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My sincere condolances go to everyone in the US for another dreadful dreadful tradgedy in Las Vegas Why are some people so wicked and mindless. Keep safe xx❤️❤️
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A subway in France, a nightmare in Las Vegas, North Korea,....the world is bonkers. I used to read three newspapers a day, The New York times, The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer, used to like political-science classes in college, but no more. Plus, absolutely, no more inane television "newscasts." Thanks for your kind condolences, joy.....I might try to find a sleepy, small, small, village in Scotland somewhere and do my genealogy. not sure where to move to in the U.S. Middle of Wyoming, perhaps....the least populated state in America.........maybe, Bermuda. No, too many hurricanes. Canada. nothing ever happens up there........maybe?
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My condolences too - such a senseless killing and maiming of music lovers. So many Americans must be broken-hearted and wondering what and who is next and whether they can take any more and my heart goes out to you all. Craig I agree with you, the world IS bonkers and broken. Who will fix it?

We have been to Las Vegas four times and walked along The Strip daily. Only last time in 2013 did we feel slightly uneasy as there was a lot of aggressive begging. We felt the best thing to do was to give to a collection point for the homeless in Walgreens but were sworn at a few times for not giving to individuals. Although we sympathised with their plight we just couldn’t give to everyone.

We don’t buy newspapers any more either, what passes for news is a joke. We just tune in to BBC tv news.

Craig, my husband’s sister and two of his aunts live on Vancouver Island. It is idyllic there, a ferry ride away from Washington state and Vancouver, a mild climate and the favourite place for Canadians to retire to. They don’t even bother to lock their doors when they go out. Victoria the BC state capital has a few problems but Sidney and Chemainus where they live are lovely places.
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Thanks, Jane, Love you and everyone. I swear most of the people on this web have been to more of America than I have. You've been to Vegas four times! Talk about a suburban Philadelphia stick-in-the-mud....that's Craig Hope, alright.

First of all, far too many guns in this country. Millions of weapons out there, so it's too late now and even if they were outlawed, the underground mob would supply them a la booze during the 1920's Prohibition. More people drank then than ever. Street drugs are against the law here, also, but it's a horrible joke of an epidemic getting worse all the time. One thing that China does that is right is, it 'gets rid of' it's drug pushers....,period. No cushy jail terms for a few years and then out early for 'good behavior' and back on the street doing the same thing over again with newer tricks learned from pals made in jail. No, don't give to panhandlers. Vast majority use the $ for booze, etc. There used to be a really nice Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Train Station underground in center city Phila. Shops, nice stores, restaurants, etc. Now, it has become an unhealthy, dangerous, dirty homeless shelter. Benches, stairwells, train platforms are filthy. The police are getting fed up as the "homeless" are getting belligerant. In some strange way, the two people killed in the French Le Metro was more un-settling. The numbers in Vegas just go beyond sanity, so....

Wish I could read newspapers and listen to some kind of sane news discussions, but........they sure ain't here. Your BBC is much, much better. Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward we're talkin'!! A previous eyeglass customer moved to P.E.I., doesn't even lock her doors, it's quiet, peaceful....she says she loves it up there. Colder winters, but she doesn't care. She puts on a woolen sweater and is happy. A life from out of the past she says.
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I join with you sending condolences to our American friends after the tragedy in Las Vegas.
What a world we do live in.
Certainly not what God Almighty had intended for us.
It's just so sad to hear the news unfolding of the casualties & injured.
It's a sad, sad,broken world when individuals can do this..

Craig my friend I'm sure there's a nice quiet corner here in Scotland for you..
Folks here used to keep their doors unlocked years ago- not now I'm afraid.
But there's still quiet parts you could keep it unlocked.
No one for miles around..
Take care .
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Hi all I was thinking of going to las vegas for a holiday next year don't know if I will go know you can't go anywhere this day world is crazy to keepsake in Vegas if you can
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I heard and saw it on television. it never stops. so sad.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Sad to see the U.S.A. changing in such a way. My American roots go way back to The Mayflower and Colonial days. Then again I have English Kings-Queens and Charlemagne roots, also. This country is too violent, then again, Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS Mid-East.....recently delivered a pair of eyeglasses to a young lady from Uruguay and got chatting a bit and she surprisingly related how she is living and working here in Philadelphia "because all of South America's cities are drug-infested." I kind of coughed a little and changed the subject.

Stupid western states here have "Open gun carry, concealed gun carry and machine guns..all legal "laws." Is this 2017, or is it Dodge City 1870 calling for Wyatt Earp to come and help that wild cowboy town out. Wasn't much law west of the Mississippi, anyway back then.

Maybe, these are the 'last days' before the Lord comes back. He can come back at midnight tonight as far as I'm concerned! Hope things don't have to get worse, yet, before He returns.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for your kind wishes, Cuddles but, as you so correctly say, where can you go these days.......airports, nightclubs in Florida, Paris, subways, Vegas, sidewalks of London.....I can't read/watch/listen to news, anymore. used to like to read, when I get up in the morning, afraid to see if missiles have been flying.....although, I doubt Kim has any that could hit California. Then again if he hits Guam, Trump will flip out......and those things tend to escalate like a raging fire....then how will China and Russia react.......... I do not want to get political, nor religious on this loving site, so that's all I'll say. Just Craig Hope's humble opinions and I respect anyone's else freedom to think as they will. Best to everyone.
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I tried to comment 4 hours ago I guess the traffic through web sites has been working overtime when people are trying to connect to loved ones who may have got caught up in this shocking mayhem.

My condolences to all concerned, it is shocking and sad. Why does any one individual do this? Something needs to be done about gun laws, this man had several in the hotel room and more at his home, it is frightening to even think what his weaponry could do.

Everyone is in my thoughts. My son was in Vegas a couple of months ago and he has been a few times too.

Just keep safe, I feel for you Craig, wondering what is the best to do, where to go to feel safe. Each individual will have to make a choice to do what is best for them. You are in my thoughts Craig, take care.
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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
clickable text

Unfortunately this will happen again, and again, and again as long as any deranged lunatic is able to buy arms as easily as if they were candies.

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Liz58 private msg quote post Address this user
What terrible terrible news from Las Vegas!! All those poor innocent people, who were only out enjoying a concert, which they had every right to expect to be safe.
At the risk of upsetting some of our American members, isn't it time that the gun laws were reviewed, in view of the news that this person had multiple weapons?
My thoughts go out to the victims, those who died and were injured, and their loved ones.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
I'm an American and an EB fan and you're not upsetting me, but why in the world would anyone need a .....machine gun.....which you can have in Vegas....they are only made to do one thing and it's not for target shooting, or hunting animals. Congress will never pass any needed laws. Nutso.
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Yes Craig why should any ordinary person off the street be allowed to buy a machine gun. Should be for military only but as you say they would just get them underground/black market. It’s terrible and there’s no real answer now it’s gone too farxx❤️❤️
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Corruption has gone too far, for too long and now, I'm afraid (and hope to be proven wrong) too late. Had a University Professor in Economics & Foreign Affairs say that our $18+ TRILLION deficit is over the top. 'They' would either have to raise taxes to the 80% or 90% levels, OR slash all social benefit programs down to nothing to get out of the woods. Not going to happen. I really feel for the kids and teens of today. Little do they know or comprehend at thair young age what awaits them. And, it's not their fault. They are inheriting a mess.
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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
It is much harder to buy anything in the black market, you would be taking a risk buying a machine-gun from an illicit source, while right now any moron with a killing urge can buy anything anywhere "no questions asked".
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
You are so right, Ricardo. So, one way or the other, all types of guns are available. IF they were truly outlawed, the black market would then flourish. On the northwest corner of 22nd & Diamond Sts. in North Phila. there was a 'dealer' who paid off the powers to be and was selling guns...$500. each....filed off numbers, or whatever the article said and was selling them to the kids-teens who are 'mules'...drug runners for over a year. Things got too, too hot and they closed him down. Rumor has it that he is now in...duh....West Phila. around Girard Avenue, or Warrington Street where you do not want to go near. I haven't been down that area for years.
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salfitz private msg quote post Address this user
such sad news. Something is very wrong with the human race..not just now but throughout our history. the struggle for good over evil has always taken place and it has always been necessary to make a choice. It will go on til the end of time. Sincere sympathy to all caught up in the latest horror. I do not watch tv. I do not read newspapers. I keep up with stuff on BBC radio channel 4..they seem to be the last good news broadcasters out there. Words of encouragement are needed for us all and for me they are always to just keep lighting your one small candle, together we will extinguish the darkness. WE WILL and remember people who perpetrate evil suffer the final agony of making the wrong choice.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Anything is for sale if you have the money. I didn’t know the dark web existed until quite recently. I do worry for my grandchildren.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
The Dark Web makes ISIS look like choir boys.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
My thoughts are with all the people suffering from the effects of this latest madman. What a terrible world we live in.
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