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As you can see it was an open stage, which is normally no problem on a Caribbean island, but when you're hit by a Tropical Storm.....that is something else. Roof was blowing off and the walls were completely destroyed. Never restored it, because the place was sold and the new owners,a young couple,didn't like R'n'R. It took me quit some time to build it Redhead, but I loved doing it. I remember bringing in all the LP's after a trip to Holland...the custom guy here on the airport asked me to open that heavy box, he looked at me and asked: What is this ?? he had NEVER seen an LP !!
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Bert -

The customs guy didn't know what LPs were? Thanks for reminding me how old I am!
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bert private msg quote post Address this user
Hahaha ,That's a good one Redhead. Rehearsal time for the opening night ( with some extra guys)

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Bert what a fabulous effort you made for the stage to look as good as this. I take my hat off to you what a brilliant idea it was and the end result is just awesome. This is stunning and thank you so much for sharing this on here. 💕
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Thanks Chris, I did it all alone, didn't want anybody around me. I had the idea on 5 big pieces of paper, so I knew what to do and for Redhead I've got good news ... it was exact 10 year ago when I brought the LP's to the hardly can say that you were old...this guy was pretty young, wasn't even born in the LP era.
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Bert -

LPs are coming back because Millennials are fascinated by them. My niece and her husband like to go to charity shops and garage sales looking for them.

Over the summer I needed help with my smart phone and went into the store and a 20 year old guy helped me. He was asking me questions I couldn't answer regarding the phone and I said "I don't know. I am one step above sending smoke signals instead of calling and I'd still be listening to 8-tracks if they were still around." He looked at me and said "What are those?" Sometimes I dislike talking to the younger set! LOL!
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I still buy vinyls LP's and 45s but mostly LP's. I now have 3 good shops and a market where I go. My youngest son of 37 buys some too. We bought him a new turntable for Christmas 2016,he already had a few vinyls by that time, he and his wife like to invite friends over for a retro night! I know they take up more storage room but for me it's worth it.
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You are very talented Bert. That’s amazing thank you so much for sharing. A real labour of love. Hope you are well xx❤️❤️
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Redhead, I've heard about LP's coming back. A lot of band release their new stuff on LP and not on cd anymore.I was never a real fan of the CD I must admit. I did not have the emotion like buying an LP ( for me at least). I had a conversation with a young German couple after a gig we played in "Woodstock" a music bar here on the island.They new about the Beatles,Stones,Clapton, CSN&Y, Eagles etc and told me that was the beginning, the roots of modern pop music, modern harmony music. I told them that they were missing a complete era where it all started.That the Beatles just were a cover band playing American R'n'R music when they first went to Hamburg. That harmony music in R'n'R was "invented" by the Everly Brothers and later copied by bands like Simon & Garfunkel, The Hollies, Beatles and most of the Mersey Beat Bands. So we talked +/- 20 minutes about the real R'n'R music,music from the fifties, early sixties. When they went away they said : We never knew that, very interesting, thank you. So I'm indeed very glad that new bands,are interested in "our music" from the R'n'R Era and that the music will stay alive and not die when we die, the generation who was brought up with R'n'R.>>>>>KEEP ON ROCKIN"<<<<<<
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I went to college in New Orleans and got not only a degree from the college I attended but a doctorate in life and music just by being around all the music and history of the area. The Delta Blues and all the great artists that started it all and were still singing in small venues all around the city but never made it big. It was quite an education, and one I didn't have to pay for ... I just had to listen and learn!
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Thanks for this interesting topic Bert I love your stage!! I think people love LP's again partly for the bigger art work on the covers and all that extra space for record notes on the back Also extra photos or booklets were easy to insert in with the actual LP I have an Eagle coy of Hotel California with sensational fold outs etc!! The Eagles surely were one band very influenced by the Everly sound! My husband and I have just pushed the boat out and ordered tickets [v expensive but what the heck] for one of the Eagles live UK shows next summer! I wish it could have been the Everlys we were booking for but sadly that can never be! All you lucky people who saw them live, I envy you! Cherish those special memories of the greatest duo of all time!! In their absence I will enjoy my night with the Eagles I am sure!
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