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lejeune1945 private msg quote post Address this user
One heartbroken Englishman.
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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
Another Englishman here with a broken heart too my friend
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Joanviolet private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere condolences to a legend, you will be missed Phil, you were my favourite Everly, I told you so and I meant it, you kissed me on the cheek for that and loved my sketch of which both of you signed the back of frame, I'll never forget you God Bless, RIP dear Phil xxxx
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Chris private msg quote post Address this user
Over a year ago..I found this site and posted my memory of my most favorite concert. From that time, til now, I have met and got to chat with some incredible Everly fans! The history of the Everly's is staggering! I was fortunate enough to meet Phil. He was a TOTAL gentleman! I was fortunate enough to meet Edan, at the 1st annual get together! He was a TOTAL gentleman! I hope....Edan, and the Everly family, will help us continue our love for Phil and Don!
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marib1940 private msg quote post Address this user
I just can't stop crying. God bless you and keep you, Phil. We all love you so much. We all lost something special with your passing. My heart is broken.
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billmurray private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Chris,
It is so comforting to read and recall the memories of the get together. Who would have thought that we would be here with this feeling of severe loss that just seems to deepen as time passes. I hope I can snap out of it but right now I can't turn my mind to anything. It was great to meet you and I will make every effort to return to Kentucky and Tennessee to renew these friendships and celebrate Don and Phil and let their family know that the fans will never forget them, ever.
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Dragonfly private msg quote post Address this user
Heaven has gained another angel with a beautiful voice. RIP Phil. My condolences to Don and all of Phil's family. Thank God we will always have the music, and that beautiful harmony.
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lalopz private msg quote post Address this user
Hello...I have no words to describe the sadness that I felt when I heard about the news. Yet, I know that Mr. Phil is feeling no more pain. I always wanted to meet him and tell him how he helped me to go through my father's loss. Yet, I feel a lot better now that I prayed for him and know that my father will be singing with him along with all the other angels. My true condolences to the Everly family. I hope that the love that you have for each other make your days a little bit better.
Love from Mexico,
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chugaerlan private msg quote post Address this user
Laura, my darling, you don't know how happy I am to see that you are back with us ... welcome back, dear ... I truly missed you ...
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Joanviolet private msg quote post Address this user
Thankyou Bill Murray and Chris, it was such a privilege to meet Phil
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Speck333 private msg quote post Address this user
Having grown up to the sound of my Dad's Everlys LP, I discovered Don and Phil 'properly' for myself at the age of 13, after watching the wonderful Reunion Concert - many times over! A massive crush on Phil followed - despite him being 30 years older than me! I was lucky enough to see Don and Phil about ten times in concert in the UK after that, every time they visited. Some of my best times, some of my greatest memories. I met Don briefly, but never Phil, something I shall always regret. I can't imagine a world without two Everly Brothers. My life has been massively enriched over many years by the joy of your music. Love you both forever and send all my deepest condolences and warm thoughts to Don and all of Phil's family and close friends. Rest in peace and rise in glory. Xxx
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rhonaewen private msg quote post Address this user
The Everly Brothers have brought me so much pleasure over the years. Whenever possible I went to see them live in the UK and their version of Dream will always be one of my favorites. So sad to hear of Phil's death but one thing that will never die is the music Don and Phil created together. Rest in peace Phil, wherever you are and THANKS
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Marcpharaoh private msg quote post Address this user
I can't stop thinking about the passing of Phil.I am one of there biggest fans and to think they won't be singing together again is almost unbearable.My thoughts go to all his family and especially to Don.Phil will always be with you Don,you were together for such a long time you became part of each other.God Bless you and thanks for the pleasure you have given us (and are still giving us) I will leave you in peace now for you to get on with your grieving.Love you lots Marc Pharaoh xx
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MartinSundland private msg quote post Address this user
I fondly remember learning the Everlys' songs from my friend's mom (she was the church organist).She bought the sheet music and "tried" to teach us the harmonies.In grade 5 up in Thunder Bay , Canada, my buddy and I would sing those songs in 1958, out of the cloakroom at the back of the classroom because we were too shy to stand in front of the other kids.What wonderful memories those two brothers gave us-forever.Deepest condolences to Don and the rest of the family.Thanks for some of the best singing ever!
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noel1225 private msg quote post Address this user
Phil - Semper Fi and my deepest sympathy to Don. May Phil's voice fill the heavens for all times
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lolalulubell private msg quote post Address this user
sincere sympathy to entire Everly family. Don our thoughts

and prayers are with you and yours.
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maxine425 private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere condolences to the entire Everly family. I just cannot believe he's gone myself. I loved the sound of Don and Phil's voices together. There has been and will never be anything like it. I have been lucky to have gone to many concerts to hear them sing for which I am so greatful. I was also lucky enough to meet and know Phil from attending concerts. He was always so friendly, witty and engaging. We had some chats about music, education, stocks, cars etc. I'd like to think Phil is singing in heaven with his dad. I know my dad will be listening and enjoying them sing. Bless Phil. Bless the Everly family.
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piedmonte23 private msg quote post Address this user
My thoughts and prayers are with the Everly family on Phil's passing. I just found out today at work. Like the rest of you, I am heartbroken. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to find Phil's home address in Tennessee. I wrote him a letter, and sent it along with a picture of the Brothers and asked him to sign it. He graciously did so, and I received it back within a week. Words cannot describe how much it means to me. Thank-you for everything Mr. Everly. I will never forget you.
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herman private msg quote post Address this user
My name is Herman and I am American from far away land in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. I am a huge fan of Everly Brothers since I was 8 years old, listening to my brother's record. I am especially touched by the song Love hurts. It was the most beautiful song and lyrics I ever heard in my life. Your perfect harmony of duet was simply unbelieveable. Except for Simon and Garfunkel in the Sound of silence, I never heard again such beautiful duet in my life. I wish I can meet you in person. Now I have to see Don

Goodbye dear Phil. God is with you. My condolence to Phil's family and also to Don Everly

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gringojaap private msg quote post Address this user
we have so many good memories of phil everly.
we met him several times during the homecomings in central city. such a nice man and so friendly. we do love the everly brothers since the fifties and we still love them.
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roybolton private msg quote post Address this user
My prayers are with the Everly family their loss is huge. Your pain will be almost too much to bare but time will soften the blow we will remember Phil as our inspiration for our musical heritage .Don is also in our thoughts at this time . You and Phil were our heroes and always will be
God bless you all
Roy foreverly yours
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lalopz private msg quote post Address this user
Herman, Love Hurts is very personal to me because is the last song my dad requested to listen before he passed away.
I am eternally greatful for that with Mr. Phil and Mr. Don.
Now my dad is quite lucky to share a piece of heaven with his favorite musician, poet, artist, man.
My most caring and warm thoughts for the Everly family.

p.s. thank you Chu.
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ikw private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere sympathies to Phil's family. I love your music - and grateful it lives on. Your music blessed many. Thank you for sharing your talent.
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rolrex private msg quote post Address this user
I took a chance after seeing Phil and Don at the Apollo Manchester, they were great and had Graham Nash and Albert Lee with them, was with my wife and we went to the stage door after the show. Got lucky and met Phil and had pics and autograph. He simply had so much time for everyone a real lovely man. I recall they both had their own bus parked ready, but we missed Don. My own favourite song is It,s My Time, Phil's time now, my regards and thanks
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grandmabear private msg quote post Address this user
my sincere Condolences to the family i grew up listing to the Everly brothers I loved them Phil will be dearly missed but he will live in in their wonderful music
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debra_turner private msg quote post Address this user
clickable textLike lots people today, I have a blog. Allow me to say, in part, what I blogged: I have listened to Everly Brothers music since I was in the craddle. I'm a second generation fan. What a high standard they set. To think: Phil Everly is no longer with us ... there are no words. It's a day many of us didn't want to come. My deepest sympathies to those who will miss him the most, his dear family. His memory and music will live on forever in his family, friends and fans. We love you, Phil!
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darrenvidler1966 private msg quote post Address this user
what a tragedy to the family and to the world of music.we'll miss you thank you for all you gave Phil you were certainly one of the greats. i can imagine singing up in heaven with Gene Vincent Bo Diddley The Platters and others
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marjanne private msg quote post Address this user
My Condolences to his Family and friends and fans. R.I.P. Phil
Marjanne from THE NETHERLANDS.
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RicardoAPriori private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest condolences to the surviving Everlys and to all the fans.
Sorry to join the site because of such sad news, but I’ve tried not to join on-line groups in order to have better control of my time. However, as you can see from my old photo of the days of Op-Art (where I’m playing my Everly Bros. Gibson w/J-200 fret-board and bridge), I too have belonged to the legion of musicians influenced by the duo since the 60s, and just had to share my grief with you all.
Thank you for the company.
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pollypsych private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Everly family,

I was so saddened to hear of your tremendous loss. Rest in peace, Phil. You were not only an awesome musician but also an amazing gentleman. Heaven just acquired a very talented angel voice. I hope to hear your sweet voice again one day.
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