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Rodney Crowell talking about Phil7131

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This is taken from Rodney Crowell’s Facebook page:

I first met Don Everly in the late seventies when he and I were singing backing vocals on a Guy Clark album. When I gushingly informed him that he was one of my favorite singers and that I was convinced John Lennon’s no-vibrato, vocal style was undeniably inspired by his performance of “Cathy’s Clown,” and, by the way, my natural vibrato was not something I was proud of, the older Everly said, “Want to get rid of your vibrato? Try singing with my little brother Philip. Singing with him is like singing with a laser-beam.”
Thirty-five years later, with this exchange etched in the back of my mind, I asked Phil to sing harmony on a tune I hadn’t yet recorded called “Truth Decay.” I’d discovered while writing the song that, to perform this one properly, even the slightest amount of vibrato would undermine the integrity of the composition. What I needed, I surmised, was the laser-beam to keep me in line.
To say that I was elated when Phil agreed to come out of retirement for the purpose of singing on my record would be an understatement. There was, however, one small problem: Phil was, at that time, living in Tennessee and the “Sex & Gasoline” sessions were taking place out in California. Which meant he’d have to overdub his vocal and, alas, I’d have to face my vibrato alone.
On the day of the recording, after struggling for what seemed like hours with nothing to show for my effort, I began imagining Phil there in the vocal booth with me, and after a couple of takes I delivered a performance that to this day I'm very proud of. And yes,there is a bit of involuntary wobble to be found in my rendering of “Truth Decay” but less than a fraction of what might have gone on tape had I not envisioned the sound of Phil Everly’s voice with mine.
Back in Tennessee, the overdub session went beautifully, with Phil, a bit rusty due to retirement, working more diligently toward the perfection of his harmony part than I’d have ever asked him to. Claudia filmed the session, his charm and sincerity enchanting the lens of her camera---and, she’d later admit, herself as well. Halfway through the session, recording engineer, Steve Marcantonio, turned to me and said, “Thanks for calling me, man. I’ll never in a million years forget this.” “Nor will I,” was my genuine reply.
All through the session I couldn’t help noticing just how much like my mother’s younger brother Phil looked. Leaving the studio, I summoned the nerve to advise him that he was pretty much the spitting image of my Uncle Porter. “Well, you know what they say,” he drawled, “we’re all, in one way or another, related.” He and I had but one brief conversation after that, during which he cracked a joke about me looking like a relative of his.
Phil Everly was one of the most understated and supremely inspired performers I've ever known. We can all be thankful that his time on earth is so well documented in song. Rodney
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What a really lovely piece Thank you so much for finding and posting it I will have to listen to Truth Decay would love to see the photos from the session xx❤️❤️
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Wish he would share that film!!
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Joy has posted it on another thread Sally. It’s headed Truth Decay (clever title by Rodney) ❤️
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Thanks Jane. I must have missed that one.
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I enjoyed both posts. Am i right in thinking that Rodney Crowell was married to Rosanne Cash, Johnny's eldest daughter?
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Apparently they married in 1979 had 3 daughters and divorced in 1992 xx❤️❤️
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