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I was lucky enough to see The Boys in concert on several occasions in the Uk over the years, having been a lifelong fan since the 60's.
I've always called them "The Boys" a tradition now carried on by the rest of my family.
I also managed to see them at one of their Homecoming Concerts in Central City a few years back, such a fabulous experience especially talking to Don afterwards, sadly missed Phil.
We stayed at The Everly Hotel at Lake Malone and had the wonderful pleasure of helping them both unload their cars when they arrived!They were both with their wives and we went with them all to the country store opposite the hotel later in the afternoon.
They were both so friendly and down to earth, it's a memory I will always treasure.
Later, they both signed our friend's guitar after chatting to us before they left for the concert and my small son helped to carry food to there private party later that evening.
We visited the site a few years later after the fire, it was such a shame to see it in ruins but their were lots of things in the ashes and I spent an hour or so in the scorching heat looking around and came home with a suitcase full of souvenir's!
Once when talking to Phil after a concert I congratulated him on such a great show and with that wonderful voice of his he replied "Thank you Ma'am" it was so lovely I would have paid him to say it again!
Phil's passing was heartbreaking and I will never forget the moment I heard the news. May it be a lesson to anyone who smokes! I listen every day to their music and Phil's harmony is true perfection, I still marvel at every note.He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. A true talent sadly taken too soon.
I am so grateful for the concerts I saw, sadly couldn't make The Reunion as I was 9 months pregnant at the time and couldn't travel but my memories will last for a lifetime. Phil will be forever missed but his music lives on.
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Howdy donandphilfan, What a wonderful message you wrote. So true and insightful. Thank you! "They were both so friendly and down to earth." That's exactly what I encountered, also, a few times. They took time to talk! Phil was one heck of a guy. Talent galore, polite, smiled,......alas.
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I followed the everly brothers music which I thoroughly enjoy! I took a very much liking for Phil! He seemed so personable and caring!I was very saddened to hear of his passing, but listen to the music almost every day! I love let it be me! I still follow the history of the everly brothers!
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