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Lulu introducing the Everly Brothers7061

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Look what Craig found
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Great clip Craig. They are using one mike which I think was unusual then. I love their frilly shirts phase.

Lulu was on a family history programme here in ten U.K. A few weeks ago and still looks great.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Craig, great clip with a very smiley Phil.
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The Lulu's Back in Town Show 1968

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, OBE (born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie; 3 November 1948), best known by her stage name Lulu, is a Scottish singer, actress, and television personality who has been successful in the entertainment business since the 1960s and renowned for her powerful singing voice.

She is internationally identified, especially by North American audiences, with the song "To Sir with Love" from the film of the same name and with the title song to the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. In European countries, she is also widely known for her Eurovision Song Contest winning entry "Boom Bang-a-Bang", and in the UK for her 1964 hit "Shout", which was performed at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Lulu was given her own BBC1 TV series in 1968, which ran annually until 1975 under various titles including Lulu's Back in Town, Happening For Lulu, It's Lulu and Lulu. The series often featured resident guests and the dancers "Pans People"

The Everly Brothers sing with Lulu "Walk Right Back"

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Redhead1966 private msg quote post Address this user
They were both particularly sexy at this time of their lives. Sigh ....
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