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Johnny Cash show 9 with Everly Brothers7066

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Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers (the complete audio recordings)

Show 9 - Broadcasted September 2, 1970 (recorded May 9, 1970)

Guests : Rick Nelson, The Carter Family, Merrilee Rush and comedy pair Dick Clair/Jenna McMahon

Regulars : Ruth McDevitt (as Aunt Hattie) and Joe Higgins

Songs on the menu:

Bye Bye Love
Keep The Customer Satisfied
Something/Anytime She's Around Me (Don & Phil with Merrilee Rush)
Violets Of Dawn (Rick Nelson with Phil on backing vocals)
When I'm 64 (Phil with Merrilee Rush)
Cotton Fields (The Carter Family)
Rocky Top (Don & Phil with The Carter Family)
Bird Dog
Mama Tried
You Took Me By Surprise (Merrilee Rush)
Slippin' and Slidin'
Medley : I'm Walkin'/Good Golly Miss Molly/Hello Mary Lou (Don & Phil with Rick Nelson)
Medley : My Babe/Maybelline/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Oh Boy/Movin' On (Don & Phil with Rick Nelson)
I Shall Be Released (Rick Nelson)
Lucille (small bit)
Medley : Swing Low/I Shall Not Be Moved (Don & Phil with The Carter Family)
Let It Be Me ----------------------------------------------------
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Chris. Look forward to listening later when all the family have gone home. 9 for Sunday dinner again after the Grand Prix Im really lucky to have two of my 3 daughters close by xx❤️❤️
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Thanks Chris for finding and posting all these shows. Frustratingly, I haven't been able to comment earlier as my new phone locked my out of this, my favourite site. Having had a stern with it(threatening to throw it out of the window, etc) I'm back in. I could see the posts but not comment or play the clips. It's like being a kid again when I was confined to my room for illness or punishment and watching all my friends playing outside when I couldn't 😁
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Haha Mike I know the feeling. I keep being told I do not have any internet left on my phone constantly, I will have to take it up with my provider because this is month after month.

Merrilee Rush with Phil and Don

Joe Higgins who does all the skits on the show with Phil and Don

Another photo from show 9

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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Chris, another great selection.
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the lovely photos Chris. If I have a problem Mike which I did a few months ago with opening and answering posts I had to wait for one of my daughters to come round and sort it for me. Suppose I could always ask my 4 yr old grandson. Ha ha !! Oh this technical age xx❤️❤️
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I saw the story of their lives on Biography where they talk about their disastrous time in Hollywood taking acting classes to try and get in the movies. They both think they were bad at it. But the patter they did on this show and in their club act IS acting, and they were both good at it. They just had the wrong material in Hollywood (directors tried to make them cowboys) and bad management. I think both could have been actors if they had the right material and management.
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