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Swedish Radio show - April 22nd 19657910

ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Excellent quality, very good session at the radio station in Sweden.


Susie Q
Raunchy (instr)
Walk Right Back
Bye Bye Love
Gone Gone Gone
Untitled instrumental (prominently featuring Jim Gordon)
I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Bird Dog
So Sad
Lucille (reprise)
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
I was really hoping Raunchy would be something a bit different
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
"Raunchy" was a big hit for Duane Eddy, my guess is that they thought they could try to cover it. Duane has a twang with his guitar which is instantly recognisable.

This is Duane Eddy's version

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Jpodpe private msg quote post Address this user
This is a great performance from all- Don is just so cool!!
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Marion private msg quote post Address this user
As usual the Everly’s sound fantastic live and always have the very best musicians backing them up. Loved this radio show.
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Chris thanks for posting - magic was taken back to some of the best years of my life. They did a couple of weeks in Europe before coming to England 1st week in May. I was interested to hear The Outskirts of Town, when they sang it on Saturday Club, Don got the verses the wrong way around and sang the line - we've got 7 children and none of them look like me, before he sang if we have any children, so I listened with interest thinking he's going to get it in the right order, but he missed that line out altogether! Also wonder why they didn't sing their new single the Price of Love, when they sang it on Saturday Club (this is the recording on the Monday and broadcast the following Saturday) and Don Wayne whispered in my ear I was their first fan to hear it, I thought he was just saying that, but looks like I probably was. Wish someone would release this as a CD like the 1963 Paris show - I for one would be happy to buy it.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Kathy that is so much interesting information thank you for that. When they sang 'outskirts of town' at the BBC it was sung very well albeit some lines were wrong. The live clip lasted for a long time but it is now not available for the moment anyway. I have emailed the BBC twice now about the song expired but no reply. I do wonder if Brian Matthew's was still there if this would have been sorted. He was such a great guy as a DJ he was very knowledgeable. I will email again maybe if several of us asked about the song again it could help but I don't hold out too much hope😕
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Great sound! Love the vintage twang of the backing on Lucille and the other tracks!! There must be other great recordings languishing in the vaults all over the place just waiting to be re-found some day! Thanks so much Chris for posting this one! The spoken links are v interesting too! By the way Duane eddy is performing in the UK soon! Amazing that he is still on the road! These guys from back in the day have staying power that is for sure!!
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