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A new listing on YouTube.
The boys are so young & lovely..
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I may have liked it more than once Lizzie. A good clip. I do wonder if they are lip syncing but who cares we have others where they do. Why they were asked to always got to Phil and Don when they could sing as good as any record they brought out.

The girls had to keep looking away as the brothers were looking at them. Phil said that he liked to lock onto someone in the audience as he sang. Imagine that happening to any of us!!! I wish
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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
Definitely [slightly out of] lip synching!

To begin with, the electric guitar we hear [as opposed to the one we see] in the intro isn't strumming all the strings, but playing a descending scale on the lower strings , there's no microphones, etcetera; though they were perfectly capable of duplicating live what they had recorded if, however, Don usually sang slight live variations to his recorded solos.

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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Lizzie, so so gorgeous, Don smiled a lot, didn't look very sad. Oh I wish I could have been there.
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salfitz private msg quote post Address this user
that is definitely the recording from the album, I remember it so well.. I still think it one of the best songs ever written.. It is perfect in every way. We all know the Everlys were absolutely capable of singing live.. I think early on the problem was
getting a good sound to back them and tv studios were not sound studios. Thanks for posting Lizzie.. love it so much.
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Liz such a beautiful song. I think they were sharing a private joke and that’s why they were grinning or maybe just taking the Mickey because they were made to mime. Why did the camera focus on the audience so much at the end we don’t want to see them !!xx❤️❤️
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rosiebarm2 private msg quote post Address this user
so young- timesure passes fast and yes, Phil was noted for looking at the girls while don was busy with the guitar
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