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***PLEASE LEAVE PHIL CONDOLENCES HERE*** Admin 264 14 daysdonandphilfan (90): Hard to believe it's five years since dear Phil died, time really does go too quickly. Wonderful memories of a true gentleman, sadly missed not only today but every day.
About Us / History Of This Site Tree 77 5 monthsChrisW (8451): Welcome Darren. Good to have another guy on this site. 😊
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 9 9 monthsDeeDee (2097): Fabulous! The Twin Towers...just so, so poignant! I was in New York the year after it happened and couldn't bear to go down to the site of so much destruction and heartache! How some people can stoop this low just baffles me!! We all have such a short time on this Earth and it could be filled with beauty and brotherly love instead of hate and dogma! People, be kind!!!
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 42 9 monthsDeeDee (2097): Gosh! As a newby to this site it is so interesting to find out about all the difficulties that the Everlys and their fans have had with unscrupulous people trying to hijack things but I suppose it was ever thus? So nice to know this site is run by and for the true fans! I only joined at the beginning of April 2018 but have enjoyed the whole experience so far and it's so great to "meet" other fans of Phil and Don's and know that we all...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 30 9 monthsDeeDee (2097): Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 1 yearMeFloody (6969): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 5 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
Don and Phil, interview and tribute , mid 60s Liz58 10 3 hoursJoyb (8403): Thanks Liz. I have seen this before and I always thought it strange that he would have Don and Phil on his show not have them sing and then sing their songs. Wierd. Good to see them though xx❤️❤️
Lake Tahoe concert Nov 1984 DeeDee 4 12 hoursKathyc (2451): Apart from Nightingale they sang all of these other songs all of the time. On listening I would say it's a Sparky recording. Sparky Neilsen was their Sound Engineer/Technician he as well as twiddling the nobs recorded every show just in case one of the boys had an issue - if not (mostly) he wiped the tape (what a tragedy) obviously someone asked him for this tape. One night in 1987 he gave Sheena that nights tape, I have a copy of it - if I...
Early Everly photo?? Joyb 7 1 dayJoyb (8403): From memory I think it’s at about 90 minutes Chris xx❤️❤️
New interview from 1984 Liz58 12 2 daysDeeDee (2097): Thanks Liz! As everyone is saying it's great to see something new online! I hope you find/found Mrs Everly well and had a nice visit too Preston! I do hope you told her that everyone on this forum sends her their best wishes and really cares about her welfare?
Vinyl Book - Owners' Workshop Manual ChrisW 4 2 daysDeeDee (2097): Good tip Chris! I will look this one up, thanks!
Phil Everly Bill medley Brian Wilson Joyb 15 3 daysMarty (633): I like the EB version. I’ve never heard it. Don’s having a lot of fun and that really comes across!
Everly Concert in Australia 1971 DeeDee 4 5 daysDeeDee (2097): Ooooh Marty, you are naughty!!!
Harmonies from Heaven Joyb 8 6 daysDeeDee (2097): Oh those boxes are sooooo frustrating I agree! I am sure they could transfer the stuff from the old one to the new one but they can't be bothered or don't want to give their customers the time it would take for the engineer to do that more likely! Thanks for the tip re the re-run of that excellent programme Joy! I also have it on DVD as I tend to buy every Everly thing I can on DVD just because of the problem with those Sky/Virgin etc boxes...
Rent a granny Kathyc 15 6 daysDeeDee (2097): As we will sadly never see Don and Phil again playing live, these tribute shows are as good as it gets and will hopefully introduce some new people to the Everly Brothers back catalogue whilst giving long time fans an evening of nostalgia as they hear all their favourites one more time!
Boston concert 1995 ChrisW 26 8 daysChrisW (8451): In the 1970's a new type of club was around a night club which would serve table meals. There was hardly much choice but they were known as "Chicken in a Basket". The new night clubs rising up around my area was Batley Variety Club (which the EB's appeared at) "The Fiesta" in Sheffield, "Wakefield Theatre club". I never had a meal when I went to these clubs, all the waitresses came to your table, they were walking...
January Butterfly BobbyBri 7 13 daysAnnmary (1899): Just lovely!!
Remembering Phil today Sharon 20 13 daysAnnmary (1899): Great song and lovely pictures.
Some photo's to remember Phil bert 24 14 daysMarion (468): So wonderful for fans to read the happy and loving stories of Phil by people who personally knew him. Hope Phil’s family and friends read all the comments as well, he is very missed by so many. Fortunately we still have all the amazing music.
Happy 2019 bert 21 14 daysChrisW (8451): ForEverly yours Sharon. ❤️
5 years without Phil Liz58 14 14 daysMarieLuluSibenik (132): :heart:
Good Hearted Woman in love with a good timing man DeeDee 1 15 daysDeeDee (2097): Just watched this song video and although it is so well sung it does look like there is quite a bit of strain between Don and Phil who never look at each other throughout the entire song Particularly Don who stares straight ahead right through it! I guess from the guitars and the hair/clothes style that this is from the early '70's just before they split up! Body language says more than words it seems!
A Prairie Home Companion-Music III ChrisW 8 16 daysDeeDee (2097): What a great clip! really enjoyed it! I'm not familiar with A Prairie Home Companion [strange title}] but looks like everyone was having fun! Phil and Don certainly livened up the proceedings!
Happy Christmas Mrs Everly DeeDee 10 16 daysMarion (468): Just spotted your great photo with the Everly ornaments. Very nicely done, an Everly Christmas and Everly museum feel to it.
everly bro oldrosie 10 16 daysDeeDee (2097): I so agree with you Redhead! Usually Phil adds very good and pertinent comments to any of the documentaries about the brothers so it's strange that they couldn't have waited for his input on this one! Also I also agree with Phil's comment that people's reactions once someone becomes famous changes! Many times it is so cringeworthy to see how people are stars truck to the point of imbecility when they happen upon someone "famous"! They...
Merry Christmas from the Everly Company bert 15 16 daysDeeDee (2097): When did Phil record that poignant rendition of Silent Night? So lovely! I always think his solos are so soulful and this one with his voice sounding much more mature is no exception! Just really lovely!! He is sadly missed!
Prairie Home Companion Part 1V The Music ChrisW 10 16 daysDeeDee (2097): Thanks for that info Chris Always get the answers on this forum!!!! I can always check out the guitars for a vague date but that is only that post '83 they will be the Steinegger models but nice to get the definitive answer!!
You're Just What I Was Looking For. Annmary 7 16 daysDeeDee (2097): A new one on me too! It does have a sort of dreamy, hazy quality of some of the pop songs of that time! Interesting that it is by Goffin and King! Got to be an earlyish date as Carole King and Jerry Goffin split up when they were both quite young ?? So interesting that things still pitch up from the boys that few have heard!
Biography of the Everlys in their 60's DeeDee 2 23 dayscraiglhope (6411): Thanks, DeeDee, They have made quite a place in the music industry, indeed. 1957 onward, foreverly. They have a place in our minds and our hearts. What a ride it has been for them and their families. Keep on Rockin'......enjoy the 'sunshine' and the memories and the sounds and the times, while we all can....I used to hang their album LP covers on my bedroom wall. Sheer talent and destiny to be The Everly Brothers. Quite a trip.
Dreaming of a White Christmas bert 42 23 dayscraiglhope (6411): Ah, come on, Bert, be a sport! C'mon up to freezing, dsrkk-17-hours-a-day, glum, ol' Filthydelphia! You can sit in my small eyeglass store and be bored out of your mind, day-in, week-out! If I can't be warm, dang it, I don't want anyone else to be enjoying any warmth, either. How's that for a mature, adult outlook?! Just kidding.....that shot that you sent of the boats and the coastal water and the blue sky with white clouds,....alas!! More...
Driving Home for Christmas BobbyBri 9 25 daysMeFloody (6969): THANKS BOBBY AND TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF PHIL'S FORUM FOR JUST BEING HERE :heart: PEACE AND GOODWILL TO YOU ALL :heart:
MEMORIES FAN GET TOGETHER oldrosie 9 26 daysMeFloody (6969): I think there was sometype of software screw-up when TREE & MIKEW resurrected the site after it shut down temporarily about the time of Phils death.
ANOTHER GET TOGETHER oldrosie 5 26 daysChrisW (8451): Thank you Rosie for the photo and thank you Mike for putting names to faces. What a get together you all had.:heart:
Everly label executive on Polygram, Mr. Bas Hartong Preston 5 26 daysMeFloody (6969): Back then I saw Don and the Dead Cowboys in Caerphilly town, Wales. The audience that night loved Don's performance but there were only a hundred or so in the place. The other shows that week were sadly canceled. What I have always wanted to know is, do Polygram have any recording of Don and Phil that have never been released??
Christmas Eve Can Kill You bert 12 26 daysDeeDee (2097): Thanks Bert for that poignant song! I do hope you and Jean get your eye problems resolved well in 2019 Have a good Christmas anyway and try not to dwell too much on anything negative The power of positive thinking is a very strong force I do believe and will assist you both in future surgeries! Drink from those half full glasses and have a very Merry Christmas!!
Happy Birthday Albert! Liz58 7 26 daysDeeDee (2097): Definitely an International Treasure and a great living link to the glory days of Phil and Don!! It just wouldn't have seemed right to watch the Everlys in one of their many concerts and appearances throughout the world over many years without seeing Albert standing there behind them giving such superb support! I have met him and have a guitar he signed and he is such a nice man and so modest about his great talents! Happy Birthday Albert and...
Bill kenwright Joyb 7 26 daysDeeDee (2097): Good for you Joy! Good to know that real requests do get played! I will try to find it on catch up! Thanks for the post!
For KathyC Marty 42 27 daysDeeDee (2097): Oh if only I knew what any of this is about?? It surely is nice though to know that the Everlys had such devoted fans who can remember details of every meeting [lucky you] they ever had with Don and Phil over the years!
Happy Birthday Margaret Everly DeeDee 20 1 monthJeanroberts (2706): I think you would have to ask our administrator about this! xxx
2 songs Don appeared on ChrisW 9 1 monthKDF (210): Hi Cathy, I believe it’s the Four Tops that call out Don and invite him up on stage “Four Tops Live at the Rooster Tail” I think the album is called taped the Rooster Tail Night Club in Detroit If you look to the left on the back of the album cover you see Phil getting a bear hug from one of the Tops. I can’t remember if it’s the Supremes up there as well, but there is a girl vocal group on stage You can make Dons voice out...
MERRY CHRISTMAS oldrosie 21 1 monthMeFloody (6969): Can I join in and wish you all a happy but above all, a peaceful and loving Christmas. With love Mike
The Power of Three (BBC) Judyc13 14 1 monthMarion (468): Works for me as well, a pleasant surprise! Thank you Judy.
Bill Kenwright Joyb 4 1 monthJoyb (8403): Yes Cathy I have listened to his other shows I think he’s really good and a big fan of Phil and Don when Phil passed away he paid a special tribute and played Air that I breath. Even though it wasn’t in the 50s or early 60s. In his last series I kept emailing him you could say I was nearly a stalker but I managed to get 3 requests played. He has 2 hr show I think on Christmas Eve but I’ll check Date and post itxx❤️❤️
Nashville Gibson copy JillBlake 2 1 monthDeeDee (2097): Thanks Jill saw the photos on the forum!
Complete Everly Brothers vinyl collection to sell. JillBlake 9 1 monthDeeDee (2097): Hello again Jill, Thank you for the photo of your late husband's Nashville guitar I confess I have never heard of this make as only Gibson had the rights to produce the actual Everly guitar so it's probably an unofficial near copy? [From the 80's reunion Rbt Steinegger was licensed by the Everlys to produce the Ike Everly model they played thereafter so this Nashville is a mystery to me} It's hard to see properly in the photo but it looks like...
Cliff Richard a friend of the Everly Brothers DeeDee 4 1 monthDeeDee (2097): I agree with everything said above The BBC and the Police were entirely out of order Talk about a witch hunt! Cliff has been vindicated but it must have taken a high toll on his health and peace of mind! I too think he and Phil had a lot of fun recording and singing together! Cliff has great taste in singing partners and Phil was the best!
Don sings A Hard Days Night live Marty 3 1 monthDeeDee (2097): Thanks Marty, a new one on me too! Love the guitar work! Really nice, Just Don and his guitar! A live performance, excellent!
Don't say goodnight DeeDee 29 1 monthDeeDee (2097): If anyone ever finds a video of Phil and Don performing this fabulous, fabulous song, PLEASE put a link up here or as a new topic