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Originally Posted by ChrisW
Originally Posted by BarbaraAnnL
I think most people know Phil wrote part of the song. The question is why Don would take an oath and swear that he didn’t.

That puzzles me too.

It was almost 60 years ago. I believe its possible Don believes he wrote it on his own. He's nearly 82, it sounds like he may have health problems and memory can be a tricky thing.

Conversely, we know he doesn't believe Phil's wife and son are entitled to a penny of the royalties Phil legally signed over to him in 1980. The court agreed, and would have agreed even if Don testified Phil wrote part of the song. That was never the issue at hand, so whatever the "truth" is about Phil's contribution, it is irrelevant with respect to this dispute.

The full deposition transcripts/videos are not available, so we can't know everything that was said, but it is clear that Phil's son and wife do not like Don one bit. Jason called Don a "horse's ass" who was "asinine".

So no, we can't truly know what Phil would like or not like about this situation. But it was the same son who said "If you were going to say something bad about my uncle Don in front of my father, you were in for it." So if he was telling the truth, we know exactly how Phil would have felt about Jason calling Don a horse's ass.

It's sad all around. But bottom line, the Estate was ill advised to attempt to get Don's royalties. And they were ill advised to defend the Summary Judgement Don filed. They were bound to fail, if only because far too much time had passed. Now the whole world knows far more than they should about this ugly chapter.
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So sad. Pray for everyone. Family is more important than worldly credits or money.
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Who trashed Phil's family? BOTH brothers have given conflicting stories about CC in various interviews. As for Don's deposition, have you read Jason's deposition? However I prefer to think of it as what Jason Believed was the truth. If that is considered trashing him, so be it. The authorship of CC was not the issue anyway. And the judge ruled logically and correctly. Please read the decision. It clears up so much. The one-sidedness, which sees posters needing to pit Don as some kind of "heavy" against Phil or Phil's family, when there shouldn't be a "side" at all, is just too toxic. Done.
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I find this whole subject hurtful. I believe this is much more to do with wife's rather than Brothers
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People are posting this posting that of what they think who wrote what and taking sides. It was 60 odd years ago and really only Don and Phil knew who did write it so my thoughts are lets just move on and its not really our business to comment when we really don't know for sure the full facts and details of back then and carry on listening to their great music
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Just so sad! I never heard Phil say anything over the years in many interviews and documentaries other than good things about his brother! His body language too was always of pride and love for his brother! If Don was less than gushing about Phil in return that may be just his personality but the truth is that they sounded so great TOGETHER and that was the huge, important thing! Just awful that dirty laundry is being thrown all over the place now Especially when dear Phil is now gone!! A bad episode indeed!
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Again this makes me sad for everyone involved.I am praying for the entire family and I wish the forum members would drop the subject entirely. I am praying for that also.
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As far as I can see they both put their own part into every song they sang and the final product was a merging and melding of two great talents to produce such wonderful sounds! That should be the beginning and end of it! They were far stronger together and that is how we enjoy their God given voices, as a duo from Heaven with voices to match! All the bickering and bad mouthing in the world won't change the fact of their perfect, wonderful harmonies and that is what we should all enjoy and concentrate on! Phil and Don, The Everly Brothers!!
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