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Albert and Peter play the Everlys7762

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This is from 2016, the sound crackles a bit occasionally, but worth a listen.
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Liz oh so thanks for posting. But Albert is was 73 not 63 that the boys split up. Peter the boys shared the same dressing room at the Reunion Concert I was there and everything was just like the old days. It was only later when they went on tour that they did have separate dressing rooms and cars, which was odd to me.
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Kathy, were you aware that the boys didn't speak to each other the way Peter and Albert are suggesting?

I do remember in an interview after the reunion. Don explained they travelled in separate cars and had separate dressing rooms! Don also said when we arrive. “We say Hello!”

Must have been very difficult not speaking! xxxxx
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Jean we went to several shows in 1984, all seemed okay, after that the following year Don suggested we do Ireland again and travel with them, looking back on the year before 1984 it was Phil who was not joining in initially and Don trying to get him to join in. Do remember during those following years, band members being put out that both Don and Phil were spending social time together with us. We didn't realise, I wondered why there was this comment, just do remember on several occasions I realised they ie one was saying something that the other didn't know about. Looking back why did they do it in England spend time with us like they did - don't know why other than friendship and old memories.
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Kathy, the boys must have felt at home with you after knowing you before the reunion! Friendship finds its own circles! Don always had a lady in tow, not so much Phil! So he likely enjoyed your female company after the shows and since you were happily married the frienshop was comfortable! Since so far from home and Phil had, had a heartbreaking and very expensive divorce, to relax with reliable friends must have been what he needed!

From what I've read, Don enjoyed his drink more so than Phil and Phil knew his brother more than anyone! Maybe he felt Don and the band were hard to cope with next day, after an evening in the bar!

However, I'm glad you all had happy times and Phil had a good friend in Terry Slater! Hard to imagine as is said by those in the band, the brothers rarely spoke and were famous for their horrendous fights! Ha! Ha! They were brothers after all! Did you notice any of this?
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Albert Lee playing one week today (9th August) here in Melbourne.
Will post a review & photos after the show.
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