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Recently, My friend Cathy and I went to Gatlinburg and spent a few days. On the way back, I asked her could we go thru Knoxville Tenn and find the Everly Brothers Park.. It was not on the GPS and we ended up at a young lady house whom was in her yard with her young child. We asked her if she knew where it was..and she did and told us. So we proceeded, but we still were having problems..We asked again and a young artsy man directed us...Finally at our destination, and older gent pointed it out to us. It basically is the corner of parking lot where a gas station once was... I imagine they are still waiting on donations to develop it into the small amphitheatre that was in the future... It was amazing , that all 3 people knew exactly where it was....So, lets just say Knoxville loves their Everly Brothers History !!!
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Thanks, Anne Frances. I'm sure it will be nice, once they get it all spruced up. Might be a couple of years in the making, but this is just the beginning. Yeppers, Knoxville and the EB are intertwined, indeed.
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I had hoped something more would be happening on the site of the Knoxville Park, but thank you for going in person to take a look Anne Frances and now we get a better idea of the size of it too.
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Thanks for the update AnneFrances. Let’s hope it isn’t too long before it is fully developed and it’s good to know they aren’t forgotten.
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