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Hello all,

Let's make this is sticky thread to stay at the top of the forum site, to leave all of our love, prayers, condolences, and thoughts for Phil's family and loved ones on this terribly painful day.

Thank you.

-Admin. (Tree)



Phil Everly, Half of Pioneer Rock Duo, Dies at 74
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Condolences to the entire Everly family on this sad, sad day.
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chugaerlan private msg quote post Address this user
Prayers and Masses will be offred for the repose of the soul of Phillip Everly ... and also for the welfare and well-being of the family left behind ... wife Patti, mother Margaret, brother Donald, sons Jason and Christopher and grandchildren.
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Julie99 private msg quote post Address this user
All our love, thoughts, and prayers for the entire Everly family. A special prayer for Don. Thanks for all the music and memories. The wonderful chance meetings with your fans. We love and will miss you. The world is a sadder place without you, Phil
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rosiebarm private msg quote post Address this user
To Patti, Jason, Chris, Mrs margaret, and all family members, and of course Don---- am so sorry for your loss tonight--Phil gave to this world his talented voice. From baby boy Phil to the man he was, he and Don gave to this world, songs that can never ever be as great as they were. Am still in a state of shock. It hurts to lose , he was a member of all the fans all over.He was like a brother to me.

My prayers go out to all the family--both his personal family and also to the family all over the world that got to know Phil and his music. God Bless and I am sure that on a quiet day or night, we can hear him singing with the angels.

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jatg61 private msg quote post Address this user
My deepest condolences to Patti, Jason, Chris, Margaret, Don, and family and friends. Phil's gift helped shaped popular culture, and his legacy will endure not only in his recordings but in the souls of the listeners, famous and not-so-famous, who were touched by that heavenly voice.
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riverhts private msg quote post Address this user
We lost a music hero but Jason and Chris lost a dad. Edan lost his uncle. Don lost his little brother. Margaret lost a son. We are all devasted but we cannot begin to feel how they are feeling. Please lift them all up in prayer tonight. I pray for peace and rest. Love you all.
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a1aconch private msg quote post Address this user
My condolences to the entire Everly family on your loss. You are all in my thoughts and my prayers. We lost a music legend. He will be missed by all that he touched with his amazing talent. Thank you Phil.
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Bev private msg quote post Address this user
The world as it has been since I was a girl will not be quite the same. When I think of Phil Everly, I like to picture him in his beautiful old home, perhaps on the back porch...strumming and singing. I am so very happy I had the opportunity to meet Phil and Don. It will always be one of the highlights of my life! The Everly boys brought so much pure musical perfection with their sweet, heartfelt tones. Their harmony was like clear, shining crystals singing. My heart is so sad, and my soul is hurting for all his family.

Goodnight forever, Phil Everly...singer extraordinaire.

Beverly Sullivan
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
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Brendach46 private msg quote post Address this user
I send my heartfelt condolences to all the Everly Family especially Patti Margaret and Don. We will miss you dearest Phil.
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Grammypy private msg quote post Address this user
The Everly Brothers voices were like silk floating in the breeze. Their songs touched each of us in countless ways! There will be millions of us who will miss Phil and his beautiful harmony with Don, and will remember him all the days of our lives. My deep heartfelt sympathy goes out to Phil, Don, and their families. May God bless all of you with peace, comfort, and beautiful memories of Phil and all he was and did. Rest in peace, dear Phil. I hope to see you again some day where you will surely be singing with the angels!
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Gerry private msg quote post Address this user
As from August 1960 The Everly Brothers are a part of my life and since then I only bought music from this very great duo. I played their music when I had to make my homework for school. My enthusiasm for their music went that far that I became editor of the magazine "Our Stars" of the Dutch Everly Brothers Fan Club founded in July 1959 by Henk Koster and one of the boys next-door. This was a very, very nice time! During the next 50 years when I played music 95% of the time was filled with their fabulous close-harmony singing whether I felt happy or sad - it always gave me a positive input. I attended quite some live performances in Holland (unfortunately not the Reunion in London in 1983 which I still very much regret) and the last tour through the UK in November 2005.
Many thanks Phil for the very good and nice music you and your brother Don gave to the world - R.I.P. and of course my sincere condoleances to all of the Everly family and friends -
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billmurray private msg quote post Address this user
Condolences to Patti, Don and all the Everly family.
To Phil, your music will live in our hearts and minds forever and it also influenced our souls - greatly. We will never forget you for as long as we live. Your family (extended) shows us the importance of family and how precious it is. I am grateful for the fact that I have always loved your music and had the chance to hear so much of it. The lights in Kentucky and Tennessee will be dimmed tonight and fans the world over (millions of them) will feel sadness in their hearts.
Vale Phil.
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BOBW private msg quote post Address this user
R.I.P. and of course my sincere condoleances to all of the Everly family and friends -

bob UK
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clarky.50 private msg quote post Address this user
All my prayers are going to all the everly family. We have and PHILS family have lost one of the worlds best. Thank you PHIL for your time with us shame GOD whanted you back with him so you can sing with his angels the way you sang for all of us GONE BUT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN rest xxx
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SuzieQ private msg quote post Address this user
Dear Phil. R.i.p. Love you forever.

I was born in Amsterdam in 1964 and grew up with the music of The Everly Brothers.
My sincere condolences to the entire Everly family,all the fans and friends.
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BillThibault private msg quote post Address this user
I was shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of one half of the most phenomenal duos of American music History. As a child, Their songs were my lullabies at night. About ten years ago, I picked up a copy of their greatest hits from Warner Bros and remembered the great songs I hadn't heard in years-Ebony Eyes, Devoted to you, etc. I downloaded the tribute album "Foreverly" which brought them back to the forefront in 2013. God bless you as you grieve, you are not alone!
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RoyUK private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Phil for all the wonderful music which I have treasured since 1958 when you and Don first came to the UK. Rest in Peace and Condolences to Don and all the Everly family.
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swanny43 private msg quote post Address this user
Hello from Holland ,
I heard the sad news through our news channels.
My sincere codolences to the entire Everly family, to all the fans and friends,my special thoughts are with Margaret Everly!!
Thank you Phil for your music,RIP
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Rosielewsey private msg quote post Address this user
Some Sweet Day. I will play it all day today. I have been voting for them in the way suggested, maybe now America will wake up and realise what they have lost. And the rest of the world too
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MeFloody private msg quote post Address this user
Today I lost a lifelong friend. Rest in peace Phil. My deepest sympathy and yet my eternal gratitude to your family, for all they did for us.

My Love and respect forever.

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cindy private msg quote post Address this user
Such sad news. Your music was a great part of my teen years and have always enjoyed it. May you rest in peace Phil.
Sincere condolences to the Everley Family.
Cindy (UK)
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christinebovill private msg quote post Address this user
The Everly Brothers provided the soundtrack to my life.Songs Our Daddy Taught Us feels part of my DNA. I saw them five times in concert here in Scotland. They hugely influenced my own songwriting and musical tastes. I am heart broken at the news of Phil's passing. May Don and Phil's his own family find strength at this time. Their music provided me with the greatest joy, and the greatest comfort when I needed it. Forever Everly. xxx
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gnag150flow private msg quote post Address this user
My sincere condolences to all of the Everly family. Thank you Phil for your music. R.I.P.
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noahwayne private msg quote post Address this user
My idol, inspiration and hero. In a state of shock this morning.. RIP Peace Phil - a sad, sad day..
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Richard1943 private msg quote post Address this user
So Sad.

The sound of my life.

The best concert I ever attended was The Reunion Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1983. A magical evening with Don & Phil backed by the finest band you could imagine.

Rest in Peace, Phil - may your soul be carried On the Wings of a Nightingale.
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CathysClown private msg quote post Address this user
I am so sad to hear of the passing of Phil as are the MANY British Everly Brothers’ fans. God bless you Phil and thank you for your part in all the enormous amount of brilliant songs that you and Don performed together and have given us which will be with us to enjoy forever.

They were such a big part of my life and still are. Unfortunately I never saw them appear on stage but there have not been many days when I have not played their vinyl records, cassettes, cds and then dvds. Their songs have given me so much pleasure throughout my life and still do. I love them all but in particular: Crying in the Rain, Bye Bye Love, Cathy’s Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, etc, etc. I could go on and on!! They also had a big influence and were an inspiration to other artists who became famous in the late 50s/60s.

Such a sad day but what a brilliant music legacy Phil has left. His and Don's music will be played forever. There has never been a duo who can harmonise as well as Don and Phil did, and never will be! Gold Radio in England are playing their tracks in between the other songs all day today as a tribute to Phil. This shows how much he was thought of and respected in Britain, as they both were; also in so many other countries.

Thinking of you Phil, ALL of the family and, in particular, Don, who must be heartbroken. RIP Phil and thank you again – you will never be forgotten. xxxxxxxxx
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TriciaLW private msg quote post Address this user
I feel such sadness today. My condolences go out to Phil's family for losing their loved one. The world has lost an angelic singer and performer who, with his brother Don, influenced so many pop, country and rock and roll artists - the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, the Byrds, Graham Nash. I was too young when the Everly Brothers first recorded and first heard their hits as oldies. I remember seeing on TV during the summer filling in for Johnny Cash's show. In the 1980s when they reunited, I rediscovered their music. I saw their incredible live performances in Atlantic City, Palm Springs, and at the Birchmere and Wolf Trap in Virginia and bought their albums and CDs. I am blessed to have met Phil after their show at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA and talked with him for about an hour. He was sweet, honest, kind, and trusting. And adorable in his black turtleneck and slacks. He was arguably the best harmony singer who ever lived. Thank you Phil for sharing your talent with the world. You will always remain in our hearts.
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mavjohn private msg quote post Address this user
My wife and I was devastated with the tragic news.We did our courting to Phil and Don.We have been married 55 years now and whenever we hear any of their music we are transported to our youth. When they visited the United Kingdom we went and watched them twice. A unique sound two unique lads never to be bettered or replaced. I wish the family strength through this sad time and our thoughts are with you all. A million thank you's for the pleasure you brought to us.
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AussieEVERLY1960 private msg quote post Address this user
Like Everybody else,I'm greatly saddened by Phil's passing, he was part of the "Greatest' Rock'n'Roll duo of all time,singer, songwriter,gentleman,wonderful father to Jason & Christopher,Loving husband of Patti,musical icon and loyal and supportive friend!!! I had the pleasure of Meeting him on several occasions as the Australian Fan Club President and he was always Friendly, Respectful and generous with his Time, a "Class Act"!!!! He Will Be Greatly missed!!! He & Don have left an eternal legacy of Music, his memory will live on forever!!! Rest In Peace Phil and Thankyou for being YOU!!!!! My Sincere Condolences to Patti,Jason,Chris,Margaret, Don and all of the Everly family.....Every Everly Brothers Fan around the world will be in mourning today!!!....... Tasso Matheas, Melbourne, Australia.
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