have taken some mail-order "law book learin" courses like "Medical Doctors" did. And depending how much he had been a-drinkin' the night before, would just as well hang ya' if he was in the mood, for some kind of cattle rustlin' offence, or something that he would say you were guilty of. It's a pitiful joke. Kids in Texas carry them all the time. You can buy any type of firearm you want, illegally, for $500. on the streets of North Philadelphia. Japan, guns are rare and in China, nobody would even know how to go about to buy one even legally, anyway, let alone, on the black market. I think that the Constitution had that right to bear arms thing re militias in time of war, etc. Guns are usually nothing but trouble. People harm themselves, kids in the house, discover them and get into trouble, etc., etc. The "gun lobby and the National Rifle Association" spend tons and tons of $$$$ to "help and support" certain people in Congress. As my great uncle Bob Hope used to say, "Washington, DC has some of the finest politicians and Judges money can buy!" Ridiculous. Yes, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Sigh.

Jane, Quaker William Penn ~ 1682 said in Pennsylvania and to the world, "We have tried many things, but let us now see and try what love will do." Sigh.

Jean, oh, my goodness!! Can you imagine The EB singing....'Pie Jesu' ??? That would have become a worldwide classic for all time!! I am so enamored by Prince Harry and Meghan (Markle)! Not sure, why, but when Britain does it right, they really do it right. I think Winston Churchill was incredible, also. Love reading his books. What a life! Plus, ~1964, onward, four lads from Liverpool went on to become the biggest grossing, show business act of all time! I liked Gerry's "Ferry 'Cross the Mersey" and anything done by Peter & Gordon. The there were The Walker Brothers, and then....and then...and then.... yes, Jean, as you say, this soothing balm of music keeps us sane in these grim days. Just listened to 'Carol Jane' and "Donna, Donna" sung by the greatest pop music duo of all time!
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Craig you may not know this but when Harry was a little boy his mother wanted him to be brought up to know the harsh reality of life for some people and took him along with his brother to homeless shelters and the like. She was also determined to give her two boys the love she lacked when growing up. Well The Beatles said it didn’t they: ‘All You Need Is Love’.
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Wow, good woman. Had neighbors who took their teenage son on a ride through a run-down, nasty, town....just about the whole town / area, and from the back seat of the car, he saw "his future" if he continued to horse around and not do anything constructive in school, etc. 15 can be a miserable age. The man who was an M.D. and his mother said that when we pass on, unless you 'get your act together', this is where you will probably wind up. Maybe, you could join the Army, or Navy, but "we won't be here to take care of you forever, so....." And, like your great example, Jane, it worked. The kind of lazy, young man, buckled down and shaped up and became an M.D., works in a hospital in Chicago and married a lovely woman Doctor, also.
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