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Isn’t this just beautiful, love the sound of the steel guitar
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So, so great! Love it! 1957, 27 years later and Don & Phil show they can still write-compose and sing perfectly. And, what the heck, the "studio band" was only composed of no less than Dave Edmunds, Albert Lee and Paul McCartney on guitars, thank you very much, plus Pete Wingfield on keyboard and Gerry Hogan on...pedal steel. I liked the Lennon-McCartney 1964 "I'll Follow the Sun" song, also. The pedal and steel guitar is the soul backbone of many a country-bluegrass medley! Hawaiian steel guitar, so to speak, is melodic, also. Just for fun, go to YouTube and check out..."Hawai'i Aloha - Song Across Hawaii", as well as "Oiwie - SongAcross Hawaii" played by ...Playing for Change.
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Just so beautiful.
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Oooops - I almost happened to miss this post even though Following The Sun is one of my favourite songs if not absolutely my favourite song of the Everly Brothers.

I know that many fans prefer their early songs because of its youthful freshness and innocence. But to me it seems that the later songs have the maturity of having lived a life and their voices sound, if anything, even better than ever.

Following The Sun (written by Don) has a gentle and beautiful melody which is also pervaded by a drifting melancholy. Lyrics that stay with you. Well, and the song is performed by two very humble, appreciative singers, whose singing together hit you in the heart.
I love it!

Thanks for posting Jane.
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