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Gibson still has a great, great name and does $1 Billion+ sales a year, but some somber business events came to a head and........

Maybe Bert and/or Ricardo would have some thoughts.....
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I heard that Gibson are in trouble because guitars are no longer "fashionable". When did that happen??? 😨
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Good question, MeFloody. They've been around for centuries. Gibson tried some type of Robotic Guitar....probably some kind of 'electronic device' thing, but it didn't male money, apparently.

Also, sorry about the url address..the word guitar in it, should be

Thx, C.
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Reported in the Independent as well guys ... fingers crossed it will be avoided.. the statement from Gibson seems hopeful but ... I always loved the sound of the acoustics the boys played.. it was my first real introduction to acoustic guitar.. I had only really heard electric guitar like Chet and Bert Weedon ... so that amazing rhythm that Don and Phil produced blew me away. My son plays acoustic.. but not a Gibson, he is a good player tho!!
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My brother is a guitarist/bass guitarist and has played in various groups since the early 60 and has quite a collection of guitars including Fender and an Epiphone bass when they were actually made by Gibson and that. They had introduced an electronic tuning device which wasn’t very good and also had close a couple of their factories one of which had gone on to be successful with another company. So I don’t know but it’s such a shame that an iconic name like Gibson should be in trouble. Xx🎸🎸
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