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Long but not so lost Cousin....7892

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Hello fans,

I am new to this forum because I only just discovered it. Nice to see the huge fan base for the Everly Brothers!

Here is the long and short of my story.

I am related to the Everly Brothers but have never had the chance to meet either of them and now it is too late for me to meet Phil. My paternal grandmothers maiden name was Everly as was her three brothers my great uncles. There was Electa, Hugh, Joe and Kendall Everly. Years ago I received a family tree book from my great uncle Ken and then realized I was related to the great Everly Brothers. Why I never knew this before is beyond me. Anyway, my grandmothers father and their grandfather were brothers... I believe that is how it was... and when I figured it out, and if I am correct, we were what’s called 2nd cousins once removed.

I know this is a very long shot but here goes... I would like to write to Don Everly to say hello and introduce myself. I want to respect his privacy and do not want to infringe on his personal life, I simply want to reach out and say hello as a long lost relative. He may not respond and that’s ok. I will be in Nashville
mid October for business and to visit my other cousins in Hopkinsville KY, where my father was born. My father has passed and so did my mother just two years ago and this has prompted me to want to discover my true roots.

My question is this...
Does anyone here know how to reach out to Mr Don Everly? I’m sure he still receives a lot of fan mail but I’d like this to get to him directly. If anyone has any ideas for me it w uld be greatly appreciate! Anything that leads me to connecting with him on any level.

Thank you!

Warmest Regards,

Sheri Lee Calhoun
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Howdy Sherbear and Welcome, indeed. Your genealogy is impressive and I like genealogy and family history, also. As far as contacting Don, that could be tracked down to where I believe his house is now, but let's wait for others in the forum to answer and they may well have better and different advice.

Best wishes, Craig
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Sherbear57 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Craig and thank you for your quick response to my request.
I have tried Google without much luck. I do see his house in Nashville from an ariel view but can’t seem to locate an address. I asked a real estate agent I know in the area if they could help me but they declined for privacy reasons which I completely understand. Thought it wa worth a try! Anyway, yes I will wait to see what other responses I get on this forum. If not anything it is still interesting to be connected with Everly Fans!

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Judyc13 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Sheri. I'm thinking people in the music business will have his contact information. Maybe if you contacted a group like Grand Ole Opry, or even one of the recording studios, to ask if they could forward a letter to him - without giving out his private info - that might work.
Not sure if he still has a manager.
Another option might be to contact Jason through his guitar business and ask him to do the same.
'Everly Music manufactures guitar accessories under multiple brand names including Everly Strings, Cleartone Strings, Sevilla Strings, RED Brand Strings, Star Picks and Postal Monkey Cases.'
Good luck.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Sherbear57

What a wonderful discovery for you.

There is a mailing address on line but I can’t guarantee how accurate the information is. I will send a message to your Inbox.
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Welcome. Nice to hear from you. I can’t offer any more help or info but hope you have some success in your quest xx❤️❤️
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Like some above I have no helpful info to impart re reaching your long lost cousin Don but hope you are successful in your quest and it is nice to know you found the forum and I hope you will enjoy visiting the big family or Everly fans here even if you don't manage to meet up with Don! I only found the site in April of this year and it is really great and has so many lovely people posting and responding on it and I hope some who may be able to offer you some assistance Good luck!
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cuddles private msg quote post Address this user
welcome sherbear 57 nice to have you here
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