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Now this I definitely like Jane43.
Don did seem happier singing with someone else
than on his own. Thanks for posting
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Jane, waking up two great clips this morning of Phil and now this one of Don that I have never seen. I don’t know how y’all manage to find these! I’m seeing so many things on this site for the first time.
Like Phil in his clip, Don looks and sounds great. He does seem happiest working with someone and you can really see teenaged Don in his face as he smiles and sings here.
It must have taken great guts and confidence to sing with either brother, knowing the voice you were standing in for. I recall hearing (or maybe reading) an later interview where Don said of Phil, that he didn’t know how Phil did it, something to the effect that even now, he looks at Phil and thinks, “how did he know to come in just then”.
Together or on their own, love it all.
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you go Don!!!
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
I just love the surprised and delighted look on Don’s face when Burton Cummings adds the hunky tonk piano bit. I think the words in Turn The Memories Loose Again sum up Don’s philosophy completely, “I don’t regret one minute, all I did was sing.” ❤️
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Don found being a solo singer did not go too smoothly for him. He'd have his new solo songs lined up and the audience kept crying out for Everly Brother hit songs! Don had some excellent songs he recorded, two were lovely songs from 'Brother Duke Box' (eg.'Love At Last Time') and 'Did It Rain' from another album. My mind is blanking out other titles from his albums but they so suited Don's baritone voice!

Both brothers ended up singing Everly hits with someone else! They had a very long break from each other but not from continually singing their hit records!

This video is very pleasant to listen to and to look at it's true! I'm sure the opportunity to be a solo singer proved enjoyable to Don but also proved to him that their success lied in their wondrous singing together as a duo! Just as true as their father told them!

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Jean I think this was shortly after the reunion concert. Don always looks like he enjoys singing. Lovely clip, not seen it before, will view again - Jane thanks for posting.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
It could be Kathy, You Tube just says early 1980s. There are more videos of them singing together but I chose this one because of Don’s delight at the end. Both brothers had such wonderful smiles.
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Yes Jane I've just now found the other one you mention with them singing Dream and Lucille. It was apparently recorded in Canada in November 1983. So after the reunion concert, but before it was broadcast on TV. I've seen and heard some poor quality clips of the whole reunion concert not just the edited one we see, we certainly got value those two nights - magic memories. Shame someone at the BBC doesn't put the complete one out to buy, I'd be willing to pay a premium.
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In 1974 Phil hosted In Session and interviewed other musicians. Unfortunately it wasn't picked up after the first run.

Here is a clip with Kris Kristofferson.

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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately it was scheduled in the early hours therefore the viewing figures were poor. I’m sure Phil was excited to have his own show and it’s a shame it didn’t take off.
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Found another part to this session on trawling YouTube again tonight- apologies if it's been seen before. There is also what seems to be the whole of the session on one video, but it has picures only, not a live film like this one. Don is clearly having a wonderful the leather jacket!
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I can confirm that the videos above date from post the Reunion Concert as Don is playing his first Steinegger Everly guitar Phil commissioned the first 2 guitars in 1982 and they were first used at the reunion concert! Don's was number 2 and had the addition of the white purfling round the headstock that was not on Phil's number 1 guitar but Phil decided it would look better with this and had it added on the second guitar made for Don! Neither of the first two guitars had the distinctive double pickguards which appeared on all the subsequent Steinegger Everly guitars of the 56 in total that were produced! Again, Phil and Robert Steinegger tweaked the new Ike Everly model's design at this point Don is obviously having such a good time! Lovely videos Thanks to Jane and Liz for posting them here!
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