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I usually look in HMV for Everly music when I am in town. They don’t have a section for Everly Brothers but I looked through the Es and found Brother Jukebox by Don. I have the songs on it on other CDs but have added It to my collection as it was only £8.99. Sunset Towers is much more expensive on Amazon but I will keep on looking for it at a reasonable price.
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
I always look through the E's in record shops too and it's great to see how often there is a good selection of Everly Brothers Cd's and LP's available in so many places! I am sure the boys are still finding new fans all the time!! And old fans will just keep adding to our collections so that's good too!
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Britain has always been very loyal to the Everly Brothers - much more so than their home country. I don't find anything but the occasional Greatest Hits CD at shops with the usual suspects on it: Bye, Bye, Love, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up, Little Susie and Dream. It's appalling how many don't know about anything past 1961 of their music. They are really missing out. Thank you Britain and Europe in general for remaining faithful to the boys.
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You're right Jane, HMV is always worth a look. I got Brother Jukebox as well as Phil's double cd There's Nothing too good for My Baby & Mystic Line in my local HMV. I've also seen EB reissued vinyl there too. On one site i saw recently, Brother Jukebox cd on sale, for over £100!!!!!-£8.99 for brand new copy is far more reasonable.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
HMV are a great store. I got ‘brother jukebox’, there a couple of weeks ago after a comment, I think from you Liz. HMV also sell the Reunion Concert DVD for £3.99 and I found my beloved Louvin Brothers, three CD set there some time ago for only £3.00 They seem to stock something of most of the popular singers from the fifties and sixties and very reasonably priced.
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I think it's time I returned to my homeland...
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