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November UK Tour 2005 Artist: The Everly Brothers, Tour: An Evening with The Everly Brothers

EVERLY BROTHERS UK Tour 2005 Programme 20-page programme from the brothers tour in November, includes some great pictures of Don & Phil down the year, a superb fold-out centre page collage poster featuring photos, concert tickets, sheet music and records, an Everly Brothers time line highlighting the major events in their career, quotes from the lads, tour dates and single & album discographies - both with images of some of the records released.

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow – 12 November 2005
NIA Academy, Birmingham – 14 November 2005
City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne – 15 November 2005
New Theatre, Oxford – 17 November 2005
Carling Apollo, Manchester – 18 November 2005
St David’s Hall, Cardiff – 20 November 2005
Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham – 21 November 2005
Carling Apollo, Hammersmith, London – 23 November 2005
Royal Albert Hall, London – 24 November 2005
Colston Hall, Bristol – 26 November 2005
Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth – 27 November 2005
Regent Theatre, Ipswich – 28 November 2005

ACT 1 Set list: Green River, Kentucky, Bowling Green, So Sad, Claudette, Crying in the Rain, When Will I Be Loved, Devoted To You, Ebony Eyes, Love Hurts, Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Gone, Gone, Gone.

Sleepwalk (the band) Restless (the band)

ACT 2 Set list: Ike Everly Intro - Everly Family Show into, Don't Let Our Love Die, Silver Haired Daddy of Mine, Old Rocking Chair, Willow Garden, Long Time Gone, Blues Stay Away From Me, Till I Kissed You, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, Lucille, Let It Be Me, T for Texas, You Send Me

Band: Albert Lee, Pete Wingfield, Phil Cranham, Tony Newman, Pat Seivers


By Kevin Hickey

Just a quick word about the Manchester concert, we joined the queue to go in when a bus pulled up and flash guns started going off. As the boys always travel in separate cars I thought it was the backing band, but left the line just in time to see a shivering Phil in his soft hat and Don in his black Homburg (?) being ushered in signing a book and other items as they moved.

I won’t list the songs as others have already done this but there was a big surprise in store for only the Manchester concert goers. “I’m still Don and he’s still Phil came the usual and expected opening remarks from Don. But he then went on to say tonight “It’s Don and Phil and Graham I guess……….Graham Nash is here. We worked together on “Two Yanks” in England” – let’s bring Graham on. With that Graham Nash walked on looking very ‘casual’ sipping a bottle of water. Don said that Graham had told them that he and his sister, who was also in the audience that night, saw them at the same theatre 45 years ago. Don joked “Could it have really been that long”

He went on to sing “So Sad” with his arm around Phil and left the stage with much affection. I say left but I could actually see him in the background enjoying the rest of the concert. Don later called him back for a joint version of ‘Bye, Bye Love’. He bore little resemblance to his ‘Hollies’ or ‘Crosby, Stills and Nash’ days and was very thin with white grey hair, but a treat to see him.

The show started at gone 7:45 and the first half went to about 8:30 including two numbers by just the band. Although Albert Lee is great I had difficulty hearing the lyrics of his song and I think the technicians could have improved it. The 2nd half was about 45 minutes as scheduled but there was a definite encore included in that. The Ev’s and the group went off and returned very shortly with Don saying ‘We don’t like doing that but we’ve been told we have to’. So they didn’t realize we wanted an encore to show us of the short time left so we could savour it.

Dave and Michael Leadbetter, an Everly tribute act called "Two of a Kind" met Phil and Don at the Manchester Apollo on the 18th November

Fan Reviews
I saw this tour. Watching this now (my favourite song) is so poignant. The smiles between Don and Phil at the end say it all. RIP dear Phil Everly xx

Perhaps you weren't there when their sound hit our ears back in the 50's and the swell of world fame the Everlys rose to. Their contribution to Rock and Country is now legendary and it's apparent it will continue forever now. Their later performances, like on this post, show their gorgeous harmonies as sweet and tight as always. .... Ever the Everlys.

Spellbound is the word that comes to me. There I sat, spellbound, watching and hanging on to every word and action. I, too, never get tired of the Everly Brothers.

(comment for Manchester 2005) : I had seen them a few days before in Oxford I love them : so it was, so it always will be.

There's no doubt Sam Cooke's recording was a classic and Michael Bolton's soulful rendition was pretty good. The Everly's version was done in the heartaches and harmonies style we love them for. I was at this concert and they came back to and sing this song for an encore and stormed the place. (Unfortunately the soundmix on the video does not do the performance justice. If you get the chance, listen to the recorded version on the "Born Yesterday" album)

From The Guardian

First published on Tuesday 29 November 2005 23.57 GMT

"I'm still Don, he's still Phil, we're still the Everly Brothers," Don says, the brothers swapping over-excited grins. The clean-cut boys of burgeoning rock rebellion are now craggy pensioners. Phil is 66, Don 68, but their pioneering spirit remains. They don't just play the hits, they revel in their personal history. A tape of their father's voice on an Iowan radio show from 1951 is followed by a 15-year-old Don singing Don't Let Our Love Ever Die, before fading into the hushed harmonies of the brothers today.

Don describes the duo as "hillbillies" and the broad strokes of country in every classic song are turned vivid by the pedal steel guitar played by Paul Seivers. Sometimes it intrudes on the Everly's tender style, piercing the gentleness of Cryin' in the Rain and So Sad, but nothing interrupts the gleeful misery of what Don calls a "deadly medley" of tearjerkers.
Though they don't so much rock as gently shudder, the panicky pace of Wake Up Little Susie and thudding bass drum of When Will I Be Loved are still innocent thrills. But the Everlys' close harmonies, once entwined like silk ribbons, are ragged and frayed. No one expects Bye Bye Love to sound as pristine as it did in 1957. But watching Don struggle with his solo and Phil twitching as he adds high harmonies, is heart-breaking. Cathy's Clown turns from striking masterpiece to bland watercolour, the only drama coming in the still-innovative rhythm changes.
Still, as an evocative reminder of the essential of the power and beauty of rock'n'roll, the Everlys can't be beaten. If, as is rumoured, this is the last Everly brothers UK tour, it's a warm goodbye.

All the video clips are from the Carling Apollo Manchester November 18th -

Medley: Love Hurts, Devoted to You, Brown Eyes.
Songs Our Daddy Taught Us
Let it be me
Medley: Devoted to You, Ebony Eyes, Love Hurts
Medley: So Sad, Ebony Eyes, He Stopped Loving her today
Medley: Bye, Bye Love, Claudette, Devoted to You, Ebony Eyes, Let it be me, You Send Me
T for Texas
Green River - with the beginning of Kentucky
You Send Me

City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne – 15 November 2005

Everly Brothers Live in 2005
Concert Review: St David's Hall, Cardiff - 20 November 2005


It had been about 10 years since I last saw the Everly Brothers and I was a bit apprehensive of what time may have done to their wonderful voices. Fear not, Old Father Time is protecting them well, he's obviously a fan of country harmonising. With a price tag of £50 a ticket, the boys need to perform well to keep the cynics at bay. The pressure was also on Albert Lee and the band as they must be the Special Guests the tickets referred to! Again, fear not, Albert is one of the top guitarists in the world and the other guys aren't too shoddy.

I'd seen a couple of photos of Don and Phil from earlier performances on the tour and "baby boy Phil" was looking like he was carrying a bit more than puppy fat. In the flesh though he looked really fit with the only extra weight being on the face. He was sharp in a suit and spats - he was born in Chicago so perhaps he was paying homage to Baby Face Nelson and the boys. Don looked amazingly fit and sounded better than he had for decades. He looked trim and handsome in jeans and jacket.

They opened the evening with three lesser known gems with Phil forgetting the words to the opening of Kentucky. It was so great to see the boys appear on stage that I saw most of Green River through tears stained eyes. A lot of the classics were done with the band being spot on with the most recent addition Pat Seivers playing some great steel. You could have heard a pin drop when the boys sang the ballads, such was the beauty of their harmonies. There is nothing to compare to them and it seemed obvious to everyone in the crowd that we were in the presence of God given talents.

Thankfully Don has changed the between-song patter, referring to Ebony Eyes as his favourite "plane death ballad"! He talked more about the various songwriters they've used over the years, giving mention to Roy Orbison and Boudleaux Bryant among others. They seemed very comfortable around one another and shared a few laughs. I know they've had more than a few differences and even travel on different buses, but onstage at least they are able to bury the hatchet and sing as one.

The boys left the stage for a quick break whilst Seivers excelled on a beautiful rendition of Sleepwalk and then Albert tore us up with a breakneck Restless. There was a brilliant addition to the show when the boys returned to the stage with just Phil Cranham on upright bass (the real man's bass). The speakers played a clip from 50 years ago, with their dad Ike introducing the Everly Brothers radio show. It was surreal to listen to Don and Phil as young kids whilst watching them in the flesh in their 60's. Don't Let Our Love Die played from the original show before the radio show died away and Don and Phil started singing it live. They sounded great and belied the advancing years. Silver Haired Daddy, Rocking Chair and Willow Garden followed in the tradition of their original Songs Our Daddy Taught Us album, and again, the place was enraptured by the sheer beauty of the performance. Listening to T For Texas and Blues Stay Away From Me left me feeling cheated that no record label is recording these legends today. I'm sure Nashville could find one label and a sympathetic producer who could revive their career much the same as Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash on American Records.

The night finished with a perfect version of You Send Me - boys, you certainly do. Although this was advertised as their farewell tour, I hope they have a change of heart and come back again. The world needs them, there is no-one else around who can harmonise like them. If they don't come here again I'll just have to close my eyes and relive those sweet vocals and count my blessings that I've seen them a half dozen times.

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham – 21 November 2005

Royal Albert Hall, London – 24 November 2005

Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth – 27 November 2005

Regent Theatre, Ipswich – 28 November 2005


By Richard Harrison

Ike joining Phil and Don as described below

The emotional and physical downturn that results from missing the last train following a show that begins late is good enough reason to feel bitter. But I don’t. The show in Ipswich (probably the last ever European date in a career spanning almost 50 years) was an incredible occasion for both the Everlys and the audience.

Though I was surprised how Phil said nothing and how different Don looked to when I had last seen them (1997 in Edinburgh), the vocal harmonies were still there. The country-fied delicacies of ‘Green River’, ‘Kentucky’ struck a nice contrast to the up-tempo hits such as ‘Bye,Bye Love’ which I thought was sung with real gusto. The audience was warm from the outset and the first half simply flew by.

The second set – including an interesting appearance on tape from Ike Everly – provided proof if proof were needed that the Everlys were ending their long career on the road by harking back to its very beginning. Again featuring some lesser-heard Country-style songs like ‘Old Rocking Chair’ and ‘Willow Garden’, the second half of the show was also notable for amazingly energetic versions of ‘Cathy’s Clown’ and ‘Lucille’ amongst others.

Although Don sounded a little gruff, the aged sound to his solo pieces made a rather emotionally charged contrast to the strident youthful voice that permeated their 1950’s-1960’s output. As the show reached its conclusion (with a superb cover of Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me”) the theatre erupted in applause which, I felt, was partly due to the show and partly a salute to the Everly’s career. If, as indeed looks likely, this show was their European swan-song, then it was a fitting climax, even if there was no special attention drawn to the moment.

So – was it worth it? A frantic sprint through deserted Ipswich streets, a long wait for transport on a very chilly evening in late November and not getting back until almost 1:00am are one thing. The Everlys were another. Yes it was worth it.

The Everly Brothers finished their British tour in 2005 at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich.
They had planned more concerts upon their return to America, but these were cancelled and they never performed another concert together, this recording of "You send me" is the last song they played at Ipswich, and with the sad passing of Phil Everly it is the last Everly Brother performance ever.

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salfitz private msg quote post Address this user
wow .. thanks Chris.. wonderful archive material..
and some very interesting reviews. I am so grateful that I saw them at the beginning.. 1959, I think, in Cardiff.. and then at various times over the years.. I think the last time was 1984.. but unfortunately I did not keep any memorobelia... we moved too many times and things got lost.. the Everly concert tickets didnt print the year, either, which didnt help!! anyway thanks again. very interesting reading.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
I have just had to edit a few parts Sally that did not transfer as I would have liked. Just one more to do. All the photos are with the correct part of the tour (city). A few weeks ago when I was near to completing it 2 of my clips had expired and so far I have not been able to find them. There are also some songs (clips) still missing which I haven't been able to find either. The little tinkers do hide!!! ha ha

It was a labour of love I have always wanted to do because it was the last tour. I know I will find other photos and clips as time goes by but for now this is what I have collected together. I love the live clip of "You send me" so lucky that the fan in the front row recorded it
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Wow Chris. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It would be a real labour of love but even so thank you so much it's tremendous to look at read and enjoy Well done xxx❤️❤️❤️
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Sally and Joy
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BobbyBri private msg quote post Address this user
This is an audio recording of the encore 'You Send Me' performed by the Everly Brothers right at the Regent Theater Ipswich on 28th November 2005.

Because they officially retired afterwards it's actually the very last song Don and Phil performed together on stage. Being aware of this fact while listening gives me goose bumps time and again.

Unfortunately this is not a video clip but there are nice pictures, though.

Albert Lee told about why Phil stopped performing:
“But when we got together again to tour the U.K., Phil, at that stage, was struggling a bit on the high notes. And, if he couldn’t make the high note, he’d sing in unison with Don. And Don hated that. It had to be exactly as it had to be, you know. And a couple of times, Phil had suggested maybe lowering the song a key or two. Well, Don wouldn’t hear any of that.
So, at the end of that tour, Phil said, 'No, I think that’s it. I don’t want to do it anymore'.
It was on the bus back to London that Phil told us that it was the end. We thought he wasn't serious but, sure enough, the casinos planned for later were cancelled.“
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rosiebarm2 private msg quote post Address this user
GREAT GREAT brings back so many memories of the past. Don and Phil will never be forgotten, as long as there are devoted fans such as you guys. thanks for this .

hope and wish the remaining brother , Don, could or would read this and I am sure the one in Heaven,Phil, is smiling and singing and knows how the Everly Brothers are loved.

thanks for sharing all this with us.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
You are very welcome Rosie, I loved finding all the information to share with everyone. I am sure there will be more to find in the future including those elusive songs that are missing.

This is the set lists again.

ACT 1 Set list: Green River, Kentucky, Bowling Green, So Sad, Claudette, Crying in the Rain, When Will I Be Loved, Devoted To You, Ebony Eyes, Love Hurts, Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Gone, Gone, Gone.

Sleepwalk (the band) Restless (the band)

ACT 2 Set list: Ike Everly Intro - Everly Family Show into, Don't Let Our Love Die, Silver Haired Daddy of Mine, Old Rocking Chair, Willow Garden, Long Time Gone, Blues Stay Away From Me, Till I Kissed You, Cathy's Clown, Wake Up Little Susie, Lucille, Let It Be Me, T for Texas, You Send Me

Some songs are repeated with others on clips I posted but some songs are just missing for the moment.

I too wish that Don could sometimes see how much we all try to keep their music alive and photos too. I have this vision of Phil's big smile looking down at us too Rosie.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you, thank you Chris, what a collection of wonderful songs and information. To my eternal regret I never got to see them, but thanks to you and all the members of the forum I get some feeling of what it was like and still enjoy their music today.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
The live version of "You send me" is brilliant and thank you to the fan in the front row.
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Kathy private msg quote post Address this user
This was great information - thank you Chris - its really something to think they performed over 50 years!!! - Just amazing! - I'm sure after all that time and with age - hitting those high notes became quite challenging!!!!! - I guess Phil thought it was best to stop while they still sounded so great - plus - I'm sure you get to a point where you just want to retire! - I don't think either one of them was especially fond of the the traveling and being away from home. Thanks again for all the great pics and info.
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ChrisW private msg quote post Address this user
Joy I have the clip "Live from Manchester" your thread on this thread of research and I found it as 2005 on the internet, but I see someone say from 1997 was it on your thread? I am confused now if it was put out as 2005 as the 3 songs which were sung at 2005 concert. Anyone else offer any other insight into this conundrum?

It is the clip linked way above as Rare Manchester 05
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Joyb private msg quote post Address this user
Yes I think it's the same clip Chris whenever it was I like it. Been listening to the Johnny Cash shows when Don and Phil took over they are so funny the Q&A Phil is particularly funny he was such a joker makes me smile thinking about it xxx❤️❤️
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Roxy private msg quote post Address this user
Chris W.. That is a real labour of love that you have achieved there. It will take some time to watch all the clips and read reviews etc. but so enjoyable. Thank you.
Talking about Phil deciding to retire. In the 2005 clips you can see that he is struggling for breath. In my opinion, I felt that as long ago as the reunion he clutched his chest and took a few deep breaths occasionally. I think that it was due to the fact that he was a professional singer that kept his lungs working so well and for so long. He was sublimely professional and so hard working, a truly great man. This is a great site with information that keeps their wonderful music alive. Bless you all.
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Annmary private msg quote post Address this user
Wow Chris what a collection of treasure, so much thank you, I am enjoying scrolling through it.
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