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I have a rescue cat called Tiggy. He loves listening to the Everly Brothers. He also relaxes to Mark Knopfler. No doubt about it...
He lies next to me with his eyes shut and purrs. Andy why not, it's pretty good music. 🎵
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Cats are very wise Mary! My cats and dog loved Everly Ballads but would clear the room if I dared play a Michael Jackson record. My dog would bark her head off! xxx
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
My cat I have now thinks he is a cartoon cat. My first cat thought he was human his behaviour was very human like. What a great cat he was. Miss him.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Miniature tigers. Whiskers. Meows. They purr and try to catch birds, mice, insects, squirells, etc. Some go outside, some never go outside. They have to be the rulers of their human subject's homes. They knock things off of shelves simply because they don't want them there. There look out of window sills for hours and they sleep, clean, sleep, clean, sleep and eat. I've leaned the hard way to have a blanket or something on my lap when I'm "privileged" enough to have one sit on my lap and start to purr and their claws knead the blanket and my thighs!! Those claws are sharp! I pick them up and kiss them, but then start to sneeze and my eyes start to itch, so.......... They have a love-hate relationship with dogs. Some are scared of dogs, while some dogs are scared of them. I don't think an old, male cat is scared of anything.
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Mary private msg quote post Address this user
I love that description...I must have a brother cat of yours! My cat is in his teenage years. I found him dumped in the snow in ny garden. Probably an unwanted Christmas present. I love him, he's a real pal. I often listen to the Everlys on my iPad and Tiggy sits a few inches from the screen with his eyes shut. Doesn't matter if it's a ballad or rock number, he won't move. He has friends that he brings home through the car flap. Just like a teenage boy says ' wanna come over and hang out?' They eat all the food and go.
It's usually all quiet by midnight and then he goes to sleep.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Mary,
That’s very polite and sociable of your dear cat to invite other pals over for a bite to eat, no pun intended. Sometimes they kind of wake up in the middle of the night and go a bit crazy, running and jumping all over the place, bouncing off the walls, etc., etc.
I dislike any kind of animal abuse and if I were a judge of the humans involved....well, the penalty wouldn’t be pretty,
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Mary private msg quote post Address this user
Cats are so funny aren't they? In the evening, when I'm listening to music or reading, Tiggy sits by the side, looking intelligent. Then suddenly he sits up and stares intently at the door. It scares the day,ights out of me. It's then that I wished I had a German Shepherd dog with huge teeth! Whatever Tiggy hears or sees I don't know. Perhaps I have a visiting angel.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
It's so nice to know we have animal lovers in the forum! I adore all animals and nature, gardening, country walks. Abuse to animal and children is so despicable, I'll never understand such cruelty if I lived for a million years!

I do wonder what music really sounds like to our pets! I know domestic birds recognise music! Our budgerigar would at once be animated and nod and shriek if he heard one of our records played on the radio! Amazing! xxx
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Agree 100% with you Mary and Jean. They'll be sitting, or napping next to you and then look right up as if they're hearing and /or seeing something which we can't. I know they can sense a storm far away before "we" can. Dogs don't like thunder as I believe it hurts their ears and cats will go under the bed for any number of reasons, e.g., too many people in "their" house, small children who usually mean well, but can be a bit rough with have to teach them them. Yep, abuse of any kind, verbal, physical, you name it, to animals, pets, children, women in general = 100 years in jail with hard labor for starters. In other words, you're not getting out.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
We had always had cats and sixteen years ago during a rare cat free spell, a little stray cat turned up at our door, meowing her head off. I opened the door and there she was skinny and bedraggled and she dashed in to our home and hearts and there she stayed.
We adored her and she reciprocated and I seemed to be her favourite human as she followed me everywhere. She never grew very big but had an enormous personality and I can see her now when her name was called, she would run to you, tail erect and eyes bright and shining. Then one evening eight years ago, she went out and never returned broke my heart.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Well, Roxy, you made me teary-eyed. At least you had good times together and took care of her for whatever amount of time that was destined to be.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Craig. Sorry for introducing a sad note to this post and I still get choked up about her loss. She certainly brought us so much happiness and we were so thankful and truly blessed to have had her. We vowed not to have any more pets as it can be heartbreaking. However, although we would not now actively look for a cat,if another stray turned up at our door, it would not be turned away.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
No need to 'introduce a sad note' re your cat, or pets in general, I well, well, well, understand, Roxy and, like you, that's why I don't have any pets because I get too attached to them and when the inevitable happens, it cuts to the quick and, alas, we never get over it. Years, decades, later. Doesn't matter. But, alas, puppies and kittens and strays have a way of 'arriving' into our lives and, we go again. Assuming one believes in a heaven and an afterlife, I believe we will be re-united with these creatures as they have come into our lives at a certain time and place for a reason and they all have different and unique personalities, temperaments, etc. Plus, if one believes in a Judgement of some kind, that we will be judged how we treated God's creatures whilst down here and if we were harsh with them, well, that might go down too well and whomever might sorely regret those actions.......
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
I think it is the unconditional love that cats/dogs give you that captures your heart every time. Strange thing, when the little cat I am talking about got on your knees and placed her front paws on your chest, she would look into your eyes and both my husband and myself always had the feeling that her eyes were saying "don't you know me? don't you know who I am"?. So strange that we both felt that. As to people being cruel to animals it is despicable and incomprehensible and makes you wish you could personally protect all the animals in the world. I so clearly remember every pet from my childhood, (a pet hen,)'up to the the little cat, which was our last. (so far).
I have strayed so far from an Everly thread, I must stop now...thank you again Craig.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Amen and Amen. Totally agree with your love & kindness comments, Roxy. Yes, it is an EB site, alright, but I know that Don and Phil would feel the same way.

Best, Craig
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Liz58 private msg quote post Address this user

My husband and I are members and fundraisers for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This photo is from Christmas last year, when i was running a tombola at a pet store in Livingston, near Edinburgh. In case you can't tell, my outfit is a reindeer onesie...i don't mind looking ridiculous if it encourages people to donate. We made just over £6000.00 in the run up to Christmas, most of it was due to the wonderful staff at the shop, we were there at the weekends.
We have only 1 cat left now, who is almost 18! She's curled up on my lap as i am typing this, purring gently.
We've had pets all during our marriage, apart from our first year, and we both had pets during our childhoods, our respective Dads being good with animals. It's filtered down to our son, who graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 2013.
I know that this is an Everly site, but haven't we all seen photos of Don and Phil with dogs, so I'm sure that they loved animals too. (The third photo is of our son Andrew and his 2 dogs)

The one of Don has been posted here before, acknowledgement due to whoever did upload it before
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Love the pix, Liz. Er..r.r, uhh.h.h, no I wouldn't have guessed a reindeer. I thought maybe some kind of strangerabbit, or jungle cat, or.......?? Sorry. SPCA's. If I were wealthy, I would donate lots. Great pix of Phil & Don and dogs....I knew if they were out there, this site would find them. Saw one years ago of them riding horses. Kentucky, or maybe Calif. during their WB film-westerns tryouts.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Golly Liz! What fantastic photos! You must be so proud your son is a qualified vet, what beautiful dogs he has! Love the photo of Phil and his very large gorgeous dog! What make of dog do you think it might be? Mixture? Wonder if the dog on Don's shoulder started out as a dog belonging to Adela! So nice if they both love their dogs! I hadn't seen these two photo's!

Thank you so much for posting photos and for your interesting post about your love of animals! How amazing we've found a number of others in common with our love of animals to share on this forum! I've been a member of 'Dogs Trust' (was Canine Defence) for over 40 years, the year it started! I give a generous donation at Christmas as it's after Christmas they need it! We are sent each year, their Annual general Report on their finances, new kennels being opened, dogs homed etc. Her Majesty so wanted to be the Patron when asked and visited the kennels straight away!

Thank you so much for posting with such good photo's! xxx
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I think it is because of the love of animals in the Everly Brothers that we feel we can talk about our animals, I feel sure that it would be fine with them both knowing how much they enjoyed their own dogs. Phil's dog was enormous wasn't it but a lovely dog, sorry I have forgotten his name I will try to shake my brain into function and come up with it, I heard that Don has around 6 poodles maybe last year.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Because of what Liz and Roxy have said I should say our first cat walked in my kitchen window January 4th 2000 it was -4 temperature that evening. We fed and watered him for 2 weeks whilst advertising that he was lodging at our home, we had one phone call for a grey cat, but he was jet black with one white whisker amongst his black ones. After 2 weeks we allowed him around the rest of our home because no one claimed him. At 6 months we took him for a full health check and anything he needed. We were told that at 6 months he would be ours and the vet thanked us for taking him in and then taking him to the vets surgery for injections etc. This is the wonderful work that the veterinary people do and they thanked us! They said he was 8-10 years old and we had him for 9 years. He was such a character, he was our human cat, he strung up the runner beans and tomatoes, he walked from water tap to garden endlessly. If I was in the front garden and my husband in the back he really did not know who to be with, so he walked from one to the other until we had finished. If we dug with spades he dug with his front paws. When he had the tumour that was to be the cause of his death, it snowed and we cleared the paths, he still came out and clawed away snow and snow. He was one we will never forget, he is in a hand carved black cat casket sat beside our fire place. When we leave the house we tap his carved casket and say we will be back soon.

So when we all talk of our beloved pets I think we all know how each of us feel. Like I said a couple of days ago the cat we have now thinks he is in a cartoon, 90 miles an hour everywhere and zig zagging as if he is on an assault course, so different but thank goodness he is.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
My Gosh! Chris! What deep animal lovers we are! Love your carved casket by the fire! Your cat sounds a delightful human cat and what a happy time you gave to this poor cat! I so love you and our friends on this forum who have taken in unwanted, unhappy animals and given them a loving home!

When our half ferrell, beautiful tortie cat, we called Tabby Brown, at the age of 19 had to be put down! We wanted her buried in our garden next to our darling dog! I'm always so fearful the injection might wear off and our pet awake! We had our Tabby Brown lay in her basket in the conservatory for five days before we put her comfortably in a secure box and buried her next to Lady who had also laid for several days before being buried!

Love to you all from my 5 year old female cat known as Tailer! xxx
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Chris & Jean, Thank you for sharing such heartfelt histories!!! These wonderful animals are positively part of a family and your tender stories tell as much!! They need us, we need them! And, we will see them and be with them again. Mark my words.

Had to chuckle, at your current 90-mph cat, Chris. Sometimes they crash into things, also. My Aunt had one years ago that would chew on her plants on the windowsill, then went through a spell of batting them off the windowsill, breaking the pot,dirt on the floor, etc. She would say, "That Darned Cat!!" But, she loved it and it slept with her for years in bed. Off of Broad & Erie Streets in North Philadelphia. One would fall asleep listening to the freight trains go by and listening in the dark to The Arthur Godfrey Show on the radio. That was back in the day when things were still civilized.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Craig, your aunt's cat flipping item like pot plants off the windowsill, is so pussy cat behaviour, like Chris' cat zooming around the house at 90-mph! Ours used to run up the thick velvet curtains and swing on the valance when young! This current cat of ours, Tailer, certainly knew how to wreck the joint too! I now have a huge bill for re upholstery! Have waited until she has stopped the habit before paying out, in case she started wrecking again!

Thankfully, she's now taken to the three tall cat scratching posts! Cats seem to like the raw rope bound around the post, the kind that lint when they scratch them. Some posts are bound with what seem to be a coated rope, too slippery and shiney for there requirements! They scratch, to keep their claws strengthened for making sure they can get away up trees, over fences etc if a predator is after them. Must be prepared!

Many scratching posts are sold with long dangling pom poms! Very dangerous, many young cats have hung themselves on such as these and similar items! Do be aware!

Well, back to listening to some music and see if I can convert my latest cat to relax to Don and Phil's gorgeous singing! xxx
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
A shared love of the Everly Brothers brought us to this forum and now a shared love of helpless animals has brought heartwarming and interesting posts. Thank you Mary for the original post and congratulations Liz58 on you and your family's fundraising efforts on behalf of these animals, and obviously your compassion for animals has been inherited by your son. It is just wonderful. xx
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, Jean, my Aunt's cat could have laid on the sill next to the plants, but that cat just didn't want them there, so being master of the house, swatted them to the floor. "I don't care what this human wants!" Just being ornery, or thought it was a game, or something. Clawing on the velvet couch and chairs?? You bet! My aunt would shout and the cat would run and hide, but come right back out and do it again. My Aunt would shake a rolled-up newspaper at it, but, alas, the cat knew she would never swat him with it, so....kind of a game, but I can see how a de-clawed cat should never be let outside. It would be defenseless. Don't believe they had clawing posts 'back in the day'....pretty long ago, but good idea. I saw an indoor Cat Tree, once where the cat could crawl/climb up this spiral walkway to the top....they like being on top of things, plus it was a scratching post, also.
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