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Dear Judy nice to hear from you and thank you for the post, unfortunatly lam not in Colarado l am in England .It is just that l love everything about America l wanted a name of it and as l love John Denver and have his cds with the songguess l,d rather be in Colarado l picked it for my title . So nice of you to get in touch and lovely to hear from you and how lucky you are to live in the U S A lov Paula .
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Ah. Thanks Paula for your reply.
I have lived in Colorado since 1985, though still a Brit - I married my American husband in ‘82, and we built our log home together at 8,200ft. He died in March, is very much missed, and I am taking some time to work out my new normal. Rediscovered the Everlys and their music is helping. I am amazed how much I missed! Of course, I like John Denver’s music too.
Best to you.
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Oh! Judyc13. I'm so sorry to know you lost your husband so recently! I sooo pray you will get your life back and start to feel normal again very soon! Music certainly will help to heal the soul! Thinking of you! xxxxx
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Judyc13 private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry all - thought we had a private message thread there - still new to the mysteries of the forum!
I had asked Paula where in Colorado she was.
Don't usually hang out the emotions to the world - but thanks for the messages.
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I am so sorry Judy. Blessings and peace.
Music is a wonderful part of life, and Everly music is amazing.
We are originally from western Canada, and have traveled in Colorado a bit, a beautiful area. I am new to this site, a friend of Chris and hopefully a few others.
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Sorry for your recent loss Judy. We have travelled in some of the US states but never Colorado, unless you count changing planes at Denver airport. I do know it is very beautiful, like many of the US states - Oregon is our favourite so far.

Marion, Canada is beautiful too. My husband is on his way to Vancouver Island as we speak, visiting his sister, brother-in-law and two aunts who are all, sadly, not in the best of health. We have driven from Vancouver to Calgary (wonderful journey) and would like to continue the journey across Canada one day.

There are many road trips left for us to do and we always play music in the car. When it is my turn to choose, the boys feature very heavily - I always take the CDs from the box set Heartaches and Harmonies.
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@Judyc13 we are all like a big family, all brought here by the music of DON AND PHIL nice to read your comments and nice to have you one of us who love the EVERLY music
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@Jane43 - I have some in-laws in Oregon. When we took a trip thataway, I told my husband that if he had brought me there first, I would not have had any culture shock. It's very like England, at least on the western half.
@Marion - yes, Colorado is at it's best just now with the Aspenglow (turning leaves) unfolding. Of course, I think the mountains are by far the best part to be in.
@Jeanroberts - I'm getting there. Keep very busy, which helps. Still have two cords of wood to stack before winter! I'm sure it's good for me...
Have been knocked sideways by the amount and quality of EB music out there.
Of course I knew about them, and always loved their music, but, with the prejudice of a very young teenager, thought they had 'angry eyes and weird hair'. Now I look at them differently, and have a huge amount of admiration and respect for their incredible journey, and for their musical professionalism and skill.
Catching up now.
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
"ANGRY EYES AND WEIRD HAIR! Ahh the cruel dismissiveness of youth!! So glad the Everlys are gladdening your heart now!! With age comes wisdom etc., etc...!!!!!!
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Angry eyes and weird hair? That's right up my alley!
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Judyc13 private msg quote post Address this user
As it turns out, they are right up my alley too. What can I say? Now I think they were cute as heck, and I know how much I missed. If only I had known then what I know now - I’d have been at as many concerts as possible - instead of none!
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