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LizzieB private msg quote post Address this user
Hope you take your show to Scotland for you Scottish fans. I'd pay good money to see it.
And the band's you're opening for. I'm sure Liz n I would sell tickets for it..xx
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
LizzieB -

We just have to make sure Martial Bekkers and EBI don't get their paws all over it!
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LizzieB private msg quote post Address this user
How very true.
This forum will manage you and Craig with your tour. Haha.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Not sure I can make it this year, have to check with my booking agent first, but can instead,send a large copy of my latest tax return and bank account that will provoke many sad, crying tears along with howls of hysterical laughter. Drama, pathos and screaming howls of laughing. That's me, Craig Dope, Mr. Show-Biz!

Seriously though folks, I wonder who Don & Phil's "agents" / managers were? Road managers? Studio types? I thought there was a Don King,(?) or a Don Wayne (?) who took my EP album covers upstairs at The Bitter End coffee house that one night in NYC down in the village, long ago... Guess, they never had a "Col." Parker, or a Brian Epstein, although suppose 'Chet' Atkins sure could count.....
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I wish we could turn the clock back and go to all these places with each other. What a time we would have.
If Bekkers tried to get in I would say 'NO ticket NO entry on your way!!! 😁
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you all for your comments so entertaining and informative. A proper tonic.
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Craig it was Don Wayne, he was their road manager,1965 to 1973 he was on a salary from their management. Both boys always fully trusted him. They both asked him to come back and manage them when they got back together, but he had a good job he didn't really want to leave and I guess didn't think their commitment would last as it did, as he was there very near the end in 1973, he had left them a few weeks before and has always blamed himself saying if he had stayed to the end what happened that night would not have.

Re Brian Epstein, he raved over Don and Phil, thought they were the most talented act he had ever seen (TRUE) was told our Paul's nose is out of joint, this was told to me personally by Brian's partner. shame he let his personal life get the better of him, so sad. He obviously had many problems, but he could have made a big difference to Don and Phil's careers. Wesley Rose did make both fortune and fame off the backs of our boys, but he was there. Jack Real never made any communications or anything he almost didn't exsist, just took his cut (big cut) and worked our boys till they dropped, don't know how or why they ever got involved with him.
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
I made a complete twerp of myself over this coke ad. We knew the boys had done it, but in the UK hadn't heard or seen it. It's 1968 the boys are playing the Rum Runner Club in Birmingham, so I'm in the frnot row, Don looks at me and says the next song is now a coke ad is nothing sacred and sings "Cathy goes better on Coca Cola". So later that evening I'm with Sheena and Phil in his hotel room and I ask how does it go, I'd been trying to work it out in my head, Phil asks how does what go? I say the Cathy's Clown Coke ad. Phil just looks at me then turns to Sheena and asks is she for real then he says it's not a coke ad Don was teasing you. Now over dinner, hotel room or wherever I would have just laughed at the joke, but during a live performance really thought he was telling the truth. Like I say I'm a twerp. He did it several times actually, the Cathy with a K as well as a C came from his teasing.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
For Kathy who just mentioned the "Rum Runner" Look at the comment from owner Don Berrow!!

The Everly Brothers appeared at the "Rum Runner Katz Club" on Broad Street in Birmingham city centre in the UK in 1968.

There seems to be some confusion as to the opening date of the Rum. This is probably due to the fact that the club actually opened twice in the 60s and re opened again in the Duran Duran era. At the bottom of the drive to the left was the casino. This had been open for some time before the second part of the development happened. The Rum Runner night club part two, the restaurant, the quiet bar, the main bar and the dance floor with live local, national and international bands was opened in April 1966 by a local group, The Vacant Lot. They played a one-night stand and were invited back in a fortnight’s time for a second booking. This was where the gods of rock-band fortune played a hand. It was demolished in 1987.

The owner Don Berrow -
Top of the tree for Don were US legends the Everly Brothers. He knocked them down from £2,000 to £800 for a week long stint. "They were colossal - all those others we had on, they left them stone cold. They must have spent what they earned in the restaurant - they were there till 4am every night"

This is what a lady called Moira posted (16th September 2013) about her night at the "Rum Runner Katz"

"I remember the Everly Brothers playing there and then joining us on the dance floor. They danced in a very peculiar American way with their thumbs tucked into their trouser pockets. Not a cool look! Some of the happiest nights of my life….even though when we were turfed out at 2am, we went for chips before hitch hiking home"!
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Kathyc private msg quote post Address this user
Oh thanks for this Chris, yes guess the bar and food bills were high can remember Don Wayne making the comment at the time, as it was him who use to pay, the boys knew how to live. This is the place where Don use to complain they over cooked the pasta! But he kept on ordering it - he just loved pasta dishes - happy memorise - thanks !!
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I have the 'Attic one too and I do wonder if the Kathy Cole who I mention is you Kathy. Maybe a thread on it's own.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Don Wayne, yes, that was it! Thanks, Cathy. Dang, is there anything that someone on this site doesn't not only know about, but was there, also ??? You guys are great! He seemed kind of short, blondish hair, but pleasant to me. Looked like a Hollywood-type, that night at The Bitter End in NYC. Do you happen to know the time period of that Jack Real? Probably, more current than the possible person I'm thinking of in Atlantic City, NJ a lifetime ago. That guy seemed kind of aloof and a taskmaster. Some of those guys work "their" stars like racehorses. Like Hollywood, you're only as good as $ your $ last $ picture. No wonder many get eaten up by the "system." Ain't for the fainthearted.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
I love Torture, a firm favorite with me. Thank you Jane.
I do wish to apologize to you Craig for calling you Graig, it's all the years catching up with me.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
No apology needed at all, Annmary. Thanks for all that you say and do and I've been being mis-called Greg for decades. Just call me anything, but late for dinner.
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Loved the Coca Cola ads!! I confess to loving an ice cold Coke [diet]!! Things do go better with the Everly Brothers that is for sure!!
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