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Don Files Lawsuit Against Phil's Family7194

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Originally Posted by annefrances
When someone is really sick, sometimes it is hard to say those words. You always pray for hope. For Miracles. As a disease progress, sometimes it is hard to is close. I know when my mama was poor health...I drove home to North Carolina( a 12 hour drive) thru the mountains and snow thinking she would pass away each time. The will to live is strong...

My sister and I met Don several times. When In Atlanta, Ga seeing The Everly Brothers at Chastain Park , We stood in the autograph line and Don was the only one there. I told Don I didnt want an autograph ..I wanted a hug. He hugged me and kissed me on top of my head. We told him this was the first time we had seen the Everly Brothers....He said,"Then yall have never met Phil" ..We said we had not met Phil...He took us right back and introduce us to Phil...

The Good Times are there...dont overlook the good for seeking the bad...

That’s a lovely story and a wonderful memory for you. Thank you for sharing it with us. ❤️
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Yes Phil always took a great pride in his appearance. It could well be he didn't want Don to see him looking so ill. So sad. I am sure we are all thinking about Phil a lot at this time of the year.
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Annfrances, that is indeed a lovely story. It is so nice to know that Don was so approachable and kind.
Please be reassured that I am not "seeking the bad" is simple curiosity about some aspects of their private lives but It is lovely stories like yours that keep the "good things" alive. 😎❤️
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From what I have read, Edan knew of Phil's illness but then he and his wife were very close to Phil as were Edan's siblings. When he got a call he instantly knew he had to be with Phil he just had that feeling that he had to be there, so he flew to be at the hospital with him and Phil's family.

This is what I read as coming directly from Edan. I have tried to remember the wording how I read it, I hope I remembered it all.
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It is good to know Phil was so loved by his extended family. He was such a wonderful man.
I am watching Roy O now, another wonderful man.
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I have recorded it Roxy, there is so much to do at this time of year, anytime time of year! haha

I hope to get around to watching it soon though, let me know what you think of it Roxy or anyone else who watched it tonight.
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Roxy, so nice to hear your opinions again and everyone else's stories! We are all made with different emotions! I know two people (females) who knew Don and Phil really quite well! The two ladies ran their British fan club from the very early days. They were always welcomed by Don and Phil who were always pleased to see them etc.

Anyway, I asked one of them by phone, if she thought Don would be going to the funeral? "Ooooh Noooo!". she answered, Don will hide himself away, he won't be at the funeral!

True to her words Don wasn't at the funeral! This to my mind, is not Don being callous! This is Don hiding away from the total horror he felt! The reality of his brother's death! He never thought he would be in the position of having to witness Phil's death. Don thought it would be himself who would go first!

As we know, Don keeps some of Phil's ashes at his home and says he
wishes Phil 'good morning' each day and is still shocked that Phil isn't here!

Phil's son Jason says he thought before Phil's passing, the brothers met up occasionally at the Shopping Mall and remarked of each other's greying hair! No doubt this was when Phil was in His Nashville home! Jason reasoned there was always some business to talk about!

I well understand Don's feeling about not attending Phil's funeral, he just couldn't bear it!

Thank you Roxy and everyone else for your views!xxx
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That is interesting Jean...Don's reaction to funerals. I read or heard somewhere he was commenting on Buddy Hollys death/funeral, he said "I didn't go to Buddy's funeral, I couldn't go anywhere...I just took to my bed for several days", he was devastated.
As we all know Phil attended in order to support Buddy's parents and Maria Elena. We all know that Don was very fond of Buddy Holly, so his non attendance at funerals does not indicate an unfeeling character, rather the opposite, also some people have an absolute phobia with funerals and is something they have no control over.
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SherryH private msg quote post Address this user
I am learning so much about Phil & Don from all of you! You are truly devoted. The past can't be changed, and we can only try to understand why Don did what he did about attending Phil's funeral, etc., Don does still have a chance to show his love for the entire Everly family by dropping his lawsuit. But I guess we can't surmise why he filed it either.
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Jeanroberts private msg quote post Address this user
Yes Roxy, I too remember reading Don took to his bed during Buddy Holly's funeral!
I think if Don had gone to Phil's funeral, Don may not have got over the shock of Phil dying. This way he has no vivid memory recall of the grief stricken day and the heartbroken family! He wanted some of Phil's ashes. That could be a comfort thing!

Phil had said he and Don were both content in their retirement! So I think, knowing the other was content and seeing each other from time to time in a Shopping Mall, was OK. Both alive but retired, no worries! Except Don either didn't know Phil was so ill, as Don claims. Or Don, now Phil was no longer smoking, hoped he would gradually recover!

I understand Don not going to Phil's funeral! When Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees died, Robin Gibb couldn't attend his brother's funeral either! They were unidentical twins!

I feel so much for Phil's family, Don's children and grandchildren who loved Phil as an uncle and father figure! I hope Jason and Adan will remain close friends and do Phil proud!

Thank you Roxy xxx
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Helena private msg quote post Address this user
Its very sad Don felt he couldn't say goodbye to his brother.
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Jean and Helena,
Don probably said goodbye in his own way...Privately? something Phil would have known and understood. They appeared to have been quite close from early childhood onwards and shared most things. I expect as young men, once they had left their parents protection they would have relied heavily upon each other, especially in the early days of their fame/hit records when they we're finding their way in the world. The photos taken at that time show them always together and smiling and they genuinely looked as though they enjoyed each other's company and not just publicity photos. They probably even had a private code. They drifted apart in later years but I am sure the bond between them would never really have been broken. I am probably being fanciful now, but I would like to think that is how it was with them. Sorry, I am being neither constructive or informative, just mulling things over in my head. ❤️❤️
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