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***PLEASE LEAVE PHIL CONDOLENCES HERE*** Admin 259 2 monthscraiglhope (6252): Hi Rodenbe53, What a great memory and prized possession with those autographs! Wonderful. Yep, like you, I became 'hooked' in 1957, 1958, 1959 and haven't looked back. 13, 14, 15 years old right in the prime teenage years, Dick Clark's American Bandstand in West Philadelphia....attended a show once...small dance floor, lots of bright lights, TV cameras all over, bleacher seats, pretty girls, but being the chicken liver that I was, I sat in...
About Us / History Of This Site Tree 77 3 monthsChrisW (7887): Welcome Darren. Good to have another guy on this site. 😊
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 9 7 monthsDeeDee (1815): Fabulous! The Twin Towers...just so, so poignant! I was in New York the year after it happened and couldn't bear to go down to the site of so much destruction and heartache! How some people can stoop this low just baffles me!! We all have such a short time on this Earth and it could be filled with beauty and brotherly love instead of hate and dogma! People, be kind!!!
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 42 7 monthsDeeDee (1815): Gosh! As a newby to this site it is so interesting to find out about all the difficulties that the Everlys and their fans have had with unscrupulous people trying to hijack things but I suppose it was ever thus? So nice to know this site is run by and for the true fans! I only joined at the beginning of April 2018 but have enjoyed the whole experience so far and it's so great to "meet" other fans of Phil and Don's and know that we all...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 30 7 monthsDeeDee (1815): Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 11 monthsMeFloody (6813): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 4 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
A happy memory to share Kathyc 13 7 minutesEver1yfan (90): Or Today
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGARET EVERLY bert 2 3 hoursDeeDee (1815): Lovely photos Bert! I started another thread to wish Mgt a Very Happy Birthday Please tell her to look,if she can as quite a few people have posted good wishes there Hope she enjoyed your serenade? She is a lovely lady and we all wish her health and happiness on her special day
Happy Birthday Margaret Everly DeeDee 15 3 hoursSharon (735): So sweet! Thanks Chris.
DON SUES PHIL'S FAMILY rosiebarm2 31 7 hoursMeFloody (6813): I find this whole subject hurtful. I believe this is much more to do with wife's rather than Brothers
Royal Albert Hall reunion Sharon 22 20 hoursChrisW (7887): @7bexbex7 So pleased you are joining in with comments Terry. We would never have known that. These photos that Sharon managed to purchase are some fantastic ones most of which we have not seen.
Margaret Everly's Birthday MarieLuluSibenik 26 22 hourscuddles (1116): HI ANNE FRANCES THANKS FOR YOUR HELP PETER
Duane Eddy on Radio 2 talks about Phil & Don ChrisW 15 2 daysDeeDee (1815): Still can't listen to the interview Does anyone know how to listen without having to join something first? It sounds like it is so poignant and interesting!
Homecoming Concerts ChrisW 88 2 daysDeeDee (1815): I have never heard of Mr Prine or his songs so enjoyed this post very much!
Harmonies From Heaven bert 6 2 daysDeeDee (1815): Super programme and all praise for Phil and Don is so richly deserved! Harmonies from [and in] Heaven I am sure Phil is still singing somewhere! If only he was still with us to sing so gloriously here again!
Phil and Cliff, I'll mend your broken heart Liz58 15 2 daysEver1yfan (90): Lovely, thanks,
We keep on Rockin —-!!! Cheers Terry Slater 7bexbex7 11 2 daysLizzieB (14271): Great Photos . Thank you Terry.
Wildfire in California MeFloody 68 3 daysMarion (330): Praying for all affected. What has happened is horrific. I agree with you Rosie, I think to myself at times we are living at the start of the ending of this world.
A-Ha on The One Show Kathyc 9 3 daysBobbyBri (3312): Morten Harket's close personal bond with the Everly Brothers, especially with Phil, is reflected in the words he found after Phil's passing away: "From the musical legacy of the Everly Brothers we knew growing up in Norway, to the personal encounters with Phil and Don around the world many years later…from the beautiful guitars they generously gave us for Xmas one year in the late 80s, to ‘crying in the rain’ – the song we recorded...
So Sad, in 2 languages Liz58 4 5 daysKathyc (2271): My single of Buona Fortuna Amore Mio is record no. WB 1012 it has Bird Dog on the flip, but that is in English. Also I received at the same time in Italian La Luna E Un Pallido Sole with a flip of Non Mi Resti Che Tu - WB 1009. My sleeve says I received it from Italy on 25th May 1965. I have the German ones on singles and an EP The Everly Brothers in Deutschland that was recorded 1963 and the singles in 1965 at least that was when I got them. I...
The Rum Runner ChrisW 6 5 daysKathyc (2271): Yes it was the Redcaps Jane.
Parting songs Judyc13 31 8 daysMarion (330): Perhaps Don’s favorite song or the idea for writing the song that Phil wrote was discussed in length or possibly recorded in studio B and he felt closer to Phil there after learning of Phil’s passing while listening to the song. I am sure the memories were comforting for Don and he felt a closeness to Phil whatever the reason he went to the studio. I personally think the song may have been “When Will I Be Loved”. It is a very touching...
Love of the common people bert 29 9 daysRedhead1966 (2820): Liz58 - Agree 100%! People have to be told or reminded that the Everlys had so much more to offer the world than a handful of songs recorded in the 1950's.
Sir Peter Blake Mural masterpiece MeFloody 30 11 daysJudyc13 (465): @Kathyc No, had never heard that Don painted. Do we know what, what media, and are any saved for posterity?
Question for KathyC Marty 31 11 daysMarty (588): @7bexbex7 Thanks for the insight, Terry. I never considered it before but of course, a chance for them to catch their breath as well as connect with the audience.
Sing Me Back Home , Live Liz58 16 12 daysDeeDee (1815): Just came back to listen to this haunting gorgeous song again!! Sigh...just perfect!!!
2 songs Don appeared on ChrisW 8 12 daysDeeDee (1815): Very odd songs and I can't say I could pick Don out at all! I guess he was just doing the band a favour but those songs did no favours for Don!!!
Last tour - UK 2005 ChrisW 28 12 daysDeeDee (1815): Fabulous, fabulous stuff!! Thank you everyone for all the interesting info in this post! As far as Phil's health goes he was still singing in 2005 so I am sure he was fine at the reunion show! It may be that he had that excess sweating thing but he coped with that and the sounds coming out of his [smoker's] lungs were sublime so we must be thankful that he sounded so wonderful and continued with his career until well after many singers do! the...
Everly Brothers last performance date? Liz58 36 12 daysMeFloody (6813): I have only just caught up on this post. Kathy you are a Star :) and how kind of Phil to think of you :heart:
Duane Eddy at the Palladium & Bridgewater Hall 2018 ChrisW 10 13 daysChrisW (7887): The sound inside Bridgewater Hall was superb, better than the video clip. The Hall was originally built for classical music so maybe that is why it sounded so good. All the musicians were amazing. I have a few photos but they are not playing ball at the moment!!! I will post them as soon as I can.
THINKIN’ ‘BOUT YOU BobbyBri 6 13 daysDeeDee (1815): Great harmonies as ever Have recently got my hands on Born Yesterday as an LP It's full of great tracks These boys were just so, so talented!
Love of Dogs Joyb 18 18 dayscraiglhope (6252): Wow, good woman. Had neighbors who took their teenage son on a ride through a run-down, nasty, town....just about the whole town / area, and from the back seat of the car, he saw "his future" if he continued to horse around and not do anything constructive in school, etc. 15 can be a miserable age. The man who was an M.D. and his mother said that when we pass on, unless you 'get your act together', this is where you will probably wind...
Everly Brothers Experience coming to Connecticut Redhead1966 6 19 daysJeanroberts (2628): I saw The Wilson Brothers too DeeDee! The show itself needs a lot more money throwing at it! The brothers need a better make over and a real good copy of the Everly's tuxedos! It has the makings of an excellent show! If only I could have stopped thinking how much I wanted it all to be the real thing. No two will ever rise to half that we have been so fortunate to have seen, when watching the real thing! However, the Wilson brothers...
COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME annefrances 13 21 daysDeeDee (1815): Fabulous post annefrancis! Great to see the photos of the surrounding area too! It's one of the places on my bucket list! Wonder if I will ever make it there? You lucky people who live stateside!!!
Albert Lee to play with Edan MeFloody 6 24 daysDeeDee (1815): Sad to hear that the Buddy Holly festival might be the last! We should cherish and revere the greats of Rock 'n Roll forever! Without them we wouldn't have had all the great music of the last few decades that is for sure! I do hope we see some footage of Albert and Edan when they play together! Sounds like a fun night is in store!
Cliff's tribute to the Everly Brothers, 2018 Liz58 9 24 daysDeeDee (1815): A nice tribute from Cliff but of course he had a hit with Phil back a few years with She means nothing to me, so always was in sync with Everly style harmonies!
Chet Atkins - A Life in Music. Documentary. (Don talks) Roxy 6 24 daysDeeDee (1815): Wow Roxy! What a great link! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole documentary on Chet Atkins As well as being such a superb guitarist he was a superb human being too and it was lovely to hear Don Everly, Mark Knopfler, Dolly Parton, Tommy Emmanual, George Benson and so many others singing his praises. After such a poor beginning great to see the photos of him with Presidents Bush and Reagan too! A nice little section on the early Everly connection also....
Duane arrived in UK on the red carpet 17th October 2018 ChrisW 10 24 daysChrisW (7887): Duane at this year's NAMM show, answering questions. https://
We keep on Rockin!!! Cheers, Terry Slater —Terry — Duane —- Hank 7bexbex7 3 25 daysMeFloody (6813): Great photograph Terry👍
From Eden to Cainin' - Everly Brothers ChrisW 19 27 daysDeeDee (1815): Oh Dear! that is so sad that they weren't talking again at the end of their career! I did not know that rather unfortunate fact! Yet they performed together on the Simon and Garfunkel tour in about 2004 which may be after the recording of the [aptly named it seems] track "Cold"! They both seemed individually to be so easy to talk to and easy going but I guess we all know how difficult sibling relationships can be and how things we...
Let's Put Our Hearts Together - Don Everly and Rachel Peer TriciaLW 15 27 daysMeFloody (6813): Kathy, this museum are you thinking of?
Duane Eddy 7bexbex7 14 28 daysChrisW (7887): 1991 Phil & Duane with Aerosmith ...
Central city photos ,from Heide Ploen Sharon 18 28 daysDeeDee (1815): Great photos and a great post Thanks so much for that Sharon! Sad to see Phil looking so pensive whilst holding a cigarette! If only he had been able to stop! Super photos of the boys in their stage gear and otherwise!
The sessions with Don,Rachel,Philip Donnelly bert 4 28 daysKathyc (2271): Bert thank you so much for posting. It's of a fab time in the 80's when we use to go with Don to watch him perform and such magic to see, hear again other than being an Everly brother. Also lovely Phil Donnerly he was such a friend to Don and the dead cowboys and should be accepted and loved to us all on this site. He is a really lovely man. Sorry folks I've just totally chilled out and gone back then - magic!!!
Central City Homecoming September 2-2000 Sharon 6 29 daysMarieLuluSibenik (96): Margaret Everly has a birthday coming up in early November. is there a way to send her a card without violating her privacy?
Take a message to Mary bert 36 30 daysDeeDee (1815): Thanks for this interesting topic Bert I love your stage!! I think people love LP's again partly for the bigger art work on the covers and all that extra space for record notes on the back Also extra photos or booklets were easy to insert in with the actual LP I have an Eagle coy of Hotel California with sensational fold outs etc!! The Eagles surely were one band very influenced by the Everly sound! My husband and I have just pushed the boat out...
Albert, with Don's guitar Liz58 20 1 monthbert (3453): No it's not Pete, I have known who it is .....too ridiculous for words....age ?
Swedish Radio show - April 22nd 1965 ChrisW 8 1 monthDeeDee (1815): Great sound! Love the vintage twang of the backing on Lucille and the other tracks!! There must be other great recordings languishing in the vaults all over the place just waiting to be re-found some day! Thanks so much Chris for posting this one! The spoken links are v interesting too! By the way Duane eddy is performing in the UK soon! Amazing that he is still on the road! These guys from back in the day have staying power that is for sure!!