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***PLEASE LEAVE PHIL CONDOLENCES HERE*** Admin 264 1 monthdonandphilfan (108): Hard to believe it's five years since dear Phil died, time really does go too quickly. Wonderful memories of a true gentleman, sadly missed not only today but every day.
About Us / History Of This Site Tree 77 6 monthsChrisW (8662): Welcome Darren. Good to have another guy on this site. 😊
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 9 10 monthsDeeDee (2223): Fabulous! The Twin Towers...just so, so poignant! I was in New York the year after it happened and couldn't bear to go down to the site of so much destruction and heartache! How some people can stoop this low just baffles me!! We all have such a short time on this Earth and it could be filled with beauty and brotherly love instead of hate and dogma! People, be kind!!!
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 42 10 monthsDeeDee (2223): Gosh! As a newby to this site it is so interesting to find out about all the difficulties that the Everlys and their fans have had with unscrupulous people trying to hijack things but I suppose it was ever thus? So nice to know this site is run by and for the true fans! I only joined at the beginning of April 2018 but have enjoyed the whole experience so far and it's so great to "meet" other fans of Phil and Don's and know that we all...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 30 10 monthsDeeDee (2223): Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 1 yearMeFloody (7100): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 5 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
Everly Brothers sing 5 Songs in Italian bert 9 10 hoursRedhead1966 (3108): DeeDee - I lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 5 years. Zurich is the German speaking part of that country. Many was the time that people accidentally spit on others while speaking the language. It truly is guttural and makes one spit from time to time!
Recording, recording, recording..... bert 7 10 hourscuddles (1262): hi i take it you know how to do it thanks peter
Happy Valentine's Day Liz58 37 11 hoursDeeDee (2223): This sounds like a very complex game!! Will click on some hearts and see what happens! Happy [belated] Valentine's Day to everyone!!! Love the photo of the Everly childhood home in the snow! So sweet! [Just popped back to edit this as I clicked on a heart and it works!!! Not on a Mac so seems OK on a Windows PC too!]
Great Memories bert 10 11 hoursDeeDee (2223): Great photos Bert and so much interesting info to accompany them!! Do you still run the Gibson Everly guitar owners thing? I have a guitar I could register if so? Mrs Everly certainly is a classy lady! Lovely photos of her as well as her boys!! I hope you still enjoy playing your Steinegger Everly guitar? It's a little piece of history isn't it? My Ike Everly guitar is my most precious possession! As I will never be able to meet the fabulous...
New to the forum. Jesley 42 2 daysJesley (20): @Liz58 thank you very much. Yes age is no barrier when you have good taste in common 😎 I will definitely stick around and I am looking forward to learning and seeing more about the guys.
Everly songs used in films Liz58 13 3 daysKDF (213): The majority of the movie “Cocktail” was filmed in Toronto. They used a tavern and just off Danforth Avenue and dressed it all up inside and out and a soundstage in Toronto for other filming They also filmed down down in the “islands”. They used to film lots of movies in Toronto and recreate them as being filmed in the US. I think apart from the US$ to the Canadian$ conversion rate which made it viable and cost effective to film in...
Happy Birthday In Heaven Phil bert 20 4 days7bexbex7 (209): Yep, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PHILLIP . Love TERRY X 🎶🎸😊
Heide Ploen Marty 20 6 daysDeeDee (2223): Gosh! Interesting stuff! Why can't people just admire and enjoy brief encounters with their heroes if they are lucky enough to meet and spend time with them as people like you Kathy have done? It must be so, so hard for stars when they acquire obsessive fans who follow them about and pop up in inappropriate ways!! Sounds like a re-run of fatal attraction only without the bunny or the knife or the affair!!! Poor Phil, he obviously tried to handle...
Another one from Sharona666 Liz58 12 7 daysRedhead1966 (3108): Sharona - That is so beautiful! I love Don clean shaven, scruffy and with a full beard! He was so perfectly gorgeous. There really is no other male rock star or celebrity back in that time period that surpassed Don's beauty. One or two may have come close, but none surpassed.
Let it be me Phil from film flipped Joyb 9 10 dayscolorado3 (163): Phils voice singing this is perfection ,it is so gorgeous ,beautiful ,wonderful and awesome ,the most exquisite voice and song in the world sung by the most beautiful ,gorgeous gentle man in the world .l have this on cd by the boys Solo Album which is awesome ,l highly recommend it ,this is the first song on it and it tears my heart out and l cry all the way through it l love Phil with all my heart and always will ,he is in my prayers every...
Poor Jenny Liz58 4 12 daysAnnmary (1902): Thanks Liz, very nice to hear the chat.
Sorry I've been quiet recently DarrenGreenwood 10 13 daysRoxy (1965): Darren, you are not alone. Sending you warm wishes for a return soon to a happier place, xx
Happy 82nd Birthday lovely Don Kathyc 35 13 dayscuddles (1262): happy birthday don peter
Sad passing of Harold Bradley Albert 6 15 daysJudyc13 (696): @Albert Oh, sorry,Albert! So used to seeing Albert Lee on here, I thought it was him. (You mean there’s another Albert?) Note to self: pay attention! Thanks again for interesting post
Helpless When You're Gone by Don bert 8 15 daysDeeDee (2223): Very nice song from Don! Always hearing things that are new to me! Hooray for this great forum!!
Happy Birthday Don Everly Immortal Jukebox Thomhickey 9 15 daysDeeDee (2223): Kentucky...FABULOUS, SUBLIME,EMOTIVE AND EMOTIONAL, JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!
The fifties bert 9 18 dayscraiglhope (6481): Yes, and as you say, different experiences. and yet we are all equal in our deep appreciation of The Everly Brothers. Bert is many levels "above me", if it was some kind of contest, for example, and yet, we are all 100% in our deep interest and enjoyment of "Everly0ology. Thanks, once again, DeeDee and stay warm wherever you are, seeing as it is getting colder and colder over here!
"I just Know" written by Phil and Karg Bros. bert 8 19 daysDeeDee (2223): Gorgeous tribute to a very special man!! What a sad loss to the world!! Thank you Bert for this lovely post! I hope your health is on the up-swing and also your wife's too by the way?
Don and Burton Cummings Jane43 13 19 daysDeeDee (2223): I can confirm that the videos above date from post the Reunion Concert as Don is playing his first Steinegger Everly guitar Phil commissioned the first 2 guitars in 1982 and they were first used at the reunion concert! Don's was number 2 and had the addition of the white purfling round the headstock that was not on Phil's number 1 guitar but Phil decided it would look better with this and had it added on the second guitar made for Don! Neither...
Early Everly photo?? Joyb 14 22 daysDeeDee (2223): Always interesting how some detective work from knowledgeable members of the forum can clear up all those little mysteries!! Thanks Kathy for that info! Great documentary [thanks Chris for the link!] but I can't think how the programme makers could miss out Don and Phil's HUGE contribution! They even extensively mention the farming families listening to early morning radio when the Everlys of course had their family programmes on the air over...
Human Race Joyb 9 23 daysAnnmary (1902): Something a bit different, very nice. Great pictures.
Don and Phil, interview and tribute , mid 60s Liz58 15 26 daysKDF (213): Somewhere in a deep recess of my brain I think I had heard that but could not bring it to mind when I submitted this so thanks for that Redhead1966 KDF
New interview from 1984 Liz58 13 27 daysAnnmary (1902): Thanks liz, a great intervue. The boys so relaxed.
Harmonies from Heaven Joyb 9 29 daysDeeDee (2223): Watched the programme on TV last night [even though I do have the DVD] It's great to see all those famous musicians recognising their debt to Don and Phil! Also good that the BBC shows their Everly archive material from time to time as it lets new people see and enjoy our boys and their wonderful music and maybe creates some new fans too?
Lake Tahoe concert Nov 1984 DeeDee 5 29 daysDeeDee (2223): Interesting info Kathy! I think on the tape Don says they are singing songs they didn't usually do!! I don't know if that was the case? You have heard way more of their songs etc than I have so I am always coming across things I haven't heard before!!
Vinyl Book - Owners' Workshop Manual ChrisW 4 1 monthDeeDee (2223): Good tip Chris! I will look this one up, thanks!
Phil Everly Bill medley Brian Wilson Joyb 15 1 monthMarty (717): I like the EB version. I’ve never heard it. Don’s having a lot of fun and that really comes across!
Everly Concert in Australia 1971 DeeDee 4 1 monthDeeDee (2223): Ooooh Marty, you are naughty!!!
Rent a granny Kathyc 15 1 monthDeeDee (2223): As we will sadly never see Don and Phil again playing live, these tribute shows are as good as it gets and will hopefully introduce some new people to the Everly Brothers back catalogue whilst giving long time fans an evening of nostalgia as they hear all their favourites one more time!
Boston concert 1995 ChrisW 26 1 monthChrisW (8662): In the 1970's a new type of club was around a night club which would serve table meals. There was hardly much choice but they were known as "Chicken in a Basket". The new night clubs rising up around my area was Batley Variety Club (which the EB's appeared at) "The Fiesta" in Sheffield, "Wakefield Theatre club". I never had a meal when I went to these clubs, all the waitresses came to your table, they were walking...
January Butterfly BobbyBri 7 1 monthAnnmary (1902): Just lovely!!
Remembering Phil today Sharon 20 1 monthAnnmary (1902): Great song and lovely pictures.
Some photo's to remember Phil bert 24 1 monthMarion (552): So wonderful for fans to read the happy and loving stories of Phil by people who personally knew him. Hope Phil’s family and friends read all the comments as well, he is very missed by so many. Fortunately we still have all the amazing music.
Happy 2019 bert 21 1 monthChrisW (8662): ForEverly yours Sharon. ❤️
5 years without Phil Liz58 14 2 monthsMarieLuluSibenik (144): :heart:
Good Hearted Woman in love with a good timing man DeeDee 1 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): Just watched this song video and although it is so well sung it does look like there is quite a bit of strain between Don and Phil who never look at each other throughout the entire song Particularly Don who stares straight ahead right through it! I guess from the guitars and the hair/clothes style that this is from the early '70's just before they split up! Body language says more than words it seems!
A Prairie Home Companion-Music III ChrisW 8 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): What a great clip! really enjoyed it! I'm not familiar with A Prairie Home Companion [strange title}] but looks like everyone was having fun! Phil and Don certainly livened up the proceedings!
Happy Christmas Mrs Everly DeeDee 10 2 monthsMarion (552): Just spotted your great photo with the Everly ornaments. Very nicely done, an Everly Christmas and Everly museum feel to it.
everly bro oldrosie 10 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): I so agree with you Redhead! Usually Phil adds very good and pertinent comments to any of the documentaries about the brothers so it's strange that they couldn't have waited for his input on this one! Also I also agree with Phil's comment that people's reactions once someone becomes famous changes! Many times it is so cringeworthy to see how people are stars truck to the point of imbecility when they happen upon someone "famous"! They...
Merry Christmas from the Everly Company bert 15 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): When did Phil record that poignant rendition of Silent Night? So lovely! I always think his solos are so soulful and this one with his voice sounding much more mature is no exception! Just really lovely!! He is sadly missed!
Prairie Home Companion Part 1V The Music ChrisW 10 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): Thanks for that info Chris Always get the answers on this forum!!!! I can always check out the guitars for a vague date but that is only that post '83 they will be the Steinegger models but nice to get the definitive answer!!
You're Just What I Was Looking For. Annmary 7 2 monthsDeeDee (2223): A new one on me too! It does have a sort of dreamy, hazy quality of some of the pop songs of that time! Interesting that it is by Goffin and King! Got to be an earlyish date as Carole King and Jerry Goffin split up when they were both quite young ?? So interesting that things still pitch up from the boys that few have heard!