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ASSOCIATED PRESS: Don Everly Receives 'Spiritual Message' At Phil's Passing

BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: Don Everly Comments on the Passing

The infighting and hard feelings between the Everly Brothers were well-known, but surviving brother Don felt he had a special moment with his brother Phil before Phil's passing Friday — even if the two weren't together at the time.

"I was listening to one of my favorite songs that Phil wrote and had an extreme emotional moment just before I got the news of his passing," Don Everly wrote in a statement to The Associated Press on Saturday morning. "I took that as a special spiritual message from Phil saying goodbye. Our love was and will always be deeper than any earthly differences we might have had."

Phil Everly died Friday at a hospital in Burbank, California from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 74.

The Everly Brothers were arguably the most influential vocal duo in music history. They brought their love of country music to rock 'n' roll in the 1950s and 1960s, transforming the pop charts of the day and inspiring legions of young proto rockers like the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Byrds who would go on to change popular culture.

Songs like "Bye Bye Love" and "Wake Up Little Susie" remain a shared memory for generations of listeners who were hooked by their deceptively simple harmonies that hid greater meaning in songs that were dark and new compared with the pop music of the day.

The two broke up amid quarrelling in 1973 after 16 years of hits, then reunited in 1983, "sealing it with a hug," Phil Everly said.

There was a heavy outpouring on social media following Phil Everly's death, proving The Everly Brothers remain relevant a half-century after their first hits.

Don Everly said he didn't expect to see the day his brother would pass.

"I loved my brother very much," the 76-year-old wrote. "I always thought I'd be the one to go first. ... The world might be mourning an Everly Brother, but I'm mourning my brother Phil Everly. My wife Adela and I are touched by all the tributes we're seeing for Phil and we thank you for allowing us to grieve in private at this incredibly difficult time."

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Don is right. So,we should let him and the families mourned Phil. And we, the fans should think of the greatness of both of them as a solo, and a duo act. May, the world finally see them in a new light.
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I am so sad
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I was sitting here at my computer last night when the shocking news came across the screen. Having grown up loving the Everly Brothers' music since 1957, I was saddened that Phil has left this life. I met Phil, only once and briefly, after their concert here in Baltimore in 1985. (Don was backstage taking care of packing up for their next show in Philadelphia, I think.) He very kindly signed a photo of him and Don and their good friend, Buddy Holly. Even though he was tired, Phil was very nice and patient with everyone that night. One of the good guys.

Prayers to Don and to Phil's family and to all in the Everly family in their time of mourning. May God bless them all.
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With Deepest Sympathies to you and your family,Don!
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To Don----words cant even begin to express my emotions and sadness. Having been on this site since it opened over 3 years ago, I have gotten to listen to so many beautiful songs and met so many fans all over the world.

You and Phil were my computer adopted brothers. Yes, I looked for everything I could fine on you and phil and edan and jason. You and Phil could do wrong - the two of you were perfect in my eyes. No, I am not a groupe, just a lover of good clean music.

Will always be thankful to hear the Everly music.
As it was told to me when my husband died few years ago, that he was just resting until I made the journey and that must be for Phil---just resting . You and Phil are more than brothers--you are spiritual souls. Baby boy Phil just waiting for his big brother. After all- you are the Everly brothers forever

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Don, I cannot possibly imagine what you must be feeling, but please know our most heartfelt condolences are with you and your family. The two of you touched my life in unexpected ways at an unexpected time in the early '80s, when I was a young adult, and I grew from that "meeting". Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. And, now, Phil's waiting on the other side, just beyond the door, and what a reunion he must be having with Ike! God bless, dear Don.
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Hard to find the words, but thank you Don and Phil for the many years of music and happiness, and the many new friends it brought me. My thoughts and prayers go to you and all your families.

Bob Isaac, UK
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bobnuttall private msg quote post Address this user
dear don
our thoughts are with you at this time
I have been a fan of you and phil since 1958
so you have become a big part of my life
so I can feel the hurt and the anger you feel when a loved one is taken away we the fans still have the wonder full music that you gave us the d v ds and the memories
have your private time
and I can not thank you enough for the music you gave us
R I P phil
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marib1940 private msg quote post Address this user
To Don,
You have always been a private person, and I respect that. We, the fans, just want you to know that we love you still. The pain I feel is nothing to what you are feeling, but we care about you. You and Phillip have been very special people, and an inspiration to us all.

You and your family are in my prayers. Bless you.
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Grammypy private msg quote post Address this user
Don: The Everly Brothers duo has been my favorite since I first heard the two of you sing way back in the 50s. Your songs fill my thoughts, memories, and heart. I am thankful for all the concerts I attended just to hear your beautiful harmonic voices. I'll cherish, for the rest of my life, the record albums I have with your signatures on it and all the music that has been such a huge part of my life. I am so very sad for your loss (and ours) and pray God will bless you and all your family with peace, comfort, and wonderful memories of the good times you shared.
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Joanviolet private msg quote post Address this user
Loved you both but had an extra soft spot for Phil, never forget your concert in Southport or my sketch you signed, you must be devastated Don to be torn apart like that, many condolences and sympathies to you and your family God Bless xxx
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coloradoeagle private msg quote post Address this user
To Phil's and Don’s families,
Phil is now singing with the Heavenly angels and with those who have gone before him. May God bless you all for your loss.
They say that music is the international language. Don, where ever you and Phil went you left memories. What a legacy you two created and have left for eternity. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and your music always will bring back such wonderful memories.
God’s peace be with you.
Betty Langenfeld, Bloomington, IL
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lalopz private msg quote post Address this user
Mr. Don Everly,

I have lost a brother myself so I understand your pain. I have no more words but a lot of love, respect and honor to you and your family. You are part of mine...
With lots of love from Mexico,
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ikw private msg quote post Address this user
My sympathies and prayers to Phil's family. I pray you are allowed the privacy you need at this time. The music lives on. Thank you for the gift of sharing your music.
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My deep condolences to the Family of Phillip Everly with the loss of his life. To his wife and sons, To his beloved brother Don Everly and Family and of course to his mother Margaret Everly too... She has over lived her son...
I am wishing them a lot of strength in this very difficult period...
He might have lose this battle from COPD, but he surely wins a place in heaven where he will be welcomed with his golden voice and songs.... We have lost Phil Everly on earth but he will go on singing in heaven...
I envy the heaven for this. We will miss him a lot on earth...

Goodbye Phil, we will never forget you.....
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To Don,
My sister and saw you several times at Fan Fair and one of the few times we saw The Everly Brothers you were so very kind to take us back to meet your brother. I always thought that was so very sweet of you. May God comfort you in this very sad time and hold you close. You will miss your brother always, but remember he is always close and he will always live in your heart til you meet again... My sister and I are very sad and you and all the Everly Family are in our thoughts and prayers...
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spirituallove private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Don and Family,

First I'd like to send all of you my deepest condolences and wish you all the strenght in this difficult time of greeve and mourning.

I'm Jolanda from the Netherlands and I did grew up with the music of the Everly Brothers since I was a kid at the age of three.First I'd only liked the music that I heared from the boys but, later when I did learned the language - I did loved them even more.

For me it was very sad news to hear from my daddy, the Everly's broke up their concerts in the late sixties. There would'nt be any concert where I could go to when I was more older. So I'd only could listen to their songs in time. But there was a big miracle or wonder that I heared on the radio in the 80's .... The Everly Brothers were together again and brought out their new single "On the Wings of an Nightingale". At that moment I did knew, they are comming to visit the Netherlands to promote their single. I was right, my dream became true - the Everly Brothers would be comming to Rotterdam Ahoy at the platen 10-daagse gala. Yes !!! Yes !!! As soon as I could I did tell about this great news to my sister and brother. We did get the tickets for that mini-concert and gave two of the tickets to my parents as a gift. That day in Ahoy was the most important day in our lifes about music-history. Other guests that gave performance that day such as: Rene Schuman and many others were not what we were waithing for... we did came for those great Everly Brothers. The two brothers were lost for a long time but they did came back!. It was a great day to all of us and gave a large banner with the text DON & PHIL WE LOVE YOU to give this to them both. And later we did buy their LP EB '84 at once as it came out. That was the first time I did saw The Everly's in the Netherlands and later also in Utrecht. The following records of those two great Everly's are also in my collection.

Right now I'm very sad and it's hard to believe that Phill is gone. But I do know his great voice will be heared forever 'cause he made countrymusic alive together with his brother Don.

I do end this whole story about the older days and years about the two great Everly Brothers.
I would like to do this with some titles of their songs that I do hear now every day since Phil passed away.
My special thanxxx to you dear Phil for your great voice and your beautiful music. Love you forever.

1. Stained Glass Morning
2. Snowflake Bombardier
3. A Wither Shade of Pale
4. On the Wings of a Nightingale
5. House of the Rising Sun
6. Kentucky
7. God Bless Older Ladies
8. Let it be Me (album Rare Solo Classics)
9. Price of Love
10. Love of The Common People

I'd like to send my deepest condoleances to all of you fans around the world too.

from: Jolanda Schippers - Bronkhorst The Netherands.

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To the families of Don and Phil Everly,

My heart felt condolences go out to Don Everly, his family, and the family of Phil Everly. No words can ever do justice to say how much The Everly Brothers influenced the world of music with their harmonies and their guitar playing.

I hate it that Phil will no longer be on this Earth, but I bet he is having a time talking to such people in music heaven as Buddy Holly, Elvis, Sam Cooke, but most of all, Mom and Dad Everly. I know that he is in Heaven.

In closing, I would like to borrow the words to a song you two recorded a few years ago called Paradise (Muhlenberg County), adding some words in the memory of Phil Everly.

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lalopz private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Mr. Don... I understand your pain and I am sorry that you are having to experience it now... I lost my brother too several years ago and he was my guardian, my life coach,... It was really hard for the whole family, especially my dad whom he is now with him.I hope that our love will make you feel somehow better each day. Every day I send my prayers to you and your family.
Love from Mexico,
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DianeG private msg quote post Address this user
God saw you getting tired ,
And a cure was not to be
So he wrapped his arms around you ,
And whispered 'Come to me'.
A Golden Voice stopped singing,
Your voice it needed rest,
God broke our Hearts to prove to us ,
He only takes the Best.

R.I.P Phil ,
You and Don have been part of my years since a teenager.
Saw you in Toronto there for many years, returning home to the UK bringing all your music back with us.

Special memories are with you too Don. Phil will always be in your heart. He sings with angels amd knows your love for him.
Thanks for the memories to the both of you

Poole Dorset UK
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Franmoore private msg quote post Address this user
To Don
My condolences are late as I had no idea about sites like these, nonetheless my deepest condolences to YOU, to your mother, to Phils boys, grandchildren, his wife and his extended family. Words are never enough at times like these, they can't convey how deeply one feels the pain of such a loss. I have read some of the heartfelt outpourings of your fans, and share their eloquent sympathies, we who have lost those closest to us can empathise, however your grief is your private pain, all who express their sympathies wish only for your well being at this very sad time. Phils glorious voice lives on in his solo work and the music he and you with your equally glorious voice made together.
Paris France
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kinzoels private msg quote post Address this user
The Everly Bros. were like two halves of a curtain, that when opened, revealed a world of beauty and grace....RIP Mr. Phil Everly, and take care of yourself Donald........
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everlyann private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Don & all of the Everlys,

I've been an avid, devoted fan of yours since the very first time I heard Bye Bye Love in 1957. I've been fortunate enough to meet Don and Phil 6 times in person and got their autographs
and had my pictures taken with them a number of times. Their sound has owned me since I was 11 yrs old; they are the best singers in the world. And the best-looking!

I cried for days following Phil's death. Don and all of your family, I am so sorry! Oh, Don, my grandparents bought me a guitar for my 12th birthday. I learned to play guitar, though not real well, because of my love for you two and the way you could make those guitars come alive. I still have that guitar.

Thank you for decades of uniquely gorgeous music - I'll adore you both for as long as I exist!!

Love forever,
Shirley DiRupo
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kbeane33 private msg quote post Address this user
That was a touching message you wrote about your brother. I have great respect for you don. you will be in the light of love and peace with your brother relaxing and enjoying being around every one but until that time keep rocking don . may love peace be with you and your family always . god bless you don. kevin
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Words are so inadequate to express the sadness everyone who loved the beautiful sound of the Everly Brothers in full song feels at the passing of Phil. His voice was so special and is now soaring somewhere else we all hope. Don, the elder brother, now carries the torch, but the fabulous sound of Phil and Don will live forever and remain as a wonderful legacy forever more! To Phil, who always seemed to be such a gentleman and also such a lovely person, you will never be forgotten and deepest condolences to Don and the whole Everly family.
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DeeDee private msg quote post Address this user
Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever with Phil's passing! He would have wanted to know that his brother's love was near him at the time of his passing and it sounds like he sent a message to Don as he slipped away I hope this brings a lot of peace to Don and he can rest assured that Phil's memory will live forever in the glorious sound they made together and individually!
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