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Albert Lee to play with Edan7921

MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
We had a fabulous evening last Thursday (25th) at Albert’s concert in Worcester. He is such a nice guy but poor Albert was having a rough day on Thursday. He had taken the skin off his left little finger, moving a concrete block some days before and he was applying Germolene every couple of hours to stop it becoming infected. All was going well until, in a rush to get out of the hotel that evening, he picked up the Germolene instead of the toothpaste. We all laughed but he said he didn’t think he would ever get rid of the taste.
I love the way he interacts with his band; it’s almost like they have a bet on as to who can out play the other, especially with young Olli on the drums. After 10 years of nagging from us, his audience, he finally included “Billy Tyler” in his set and it was very, very well received. He told the same old Everly and Cricket stories in a cut down version(because one person in the audience may not have heard them before )and told how he had played with many musical legends that he was in awe of. The thought struck me, I bet his young band and many others will say one day, “I played with the legendry Albert Lee”!
More Everly family news, Albert and Edan Everly are teaming up to play at the 2019 Clear Lake, Iowa Buddy Holly festival concert in February.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds like you had a great night Mike. Yuk with new toothpaste!!
This photo is a beauty ❤️
What great news for 2019 with Albert and Edan not too long to wait for this happening either.
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Judyc13 private msg quote post Address this user
Glad it all went well eventually!
Do hope there will be a video of the Albert/Edan show. Should be a good one - have they played together before?
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Great Critique MeFloody. Sounded a fabulous evening. Oh, to be in Clear Lake, Iowa in February, what a dream.
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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
Chris; it was a wonderful evening as always with Albert. However, the venue is a converted church hall and where we sat in the balcony, we could only see Albert and the drummer, without hanging over the side.
I would love to get back to Iowa and see that show but in February??? Too cold for me. Albert also said that it might be the last Clear Lake, Buddy Holly festival as all of the "great" of Rock and Rock at they would normally have at the festival are dying off
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Sad to hear that the Buddy Holly festival might be the last! We should cherish and revere the greats of Rock 'n Roll forever! Without them we wouldn't have had all the great music of the last few decades that is for sure! I do hope we see some footage of Albert and Edan when they play together! Sounds like a fun night is in store!
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