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Tribute to the many volunteers and entertainers that graced our town from 1989 - 2000 for the Everly Brothers Homecoming Concerts.

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Thanks, Chris. Excellent post. A "Homecoming" means and 'says' a lot of things. Don & Phil remember their Roots. Hey, that would make a good title for an album! The New Yorker is a cosmopolitan, erudite, magazine and it is known for it's sophisticated covers and authors, etc., and the one cover a number of years ago, sums a lot of things up. It shows, kind of cartoonish-like, 90% of the cover with a sketch-drawing of Manhattan-NYC where 8 or 9 million people are born, live and die, The Big Apple, and then in a little stretched-out drawing, the rest of America. NYC is the king, the boss and many people have never even been over to New Jersey across the river and have no desire, nor need to go there, let alone the rest of the United States. From Main to Washington, DC is simply Britain-Europe-London-Paris....the same, just 3K miles west. Then there is the South of DC to Florida, then Appalachia, then the flat Mid-West, the Mountain states and California, Oregon & Washington state. Might as well be on the Moon to New Yorkers. Sorry, to ramble on, but your post simply highlights those "homecomings" of The EB. Different way of life, different people, etc., etc. Don & Phil have played every theater around the world, probably, so they've "been around," but many Americans haven't been to NY and really have no desire to go and vice-versa. Those Homecoming pix say a lot.

Thanks, Craig
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My US son in law says that many US citizens do not have a passport.

These volunteers for the Homecoming concerts each year worked for months making it all work like clockwork. They were all taken out for a meal later in the year, this info is in the thread I started about the Homecoming concerts.

I love how the same fans turned up each year from all over the world and had 'fan night'. I think that is how we all would have loved to meet too at an Homecoming concert. Mike did you attend one of the Homecoming concerts?
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