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You will remember this man from the Reunion Concert. Mark is a long time member of the Shadows, and of course of Cliff's band. Three of them played at the Reunion, and Mark is the only one still alive, as we have sadly lost Graham Jarvis, and Martin Jenner.
I was reminded of Mark by the remark about the famous Shadows walk in a previous thread.
I hope the title of the piece appeals to Ricardo...
I read that after the Reunion, Don and Phil wanted Mark, Graham and Martin to tour with them, but they stayed loyal to Cliff.
(There's one photo on this of him in a white jacket, which i am pretty sure is from the Reunion).
Hope nobody minds me posting this, as it's not featuring Don or Phil, but Mark and the others, including of course Albert and Pete too, did so much to contribute to the success of both the Reunion concerts.
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Thanks, Liz. Great post. Nothing to 'mind' about it, as it is very educational about The Shadows and all the great musicians along with Don & Phil, the history of concerts, etc. Thank you!No matter what the post, almost, it and this site are EB all the way seeing as they were there at the birth of R&R and have made the history books, so.... This guitar work sounds quite nice in my opinion and would be interesting what Ricardo and/or Bert our 'resident' real guitar players have to say. Then again, i don't like to brag, but I can strum a G chord and a C, maybe an F.....regardless, that's the extent of my guitar mastery which probably warrants an F , alright.
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Liz58. Golly I didn't know Graham Jarvis had died! I know we're all aging and can't live forever. Never the less, it's still very sad to lose such good musicians!

Liked your post Liz, so authentically the shadows music, not heard their sound for ages! xxx
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