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Bert, really good to see you here
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BERT, welcome back friend, glad ro see you posting,
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Long time no see. Hope you and your wife are both well.
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Don't no what happened, but some years ago I was blocked and could not post anymore. I've tried and tried over and over again with new password and have sent emails with questions, like what's happening, why am I blocked etc. But no response.Every now and then I tried again , with no success. Yesterday I thought about the site again after having found some nice pics of Don and Phil. So I tried again made a new password used my private email and yes I was in. So you'll see some more posts from me in the future. Rock On , Bert
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Great that you persevered and thanks for the wonderful pictures.
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Don't know you, Bert, but thanks for the great posts. Yep, started for me back in 1957 when I was 14 years old, like many of the great people on this site and was hooked on Don & Phil from day one.

Best, Craig
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Craig, after having heard Bye Bye Love on a radio station in Holland, the only thing that I wanted to have was a guitar for me and one for my younger brother .After several years of "learning the game" we started early sixties our first band Now many years living on Bonaire a Dutch Island in the Caribbean , I'm still playing in a Rock'n'Roll/Blues Band and I always have some Everly songs on my playlist. Once hooked, always a fan.
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Wow, that sounds wonderful, Bert! I'll bet your band is GOOD! Bonaire....oh.h.h., paradise compared to frigid, water-pipes-bursting Philadelphia. Springtime can't come fast enough. In 1964 when The Beatles hit, I bought a guitar and was enthused about it, BUT not as easy as it looks...steel strings, nylon strings, whatever, my fingertips never got toughened up to the chords. I took 8 years classical piano lesson as a kid-early teen, but stopped at age 15. Worst thing I ever did. I should have continued with the lessons. I like playing the piano and love some of the easy, Floyd Cramer-type high notes "coloring" on a lot of country-pop-rock-songs-ballads. Funny what drums, piano, steel guitar, fiddle, violin can do. Magic. Especially when combined with the once-in-a-lifetime harmony singing of someone like Don Everly and Phil Everly. Met them 3 times, talked for a minute or two, saw them a lot throughout the years. Elvis was bigger, but I only bought one Elvis Presley record in my life. The Beatles were bigger, but never bought any Beatles records. Bought some early Stones ones..........I grew up on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Some of the "regulars" walked over to 46th & Market Sts. in West Phila. after school and were receiving 40,000 (!!) pieces of fan mail a week. Unbelievable. At first, the studio 'heads' thought that nobody would be interested in watching a bunch of teen-agers dancing in the afternoon. Dick Clark said to buy and chew Beech-nut Spearment Gum so, guess what kind of gun I bought. Beech-nut Co. sales went through the roof.

Best, Craig
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you know in the fifties, early sixties we were far away from all what happened in the USA. We could listen to radio London England when the weather was OK and radio Luxemburg that played three hours or so in a week Rock'n'Roll Music. There was no radio station in Holland in the fifties that played "our music" Trying to figure out what people were singing was another challenge for kids who just started learning English at school, but we had fun. Because of the Everly's I became also a Gibson fan and had a super collection of acoustics before I moved to the Caribbean because of my health. I visited Phil in his home in LA, visited Margaret many times in Nashville and met "the boys" before and after shows in Holland, Belgium Germany and of course England .Phil or Albert Lee always took care for my back-stage pass in those days. Great days to remember. If you wanna see and read more go to my website Rock On, Bert.
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Hi Bert,

Never had the pleasure of meeting you either, but you've had me drooling over your guitar collection ever since I discovered your web page when researching on Everly guitars a long time ago.

I even think I once sent you a private message asking you if you knew of any EBs [J-180s] Gibsons with J-200 pick-guards and bridge, like the one I'm [oh so proudly] playing in my profile photo [which I had specially ordered from the factory way back in the 60s]. Then I learned that Dwight Yoakam had had that very same idea some years later...

Can certainly relate to listening to US r 'n' r on the radio and being hooked once I first heard that chiming first chord in "By Bye Love" [which, by the way, took me ages to figure out was in open G tuning]!

Is that an ES-335 you're playing in your profile photo?

So glad to see a true Everly fan, guitar collector & musician back in the forum!

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Hi Ricardo,

Yes I had a great Gibson collection and I'm still getting in a lot of questions about the Gibson Everly Brothers guitars. I still do have all the serial numbers and other info that I got from people all over the world who joined my Gibson Everly Brothers Owners Club. Ha ha I had the same problem with BBL intro I must admit. As a kid I never had heard about an open G . But much later I made my own intro that came very close to Don's intro on regular tuning and I played that when I was in Don's dressing room after a gig and he liked it , was surprised that it sounded so good. The guitar in the pic is an EASTMAN a 100% copy of the Gibson which I use for rehearsal and gigs. Weather here in the caribbean is so hard on guitars that it is a "killin'time" when you take them out in the open on a stage. We don't have closed venues, it is all open air or semi open air. Today it's 91F , with a sea breeze, love it.
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Oh, Bert!! It is 9 degrees here in Freezeadelphia with the wind chill factor picking up and a water pipe burst where I work and flooded the first three floors, etc., etc. 91 with a sea breeze!?! More power to ya',matey. I am a nitwit.
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Also drooling about how you got to be close to the brothers & Margaret.

My only chance was at the Greek Theater 1984 concert, after which they were having some sort of private party back stage and nobody was allowed in. Then a lady in the back of the fan group shouted that she’d come all the way from NY and that if they didn’t let her in she’d “give ‘em #!&/* in the press!”, so they let her in. I immediately waved my Mexican passport to the man and was also allowed in! Had a short word with Don and a longer conversation with Phil in which I told him that they were partly responsible for my being in music, to which he graciously replied that he was glad their music [meaning the songs their dad had taught them] had gotten known around the world. Some celebrities at the party about which I won’t comment out of respect for their letting me in.

Is the guitar club still going on? [I’m afraid of boring the daylights out of other fans w/my guitar talk, but just can’t refrain from asking at least a couple.]

Whenever I play the BBL intro in standard tuning, I play an “A” up at the 9th fret [“D” shape] with open 5th & 6th strings which rings somewhat like the record, is that what you played to Don?

Any idea what gauge strings they used on the Gibson J-200s, J-180s and Steineggers? [I’ve got my J-200 strung with really heavy phosphor-bronze Gibsons, 0.014 on the first “E”, down to a 0.60 6th “E”, and my ES-335 ― like the one Don is playing in the “Bowling Green” demo video ― with slinky Ernie Balls.]

Won’t talk about drooling over the weather out in the Caribbean, you lucky guy! LOL
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Wow Bert, it sounds as if you really are living the dream! Good on you!
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LizzieB private msg quote post Address this user
Great photos again.
Thank you.
Oh but I would give anything to get a taste of that sunshine just now ..
Nice to see you Bert.
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