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clickable textLike lots people today, I have a blog. Allow me to say, in part, what I blogged: I have listened to Everly Brothers music since I was in the craddle. I'm a second generation fan. What a high standard they set. To think: Phil Everly is no longer with us ... there are no words. It's a day many of us didn't want to come. My deepest sympathies to those who will miss him the most, his dear family. His memory and music will live on forever in his family, friends and fans. We love you, Phil!
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darrenvidler1966 private msg quote post Address this user
what a tragedy to the family and to the world of music.we'll miss you thank you for all you gave Phil you were certainly one of the greats. i can imagine singing up in heaven with Gene Vincent Bo Diddley The Platters and others
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marjanne private msg quote post Address this user
My Condolences to his Family and friends and fans. R.I.P. Phil
Marjanne from THE NETHERLANDS.
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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest condolences to the surviving Everlys and to all the fans.
Sorry to join the site because of such sad news, but I’ve tried not to join on-line groups in order to have better control of my time. However, as you can see from my old photo of the days of Op-Art (where I’m playing my Everly Bros. Gibson w/J-200 fret-board and bridge), I too have belonged to the legion of musicians influenced by the duo since the 60s, and just had to share my grief with you all.
Thank you for the company.
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Dear Everly family,

I was so saddened to hear of your tremendous loss. Rest in peace, Phil. You were not only an awesome musician but also an amazing gentleman. Heaven just acquired a very talented angel voice. I hope to hear your sweet voice again one day.
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Roy private msg quote post Address this user
My deep condolences to the Family of Phillip Everly with the loss of his life. To his wife and sons, To his beloved brother Don Everly and Family and of course to his mother Margaret Everly too... She has over lived her son...
I am wishing them a lot of strength in this very difficult period...
He might have lose this battle from COPD, but he surely wins a place in heaven where he will be welcomed with his golden voice and songs.... We have lost Phil Everly on earth but he will go on singing in heaven...
I envy the heaven for this. We will miss him a lot on earth...

Goodbye Phil, we will never forget you.....
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Stefanie private msg quote post Address this user
So, so sorry for your loss. Phil will be tremendously missed by his friends, fans and most of all his family. My sincere condolences to the Everly family, Phil was loved by so many and life will never be the same without his beautiful voice. Heaven has a special angel. Love you Phil.
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judylongislandny private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest sympathies to the Everly family in the loss of Phil Everly. He was a music icon. I discovered the Everly Brothers around 1969 when I discovered "the oldies", I was 12. I started buying every album I could find. Their voices are amazing & unsurpassed. I still can't believe that Phil is gone. :'(
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carson2008 private msg quote post Address this user
Don and Phil, thank you for your music and memories. I was drawn to you beyond your talent. After much contemplation I know why, it was your kind and gentle spirits which came thru your music and being. Such quality and class will be sorely missed. I love you both and wish you an eternity of joy, happiness and music in heaven. I hope to meet you in person there. A devoted fan.
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gfc private msg quote post Address this user
When I was 7 my mother bought me an album Folks Songs by the Everly Brothers.I fell in love with the high harmony and practiced daily trying to harmonize like the Everly Brothers.At the time I didn't know who sang the high harmony.Phil didn't know it but he taught me how to sing.I am for ever greatful for that,as I sang harmony in a classic rock band.My wife and I were devastated at the news of Phil's passing.Our sincere condolences to the Everly family.Thanks to Ike,Phil and Don for all the beautiful music.We will cherish it for the rest of our lives.Regrets,Joe and Sharon.
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Well, this certainly ruined my Friday night. Just checking email before retiring. I could sense something wasn't too good from Phil's "Silent Night" video, even though it was from a year ago. I'm starting to get teary-eyed. Phil (and Don, of course) were/are part of my teenage life and it never ended. All started for me in the Springtime of 1957. No duo has ever sung like The Everly Brothers. Thanks for the concerts at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City with long, loud applause from all ages in the audience and in the balconies. I heard the young girl behind me tell her Father, "Boy, they are good! Let's see them again!" Thanks for talking to me and signing autographs on record covers for a moment at the back of The Robin Hood Dell music theater in West Philadelphia. Phil, you and Don were always cordial and friendly. Now, I am starting to cry. Maybe, you and Don don't really know how much and how deeply you have effected people......I've never typed anything like this before to anyone. We know that there is a heaven and an afterlife for all of eternity and that this is but a brief separation, You can help the angels harmonize as you did in our pre-existence. Thanks, ol' friend, even though we only spoke for a brief moment and you would not be expected to even remember it but, it made me feel wonderful. This year is not starting off good but, thank you so, so much for all that you did and will continue to do. We'll all meet again one day and just sit back and continue to listen.

With love and best wishes to all Everly families, Craig Hope
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phileverly private msg quote post Address this user
My heartfelt thoughts & prayers are with the family of Phil Everly-especially brother Don, wife, Patti & sons, & his loving Mother, Margaret. I had a fan club for the Everly Brothers in the late 50's & as a result I received pictures, etc to send to my members, etc. I had several girls I corresponded with & 1 from Germany came to the United States & she stayed with my family for 2 weeks. She loved American cheese. They didn't have it in Germany. My parents took me to the Montgomery County fair to see them & I cried all the way home cause I was so happy I got to see them. The president of the National Fan Club phoned me one summer, but I was on a family vacation. She wanted to meet me as she was in my town. She sent me a letter to tell me how sorry she was to have missed me, but not as sorry as me. Her name was Susan Rose (I think this might have been a fictitious name. I also saw them several years ago at Kings Island. I still have all of their 45's & albums. Their songs are unforgettable & I love listening to them. I had the biggest crush on Phil I remember. He was so cute. So was Don, but Phil was special to me. I was so upset when I heard of his passing. He is truly a legend in his time & I can't wait to see him some day & hear him sing to me. He has no COPD now, but he will be sorely missed by everyone.
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Elvis private msg quote post Address this user
Phil Everly was an amazing musician and a generous man. I was shocked to hear of his passing the other day, but I think he lived a very fulfilled life. Look at how many people he touched through his songs! I am glad he can finally take his well-deserved rest now.

This poem means a great deal to me and comforted me during difficult times. I hope the Everly family will feel the same way about it as I do:

Miss me, but let me go

When I come to the end of the road,
And the sun has set for me,
I want no rites in a gloom filled room
Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little - but not for long.
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that once we shared.
Miss me, but let me go.
For this is a journey we must all take,
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the master plan,
A step on the road to home.
When you are lonely and sick at heart,
Go to the friends we know,
Laugh at all the things we used to do.
Miss me, but let me go.

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angelie_sev private msg quote post Address this user
I am absolutely devastated with the news. Phil, Don, his family, friends, acquaintances, and fans from all over the world will always be in my prayers and thoughts. Gosh, I can't even begin to say how much he and Don have changed my whole perspective about music and life in general. When I first joined this fansite, I was 16... and even though I'm 19 now, I'll never forget the kind people I've met over here who tried to make this young fan comfortable. Phil had the most beautiful voice--his harmonies inspired many great musicians. Of course, he had a beautiful heart as well. Even though I never got to see them live or witness their talent as a 1960s teenager, I can proudly say that my teen years as a 2000s kid was still amazing because of those two boys (thank you, Youtube haha). RIP Phil--God has gained another angelic voice in His choir. I'm sure heaven sounds beautiful.
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Wolf private msg quote post Address this user
I've been dreading this sad day of Phil's passing. Even though it was inevitable, it's still overwhelmingly sad. Like so many others posting on this board, I too have my favorite memories of the greatest duo the world has ever known. Growing in rural Va, I used to beg my mother to "bring me back an EB" song. .which she usually did. Pretty soon I had a stack of Cadence 45s with songs ranging from "Wake up Little Suzy" to "Cathys Clown". They cost a quarter a song. As a teenager I can fondly remember putting nickels into nickelodiums while romancing my gf at the little town pharmacy. Those harmonies were so incredibly beautiful. The Everly brothers defined my youth.

I've read every post and it amazes me just HOW many people these two men touched with their music around the world. Even more impressive is the number of venues they played . I was fortunate to catch them live in Atlanta and LA during the reunion tour of '84, then every other year at Chastain Park amphitheater in Atlanta. They never failed to put on a marvelous show. Voices like angels. Don's baritone balanced with Phil's superfluous tenor in perfect harmony. Yet, it was a performance at a small north Ga fair that allowed me to actually speak to both Don and Phil. This place was so far removed from the big stages and yet, there they were. Treating the crowd. Ever gracious with their time, they had so much class and grace. It was the only time in my life that I actually asked for an autograph. Both men obliged. Phil couldn't have been nicer.

A part of us dies when our heroes do. But for all the music that Phil and Don gave the world, how can you be sad for long? They made everyone around them feel the essence of music. I know Phil's wife and children are so proud of him. In their time of sorrow, I hope they can take comfort in knowing just how much he and Don meant to the world.

The memories. The concerts. And the videos. Seeing Phil's hair flying in a restored '57 Chevy, driving the back roads with Paul McCartney perfectly penned song-- "On the Wings of a Nightingale" in the background never fails to move me. The perfect song. Watching Phil interacting with his brother singing "Why Worry" with Chet Atkins and Mark Knophler playing behind them brings tears to my eyes. You can see the love and admiration both have for one another. That one song epitomizes my appreciation for these incredible performers. Here's hoping that Phil's wonderful, beautiful voice is now performing in heaven's greatest band.

Thank you Phil. You will never be forgotten. Your legacy is complete. Your music changed so many lives. .including mine. We are forever grateful.

Michael Wolf
Knoxville, Tn.
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leahhill private msg quote post Address this user
To the entire Everly Family, you have all my thoughts and prayers and my deepest and sincere sympathies!!! Thank you for the magic and the immensely wonderful music, Don and Phil. You are awesome in every scene of the word. Rest in Peace and Love Dear Phil.
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CarolynCardiff private msg quote post Address this user
Such a sad, sad time for all the Everly family - my heart goes out to all of them.

My heart also goes out to my fellow fans - our grief is painful and universal, but is as nothing to what Don and other members of Phil's family must be feeling.

They say time is a healer - it's not - time is an adjuster - we will never get over the loss but we will learn how to cope with it.

God Bless Phil - sweet dreams

Carolyn in Cardiff
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Shenchamber private msg quote post Address this user
Shenandoah, IA is morning the loss of it's singing legend, Phil Everly. Memorials are being placed at the Everly childhood home here in Shenandoah. We dreamed of having Phil and Don visit this home museum. We still hope that Don and children of both can visit one day. We all have very fond memories of the homecoming concert here in 1986 and many have memories of the Everly Family performing here on live radio in the 1940's and 50's. Rest in Peace Phil. Your music makes us proud.
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beatlegeo private msg quote post Address this user
"So Sad To Watch Good Love Go----" I truly ache for all of the Everly's loss. Part of me has passed on as well, and I'm sure I stand not alone in that! At 67 now, I'm still bangin out tunes in a Beatle trib duet, kinda like a couple of other "blokes" who called themselves the "Nerc(k?)twins". Though it may for now be "Bye-Bye Love", I'm pretty sure that with the Christian up-bringing Brother Phil received, I have peace in believing that I'll be seeing him again, and T H I S time un-interupted! Wow, what a "JAM" that'll be!! God richly bless you all durring this most difficult time, you are not ALONE! bg
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DekeRivers private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest condolences to Phil's family, brother Don, and the whole Everly clan as well as all the fans. Such a huge loss to the world. So grateful for all the wonderful music over the decades. Thanks Phil, see you when I get there...
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Bill_Danforth private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest condolences to the Everly Family.
About a dozen years ago, when I was on the Shenandoah, Iowa School Board, I had the privilege of presenting Phil and Don with a pair of Shenandoah H. S. letter jackets. We wanted to thank The Boys for establishing The Everly Brothers Foundation, which has helped numerous Shenandoah students better achieve their musical and artistic dreams.
We met The Brothers back stage prior to their memorable performance before the National School Board Convention. After friendly introductions, we reminisced about growing up in Shenandoah, a circumstance that I share with them. We brought along some High School Annuals and we all looked and laughed over old photographs which brought back many, many memories. Both of The Brothers were warm, unpretentious, and generous with their time with us. Eventually, I presented them with the letter jackets by saying, “We wanted to thank you both for establishing The Everly Brothers Foundation… I’m sure, however, that you have plenty of plaques and certificates. So… Phil, Don, I know you are charter members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but congratulations, you’ve now lettered in band.” Their eyes got as big as saucers and they joyously put on the jackets. They looked great!
It was obvious that The Boys were stuck deeply and sincerely by a small town gesture of thanks, and the warmth of a lifelong connection to their home town of Shenandoah, Iowa. It is a moment I shall cherish all of my life.
Thank you to both the past and present members of the Everly Family for not only producing a pair of musical legends, but a gracious pair of true gentlemen.
Bill Danforth,
Shenandoah, Iowa

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Harris48 private msg quote post Address this user
Always loved these guys. Lucky enough to see them during their reunion tour at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.. 1983ish I believe. "So Sad"
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cdwebb private msg quote post Address this user
My name is Clive Webb. I'm a 50-year old Everlys fan from Worcester in England. I can't express how sad I was to hear the news about Phil. Don and Phil have created so much pleasure with the beautiful sound of their voices - both together and as solo singers. I've listened to and loved their music since discovering them as a teenager in the late 70s.
Although I've been lucky enough to see the Everlys in concert several times, most recently in 2005, I've regularly checked online in the hope that they might be coming to the UK one last time.
I would like to offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to the whole Everly family - but especially Phil's mum Margaret, his wife Patti and of course Don.

With much love,

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Bill_Danforth private msg quote post Address this user
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patorrstretch private msg quote post Address this user
As we all get older and people pass on from our era, some are family, some are friends and some are just ordinary people or celebraties who have added something special to your life.The Everly brothers were special, me and my teenage friends were always singing there songs and they always bring back happy carefree memories. So sad for Don and the rest of the family.The music will live on. R.I.P. Phil xxx
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lonelyllama007 private msg quote post Address this user
To the Everly family; I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Please take away some consolation in the fact that your family, perhaps never more than now, consists literally of millions upon millions whose hearts ache along with yours. I can scarcely remember a time when the voices of The Everlys weren't there to add to the beauty that is life. Thank you, Phil and Don, for being a huge part of the soundtracks of our lives. Phil, you will be sorely missed.
Ken Dixon
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lalopz private msg quote post Address this user
Dear everyone... it is very touching to read how the Everly´s music has helped all of us with first dances, marriage proposals, surviving the pain after the loss of a loved one...

Anyway... some months ago when I was planning to go to the reunion (which unfortunately I could not make it) I had a beautiful dream where I actually met Don and Phil. They were quite young and had their nice suits on. They were sitting on the cases of their guitars. Don was nice but quiet and Phil was joking with me and tried to make me less nervous by having a nice conversation. I was mute in my dream because I was so thrilled to meet them. It was short but sweet.

When I read Jason´s article: I cried because the way he describes him is the way that he was in my dream... I may have not met him in person but, in a way, I did and he made my dream come true...

Ever since I was a kid I wished I was a teenager back in those days and so it is a pleasure to be a part of this community.

God bless the Everly family...

Love for you all,
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JAG private msg quote post Address this user
I grew up and still in Shenandoah, IA, where Don and Phil began their musicals careers, thanks to their parents Ike and Margaret Everly. In fact, I grew up on 6th Avenue, just 3 blocks east of where they lived in Shenandoah. That house on 6th where they lived for a time is now located on the west side of the town's museum. Much work has gone in to renovating the home, and it's available for public viewing.
Back in the late 80's, while working at KMA Radio in Shenandoah, where the Everly's were live radio entertainers, I had the privilege of going to Lincoln, NE, for their concert at the NE State Fair. This concert was of course a few years after their Shenandoah Homecoming Concert.
Being an employee of KMA radio I was granted before the show access to Phil's dressing room. A few seconds after I entered, Don came in. Before beginning the interview, which was recorded, I said that I was extremely nervous. Phil said "Relax. We're all from the same hometown!" The genuine sound of his voice and the fact he said it, put me at ease.
Many celebrities 'pretend'' to appreciate their fans, but Phil and Don, their appreciation wasn't an act. It was genuine. It was Iowa bred. Phil and Don spent their formative years growing up in Shenandoah. I was shocked to learn that Phil had passed on Friday, Jan., 3rd. I kept hoping that Phil would return to Shenandoah to see his renovated childhood home. It even has the original beds the boys slept in! Though I'm considerably younger than Phil and Don (I'm 55), I found a deep appreciation for their music when I was in my early teens.
Friday, Jan. 3rd will always be a sad day for myself and all of Phil's fans, and Everly Bros fans. Another "Day the Music Died". Rest In Peace Phil Everly! You're already missed by millions! And thank you Don for being his loving brother and getting the Everly Brothers Reunited!
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Chris private msg quote post Address this user
My thoughts have been confirmed to the World Wide respect Phil has had! I can only hope his family and friends will guide this site to continue the friendship, conversation and discovery of new bits of facts of the Great man we knew as Phil Everly!
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Annebgood private msg quote post Address this user
It's hurts.
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