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Johnny Cash/Everly Brothers Show 47013

ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
This is the Johnny Cash presents the Everly Brothers where Phil sings "Something". I feel sure George Harrison would be very pleased with how Phil sings it. Superb performance.

Also "Devoted to you" is fantastic, Phil's high voice comes through so well on this live performance of the song.

You can tell from all these shows that Phil was as accomplished at introducing/hosting as Don was. This is what we all missed from Phil as an Everly Brother. In my opinion Phil should have shared speaking on stage then maybe the Australian tour in 1971 the audience would not have wondered whether to laugh at some of Don's jokes or not. The audience were unsure if they should laugh or not during that concert, they looked uneasy. I have often wondered since, that if they shared speaking on stage then maybe things might have been different in those 1970-1971 years and who knows maybe they may not have split up then. All speculation I know.

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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
I really enjoyed this Chris. Phil's voice so distinctive during the songs. It is a puzzle as to why he stopped co-presenting. I have seen the Australian tour film and it is very difficult to watch. It is my opinion that Don was goading Phil to see if he could make him lose his temper. I always felt that the Knots Berry incident, Don finally managed to make Phil lose it and it was either smash his brother or his guitar. Thankfully it was the guitar and so not the embarrassment for Phil of an actual fight on stage. I am not wishing to criticise Don as he obviously was not in a happy place himself at that time and your nearest and dearest can be a target. We shall never know. Luckily they reconciled, buried their problem with each other and left us all these beautiful songs to soothe.
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rosiebarm2 private msg quote post Address this user
@Roxy @ChrisW good comments from both of you - that why I am so devoted to this site. We have such nice and polite fans here.

Phil and Don were so different in many ways, but natural for brothers

Just remember how Phil had to step in and take over the show there in England when Don was unable to continue or go on with the show.

and it was a childish and stupid thing, cut guess they were in their child moods when the guitar was smashed and Phil too off. Oh brothers can have their problems, but dont we all.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the recording Chris, I will have to listen later or I will get no chores done.

Roxy, the dialogue on those Australian shows and on The Everly Brothers Show album is in very dubious taste and I don't know if Don realised that it put him in a bad light with some fans and not just fans of Phil. I read somewhere that The Smothers Brothers used to do the same thing so perhaps they were advised to do a similar thing to become 'all round entertainers' but for me it doesn't work I'm afraid.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
This is from Wikipedia:

The Smothers Brothers are Thomas ("Tom" – born February 2, 1937) and Richard ("Dick" – born November 20, 1939), American singers, musicians, and comedians. The brothers' trademark double act was performing folk songs (Tommy on acoustic guitar, Dick on string bass), which usually led to arguments between the siblings. Tommy's signature line was, "Mom always liked you best!" Tommy (the elder of the two) acted "slow", and Dick, the straight man, acted "superior".

I don't know if they got on in real life though.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
The Australian 1971 concert does make me squirm, Phil nor the band members look too pleased either. Also the interview at the airport was difficult to watch. You can see they had quite a few problems.

Jane I love this particular clip because it has the song which I have been trying to get since it expired last year. "Something" a solo song from Phil. He gets it just right and it really suits his voice.

Devoted to you is very good too. They really should have been given a show of their own, sharing hosting like they do on these shows works and they should have done it more often, or even ALL of the time.
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Jane43 private msg quote post Address this user
Brenda Lee had such a fantastic voice.
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annefrances private msg quote post Address this user
Carol and I loved this show..Just loved Don in all his bucks and fringe...My kind of man
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
This is great Chris, but where oh where can I get Phil's 'Somewhere'
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Ann, the video link I posted at the top of this thread Johnny Cash summer replacement show by the Everly Brothers (show 4 Phil is singing the song "Something" by George Harrison.

Phil sings it at 20minutes 56 seconds into the video. This is the only place you will be able to hear it, as far as I know. I would love to hear from members who have those expensive box sets if Phil is on there singing the song.

I had a friend who knew of this song over a year ago, found it and posted it singularly - just the one song not on the full video. It expired and she hasn't done it again. I will send her the Johnny Cash link and ask if she can dissect this one song from the whole video.
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Liz58 private msg quote post Address this user
Chris, i don't have the box sets, but i had a look on the Brar Family records site, and i can't see it listed on the contents of any of the sets- a pity, because Phil sang it so well 👌
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Liz58 private msg quote post Address this user
BEAR family, it should have read
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Great shame, I would love to have a copy. He sings it so beautifully.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Chris for letting us hear the show and thank you Roxy and Jane for your opinions regarding Don's mocking behaviour to Phil on stage! I can't help feeling such behaviour on stage made more than myself wonder how Don behaved towards Phil behind the scenes!

Albert Lee has admitted Don would deliberately sing the wrong words and leave Phil floundering! Phil tried to keep the peace by keeping quiet, Albert tells us! I agree with Roxy's opinion, Phil was goaded by Don, badly, until Phil could take no more!

Terry Slater told how Phil phoned him after the last performance and sad rumpus on stage. Phil was very upset and poured his heart out to Terry! (It's on You Tube) A dutch Radio show in six parts, 2 parts on each recording! I've waded through it all! Plenty of characters in The Everly's life giving us a great insight! All these folk are speaking English! Plus a good number of narrative from both Don and Phil although they may or may not have know the other was involved!

Phil actually states he wrote the verses to 'Cathy's Clown' Since this is the case, Phil must have gifted the royalties to Don!
Don was, however first to come up with the Chorus 'Don't want your love......'. Don phoned Phil, played him the chorus, Phil thought it sounded great and went over to Don's place and finished the song!
I think I can tell you which tape and the time Phil is talking about this subject! I'm fairly sure I wrote it down!

Like every one on this forum, I love The Everly Brothers soooo much and I can't bear to think they had unfair treatment from their managements all wanting a chunk of the money! Such treatment as this has largely to be blamed for the frustration Don was suffering!
Brothers will be brothers and have fights and quarrels but usually if anyone else dares to come between them, as Phil's son Jason tells......"they'd be in trouble with his father". Hopefully, it worked the other way around too! xxx
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