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Nice comment from a lovely man about our lovely man7779

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Preston - sorry, I didnt Articulate my last comment to you very well. I didn’t think Don was ever not meant to be a singer, I just meant whether as a youngster/child he ever dreamed of a solo music career.😀

I have noticed in interviews that both Don and Phil mention the dreaded “heavy lifting” alternative job if their music careers didn’t take off. No danger of that. It was also interesting that Don said you couldn’t bask in the glory of your present hit you always worried about the next one. Very stressful life and they truly deserved every penny they earned.
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I don't think I can post the story here about going to Margaret's house, she might not appreciate it. She was recently very upset with a worker at her house who put something on Facebook. If you want the story, email me at and I'll send to your mailbox, and then please don't distribute. I've never even told Martial Bekkers, I assume you know who he is, he runs the Facebook group and a long time head of fan clubs and such.
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Preston -

We do indeed know of Martial. Here is a link to the story of how this forum came to be, and what wrong doing Martial did (and continues doing.)

clickable text
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Yep, our heroes were certainly bigger than the "One Hit Wonders" from the '50s & '60s, even though those one-hits were quite memorable, quite good, and, unfortunately, those artists didn't get much at all out of it, due to the lack of any 'second' hits. The EB had enough to make a career out of it, plus a lot of the glory also goes to Boudleaux & Felice, those magical poets and song writers...... Fate. What are the odds of Mick walking on that same train platform for the same train and seeing Keith sitting there with a black blues, (Muddy Waters?) album stuck under his arm and they, then striking up a conversation. Brian Jones had a band...all living in a room eating raw potatoes for a meal....the landlady complaining about the "awful noise and racket from upstairs....dirty room..." Young guys. Destined to super fame and a King Midas fortune for all. "He can be a real pain, but he is one shrewd ____-__-_-_____!" says Keith.
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Yes, Roxy, I think Ike and his generation(s) saw the coal mines as a necessary, dangerous "profession", hence Ike doing music, instead, radio shows, Chicago, and when that was over went to Barber School and Margaret to Hairdressing(?)School and, Don & Phil were blessed to make it in the music business and, hence, their comments about heavy lifting, working in the mines, etc. Most died earlier than normal due to the dangers of coal mining. Just my humble opinion.

Best, Craig
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Kathy, do you remember Mark Germino with Don and Phil at the Hammersmith in May 89. He had lots of air play with "Rex bob Lowenstein" and I got his album, but that the last I heard of him.
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Gosh, what a fascinating discussion here! Like everyone who never managed to hear Phil and Don live, it's wonderful to hear stories from those who have and even met them too!! I think siblings having to spend so much time together is always very, very trick and the Everlys had their issues, just as we all have, only they had to play theirs out in public!! My reading of their characters is that Phil was the more sensitive brother and that Don suffered a bit of the "Big brother syndrome" that is very common and did try to make out that Phil was less than half of their success perhaps when we all know that that is just not true!! I do think they should have shared the solos as Phil had such a lovely voice too! Both brothers could certainly sing and both played great guitar but again maybe Don dominated there because he was the big brother! He seemed always to emphasis that he was the "Lead singer" and Phil was "Harmony" with an unsaid "just" in his tone if one is looking for it perhaps! Phil arguably had the more successful solo career during the split so that may have motivated that phone call from Don ten long years later, but one thing is for sure, they were both greater together and we are so lucky that was so!!
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How do you send a private message? I have received one or two but don't know how to send one from scratch myself being a bit of a newby to the site!
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DeeDee -

Go to the top of the page next to your avatar you'll see an envelope icon. Click on it and that will take you to your inbox.
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Thank you so much Redhead!
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Hi MeFloody I did post that I remembered Mark (somehow my post left with the faries) but only after you mentioned him. You must have really liked him, so sad we didn't hear about him later. If you do hear anything I would be interested.

Do you remember 1971 RAH know you were there - opening act Louden Wainright III, Rufus Wainright's father. Wasn't he awful??? sorry but true - my husband (of only three weeks) couldn't make the show so I took my best friend from work, as we walked around the RAH to find which door to go in Phil jumps out of a taxi with his mother. He has tickets for the show which he asks if I want, at the time I say no but our seats were awful, Louden was even worse, we try to go to the bar for a drink, think the whole audience are trying to get in the bar, so I suggest we see if Phil still has those seats - so glad thank's Louden (your being such rubbish made my evening). Remember Margaret saying to me of how sorry she felt for that poor boy everyone just left, I said yes but he was awful she said yes he was wasn't he. So I ended up watching the show in the Royal box with Margaret, my friend Gerry & the actress Barbara Parkin (from Peyton Place). Great evening.

Sorry if anyone out there is a fan of Louden Wainright III. Sorry for you!!! So Sad!!
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Rufus Wainwright has a good resemblance to my son in the US

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