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Silvana private msg quote post Address this user
I've been a fan since the 1980s when I was a young teenager. I picked their greatest hits album as an award and was mesmerized by it and them. I recently rediscovered them and was hoping to see them perform, but unfortunately that never happened. I offer my deepest condolences to the entire Everly family. What beautiful and wonderful people and musicians. The voices of angels. I love Phil and Don very much for the joy they brought me through their music and will always be grateful. And thank you for the memories posted. It's nice to hear all the amazing stories and thoughts.
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JaneG private msg quote post Address this user
hello I'm jane from Great Britain,
but all I can say is my condolence to all the everly family at this time.
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Roy private msg quote post Address this user
My deep condolences to the Family of Phillip Everly with the loss of his life. To his wife and sons, To his beloved brother Don Everly and Family and of course to his mother Margaret Everly too... She has over lived her son...
I am wishing them a lot of strength in this very difficult period...
He might have lose this battle from COPD, but he surely wins a place in heaven where he will be welcomed with his golden voice and songs.... We have lost Phil Everly on earth but he will go on singing in heaven...
I envy the heaven for this. We will miss him a lot on earth...

Goodbye Phil, we will never forget you.....
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BatesCreek48 private msg quote post Address this user
The first time I heard them sing I was blown away as a young boy. I always wanted hair like Don and Phil had. This is when I first started playing guitar. I got to see them at the Valley Forge Theater in PA. Great show. It will be a long time before there is another act that can equal these guys. As Bob Hope said " Thanks for the memories."

Look forward to seeing you on the other side Phil. I want to hear you tell the stories about early Rock n Roll. You will be missed.
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lanasunshine private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest sympathy to the Everly family. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. May God bless each and every one of you with comfort and beautiful memories.
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raymo private msg quote post Address this user
I love the Everly Brothers music and it's wonderful memories. It remains so much apart of our lives. You're always in our minds. Always in our hearts. You gave so much pleasure to people and for that I will always be grateful to you.
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MsFrances private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere condolences to Phil's family...I had the pleasure of seeing Phil and Don perform in Waterbury, Ct...It was one of the best and memorable moments in my life. It took me about 3 weeks to come down from the high I was on after seeing them perform..Phil's voice was so beautiful, and together with Don...they were awesome! ."Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow" Author Unknown. Special thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with you and your family during this time of sorrow.
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Kyrti private msg quote post Address this user
Some more condolences from all over the world. Rest in peace, Phil, and thank you for the music!
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FIM private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the music. RIP Phil Everly.
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JSmeets private msg quote post Address this user
Rest in peace Phil. My big condolences to his family.

As a big fan of the Everly Brothers I was given the change to organize a concert with them back in 1972 in Sittard, The Netherlands.

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JennyGroen private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere condolences to the Everly family.
Rest in peace Phil. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories the Everly Brothers' music still gives me after all these years. My most favorite song is "When Will I Be Loved." Still get goosebumps from this song.
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ANTONI private msg quote post Address this user
What a loss. The Everly Bros. They're my age.
I was born 1938. My music made by the Everly Brothers.
Of course sincere condolences for the family.
I myself feel sick. This was not the news I'm waiting for.

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Aspire private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Everybody
It's almost two weeks and there has no minute passed I don't think of the sad loss of my favorite Phil. I have an original photo together burning a little candle every day. This is my way trying to accept that Phil is gone. A part of my youth and my life has gone too. But I am very gratefull we have still the music of Don and Phil and this will give a permanent place in my heart. Karin the Netherlands
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Aspire,

You are so correct. I am not happy at all that Phil is not here on this Earth, anymore. I don't like that. "He" (and Don, of course) was more than just part of a Pop duo....he was at the birth of Rock n' know, the music that was just a "temporary fad" and was going to 'die out in a couple of years.' 1957 and on...Dick Clark's American Bandstand..I was in the TV studio sitting on the bleacher seats and Rock was taking off and The Everly Brothers practically started it on their own and the rest is history. I saw them, I met them, I talked with them, albeit briefly, there were always people around them after the show(s) but, they were gentlemen...friendly and gracious. In those Steel Pier Atlantic City, NJ auditoriums sitting out above the waves, the audiences were spellbound. I was there. Don & Phil "hook" you. They "capture" you. Ricky Nelson played the week after they did. Every music act since has copied The Everly Brothers...........period.
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Stacey private msg quote post Address this user
@craiglhope were there when it all started! It must have been the best time ever.Youre so lucky to have those memories.
Stacey..UK xx
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
From 13 years old, 1956 to 18 years old in 1961 and onward...Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Don & Phil...Don was very, very nice the last time and signed record album covers....I absolutely didn't want to bother him but, he was very nice about it. I even got to kind of stand close by them right before their introduction and they went on-stage. They are real professionals. Dick Clark liked them and the West Philadelphia American Bandstand kids loved them and clapped along. Hard to describe. Ya' had to be there to feel it and live it but, that's true of any era. But, time marches on, for better or, worse. Thanks for your comments, Stacey and best wishes to you.

Thanks, Craig
P.S. My Father came over to America in 1930 from London. My Hope line is from Ramsgate, Kent and my Father was born in Dalhousie, India while my Grandfather was serving there and my Grandmother was Alice Mary Craig from Scotland.
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Lee private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Craig,

The Hopes of Ramsgate, Kent go back many centuries. If you haven't researched your family tree, you might enjoy doing so. There was a Percy Hope, born in Thanet registration district, the district for Ramgate, in 1891, a John Hope who was a master peruke maker ( he had his own business making wigs) in 1760 and numerous other Hopes.

I understand that the Everlies' ancestors were of English origin too. So you're in good company.
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craiglhope private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Lee,

Thanks for your kind response and, as a matter of fact, I do have a lot of the Hope genealogy lines info from Ramsgate. I've been using Achievements, Ltd. and Everly's are probably of English, Scotch-Irish background I'm sure. That's why they sing those ballads from hundreds of years ago, so incredibly well. Appalachian heritage, etc. It's in the genes, plus Father Ike was excellent.

Best, Craig
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PaulieC43 private msg quote post Address this user
So sad to hear of this. Everyday I go to you tube and listen.
My heart goes out to the Family.
I don't believe they ever made it to NH.
Anyway we will miss you.
I had a Jukebox in my Dad'a restaurant and had all the 45's of the Everly's.
Thoughts are with you all.
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JoeyP private msg quote post Address this user
I’ve loved the Everly Brothers for nearly my whole life – from the moment my Mum and Dad took me to one of their concerts here in the UK, probably in the late 80’s or early 90’s, and they sang Let it Be Me. I remember it being totally spine tingling and beautiful. Afterwards I searched out everything we had at home by the Everly Brothers, and I found on VHS the BBC documentary from the early 80’s. After watching that I was totally hooked

I remember my teenage years listening obsessively to the Everly’s, especially the 2 RCA albums from the 70’s, when all my friends were listening to New Kids on the Block, Take That or Guns ‘n’ Roses. I just couldn’t get enough of their harmonies. I so looked forward to going to the live concerts that we went to every couple of years through the 90’s, and the last tour in 2005.

I suppose that’s why I’m so upset about Phil dying – the Everly Brothers have been such as major part of my life, and the thought that we’ll never hear those beautiful harmonies, and Phil’s beautiful voice again just seems so wrong. I feel like a member of my family has died.

I’m glad that Phil seemed to have been contented in his retirement, and I hope he and Don were able to have some sort of normal brotherly relationship in the last few years (including the normal ups and downs!).

The Everly Brothers have given me so much pleasure over the years, so I just wanted to say thank you to his family for letting us share Phil with you – it sounds like he was a lovely man.
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Stacey private msg quote post Address this user
@JoeyP what a lovely post. I went through the same as you by the sounds of it. Playing the old 45's whilst my friends listened to the latest tunes. I can still remember hearing their voices for the first was 'Temptation' and I just instantly fell in Everly love!! When you've grown up with it it's a shock when it's gone although the music will be around forever.
Stacey UK xx
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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
I am so pleased new generations of folks can love the sounds of Everly Brother and can be captivated by those unique voices the first time they are heard. Thank you young people for making me happy at that thought!!
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Brendach46 private msg quote post Address this user
Yes it is nice to know the young ones are appreciating their music. I have two daughters in their forties and I am afraid only one likes the EBs, never mind at least one does
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gad026 private msg quote post Address this user
I would just like to say how much my family and I have loved the Everly Brothers' music through the years. I've been upset since hearing about Phil Everly's passing, but, it's very comforting to see the outpouring of affection from all over the world. Thank you to both Phil and Don for all the wonderful music. Rest in peace, Phil.
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Jarno76 private msg quote post Address this user
Dentistdrills on my eardrumms shouting "Lucille". Such nice harmonies with so pure songs. Starting from my youth all the way to adulthood the Everlies always joined me on where I was and how I was. Now, so deeply missed. Dear Phil thank you for all the music you gave us!
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nickicarm private msg quote post Address this user
So sad… have not stopped thinking about the tragic loss of Phil Everly and would like to extend heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and forever fans.

I was already a fan as a young teen, when my parents took me and my brother to Freedomland. We stayed for both fabulous shows. The brothers' music has forever placed on my soundtrack of life and will continue to do so.

Thanks, Don and Phil. Rest in peace, Phil.
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KimWhalen private msg quote post Address this user
I've loved you for years and was so sad to hear you had died. It's your 75th birthday today and I'm thinking of you. You always seemed in good spirits and like a kind and respectable man. The world, not just the world of music, but the whole world lost a beautiful man when you died. Your wonderful voice and outlook on life always brightened my day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. At least we have so much of your music to console us.

It is my habit to memorialize someone of such great influence through a poem. I can't think of a better place to share it than here among other fans.

Pure was the voice of the man who sang
High was the register at which it rang
Impish was the grin, crooked on the star
Left-handed was the man who strummed the guitar

Endearing, and with his heart on his sleeve
Vainly, we had hoped he would never leave
Eternalized by his part in rock 'n' roll
Reflected by artists reflecting his soul
Living through music as long as it plays
Yes, he'll outlive his life by infinite days
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JLVanMeter private msg quote post Address this user
I have enjoyed your music since the early 1960's. I am deeply saddened by Phil's passing. Phil and I shared the same birth date. I feel I have known the Everly's my whole life. May God bless you and Heaven has gained such a great soul.
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Rosielewsey private msg quote post Address this user
The best rendition ever heard.
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angel private msg quote post Address this user
now you're a january butterfly in heaven
thankx PHIL for all those beautiful music!!
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