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Hi Chris W,
The show I saw at Blllingham Forum started at 7.30 and finished about 9.20 with a short break in the middle
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Thanks for the info KDF 🎸🎸
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Great to hear the show is playing to sell outs and that it seems to be so good!! Can't wait though it's a few weeks hence before we see them!! Should be a brilliant night!! Do hope it transfers to the West End!!
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I am looking forward to it too DeeDee 🎸🎤🎸🎤
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I thought that I'd let the forum know, that this show is touring again next year, starting in April, up to June in the UK.
I'm going to go again, as next year they're doing 3 dates in Scotland, instead of only 1 this year.
If folks are interested, you can see it on Facebook for the whole list of venues.
I have wrestled with my conscience, because of the potential hand of our bete noire, Mr Bekkers, and his involvement in the show, so I leave it up to the forum members to decide whether or not to go.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for info. Liz! It keeps the Everly Brothers music alive!
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately, they are not coming to Cornwall again next year or I would definitely go see it again. It is an extremely enjoyable happy evening. As you say Jean it definitely keeps the music of the Everly Brothers alive.
I know the thought of the “Dutchman” jars rather, but hopefully he is not too involved in the set up. 😀
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for that heads up Liz. My husband and I really enjoyed it. I printed off 3 documents/letters to pass to them. I spoke to their mum twice about Bekkers and it was her I have my info to. Not sure anything else can be done. I did want to stop and chat to the brothers who were available but our taxi turned up and there were so many people that if we had let it go we may have been stuck at the venue for an hour or so.
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Chris don't want to offend. I've not seen the show they do. A few years ago I saw a show called The show they never gave, or something similar and the two fellers who played our boys were good. Then around two years ago I saw a Buddy Holly and Everly Bros show, the two fat blokes who played the boys were not only awful but insulting to their memory.

I actually feel these two had better be really good for me to give them the thumbs up, having seen the real brothers perform in excess of 100+ times I feel I will find them just mediocre.

This family are making a living on this, so your have to respect them for this - they will take no notice of how the Ev's or their fans feel. Bekkers is publisising them it is in their interest to go with him whatever any of us feel. Sad as it is just accept. If they come anywhere near me and I'm free that evening then perhaps I'll go and see, but I'll not go out of my way to do so, and if I do, that's see them, not go out of my way, I'll let you know what I think, they will have to be bloody good for me to really like them, if the videos they post are anything to go by I'll say okay, it's keeping their name alive but precious little else. Except for those of you who never saw Don and Phil, then okay, but you've no idea what you missed, except I feel some of you do.

But I have memories of watching Don and Phil live on stage in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2004/2005. Believe me these guy's are never going to be able to get anywhere slightly near that and if they are that talented, which I doubt, then they should forget trying to copy anyone else and go out on their own like our two heroes did.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
You didn't offend me at all Kathy I can quite understand where you are coming from. No one ever will be as good as the Everly Brothers.

I just hope that it keeps their music alive. Looking around in the hall we were watching them around 1400 I think the staff said for that night - most people looked of an age, an age where they would have lived through the times of our boys, the 50's onwards so I am not sure they would be reaching out to the public who do not know the Everly Brothers music.

They are making a living out of the back of the Everly Brothers when they sing in venues. As for this musical I notice in the West End that Rod Stewart, Queen, Abba, Carol King et al have had a musical done about them, I went to see the Rod Stewart one it was good and I did not expect it to sound like Rod who I am not a fan of, I was accompanying my son, but the story was good.

The story of the Everly Brothers was not 100% correct, 2 points I wanted to shout out about was when they were doing a piece about the Reunion concert and they sang "Let it be me" after a couple of songs and we all know that was not the place for it. The other thing was breaking the guitar (1973) it was broken in half which I do understand why it was so that it could be put together again for the next appearance. All in all it was an entertaining evening and my husband who never got into the Everly Brothers at all in the early years was surprised at the story telling and how it was done because I never bore him with all the facts of the Everly Brothers he found it interesting.

I would like to think they can keep out of the clutches of Bekker but I am not too sure, he will tell them what ever it takes to convince them I guess.

Long live the Everly Brothers music
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
I saw ‘Walk Right Back’ and had expected to put in a write up of my opinion, as others in the forum had done! Somehow, I couldn't!

I talked kindly about the show to Kathy. The voices and harmonies of the Wilson Brothers were indeed very well rehearsed and the show does have promise! I, never the less, felt, where are they? Where are the real Everly Brothers? I'd seen them a good number of times and can still see them in my mind’s eye! I even took my mother to see them!

Don and Phil, had that look of spit and polish from head to toe! Their sound, their harmony just can’t be replicated, neither can their looks, so photogenic, so full of character! Such God given talent, comes once in a life time!

I don’t know what else to say, except this show, like the best of other tribute shows. Keep their music alive! xxxxx
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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
God gave with both hands to the Everly boys. Two HUGE heaping handfuls of talent and beauty.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
My take on the show Jean was...I was attending in the full knowledge that it would not be the same as an EB live concert, (I have seen often enough from their DVD’s, their unique inimitable talent)
However, I simply wanted to be entertained, the buzz of being part of a live audience and the enjoyment of hearing favourite songs being played live and loud was very enjoyable.
Obviously I would travel to the ends of the earth nowadays were it Don and Phil.❤️

Interestingly, I am going tonight with my husband to see the group “The Searchers” who are appearing live at a venue near my home. Of the four original boys in the band there is - one original founder member, one who joined in 1964, one who has been with them for thirty six years and one who has been with them for ten years. They are apparently retiring next year, so looking forward to finally seeing them. In fact I have needles and pins at the moment.😀
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I saw the Searchers a couple of years ago and they were still very good. We waited to see them after the show and they were very chatty just don't mention Mike Pinder his name leaves a nasty taste in their mouths!!
Enjoy your night Roxy🎶🎤
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Chris, yes we will have just managed to see them in time.
I was aware they were not on good terms with Mike Pender and if I do manage to chat I will be very tactful. Hopefully get their autographs. 😀😀
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Have a great evening Roxy! It’s a night out and we can all do with a night out every on often! I recently saw the show. ‘Jersey Boys’ this made a very pleasant evening out! XXXXX
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Jean, I am getting excited now. It is a night out and the sort of night that makes me feel like a teenager again. I just can’t wait to, “Walk in the Room”. (sorry for pathetic pun).xxxx❤️
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
The Searchers were one of my favourite groups in the sixties and they did make some great records. For me the sound was never the same after Tony Jackson left/was replaced (not sure which).
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Just arrived back home after seeing The Searchers. Very enjoyable evening, they have hung onto their voices very well considering John McNally is 77 years old. They sang all the old hits and some covers and some tracks from their albums that I had never heard. They talked about stars they had appeared with at various venues and mentioned their admiration of and liking for the Everly Brothers.
They came out after the show and signed autographs and I got all four. They are retiring next year so I was so pleased to have seen them.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I thought you would enjoy seeing them Roxy. I agree about them retiring though and spending time with their family. They have had a great career.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Yes Chris, John McNally had taken four month off as he had been unwell previously. It must be difficult for these groups to finally give it all up. They still perform to full houses, have a loyal following of fans and have no trouble playing their instruments, I think it is the voices, knees and hips that finally wear out. Smashing evening though. They did look shattered when they came out after the show and I did say to Frank Allen, they must all be feeling tired and he admitted it had been a long day. They were lovely though. xx
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KDF private msg quote post Address this user
Similar to Kathy I said in an earlier review I’ve never been enamoured by Everly tribute acts and I have seen the originals Don and Phil many many times but these lads were pretty good and yes making a living on the Evs name and music but if it promotes the Evs music then I have to say bring it on
At least some of us have those treasured memories
Cheers KDF
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Re KDF's comments on not liking tribute groups I am sure we would all rather see the originals but that is not possible for various reasons with many great groups and performers from the 50's, 60's and beyond1 Those of you who saw Phil and Don live have a great advantage over those of us who never managed to do that and we envy you those memories but of course the tribute groups do encourage an ongoing interest in the music of the originals and hopefully help swell their fan bases and keep their music going! Maybe someone will get one of those hologram shows set up to honour Phil and Don and I for one would happily attend even though I would of course far rather have the real thing but that is of course we know sadly not possible ever again!
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
There will never be the excitement or anticipation seeing a tribute as there was seeing Don and Phil. The hopefulness of getting good tickets and then going to the show was unforgettable and lasted for months then after the shows was like a dream reliving the night xx❤️❤️
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