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Phil on David Frost Show 19707192

Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
this was on YT earlier this year and has been put up again. Unfortunately it’s only Audio but it’s nice to hear Phil chatting and he sings beautifully Last thing on my mind and Bowling Green xx❤️❤️
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
One of my favourite interviews Joy, I listen to it as often as I can. Thanks for posting again. Phil is delightful and funny in this clip. Connie Stevens sounds as mad as a box of frogs, LOL

Phil singing "Last Thing on my mind" is sung with such timing, he does not rush the song at all, stunning. So pleased to hear him sing it in less stressful circumstances as the well known clip of the song.

I could hear Phil talk all day and night, he has such a lovely speaking voice as well as a singing one.

You may have heard of this clip before from the show the "Bowling Green" song.

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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
Will listen to the interview later...

Last "Thing on My Mind" [the full song] is superb, though the TV version with the breakdown at the end is too; couldn't choose one over the other.

Thank you!

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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
That’s great to hear. Phil was very diplomatic with questions about his relationship with Don, who chooses the songs etc. It’s interesting that they were doing things on their own as early as this. I have to say David Frost was one of my heroes and taken far too soon as was one of his three sons. Connie Stevens was hugely popular at the time too, all the girls wanted to be like her and all the boys wanted to have a girlfriend like her. Thank you Joy.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
What a great interview Joy, Phil so natural and funny on his own, a real treat.
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