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***PLEASE LEAVE PHIL CONDOLENCES HERE*** Admin 256 2 monthscraiglhope (5325): Howdy donandphilfan, What a wonderful message you wrote. So true and insightful. Thank you! "They were both so friendly and down to earth." That's exactly what I encountered, also, a few times. They took time to talk! Phil was one heck of a guy. Talent galore, polite, smiled,......alas.
About Us / History Of This Site Tree 74 2 monthsJoyb (7179): Nice to hear from you again Ricardo. Hope all is good with you xx❤️❤️
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 9 2 monthsDeeDee (714): Fabulous! The Twin Towers...just so, so poignant! I was in New York the year after it happened and couldn't bear to go down to the site of so much destruction and heartache! How some people can stoop this low just baffles me!! We all have such a short time on this Earth and it could be filled with beauty and brotherly love instead of hate and dogma! People, be kind!!!
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 42 2 monthsDeeDee (714): Gosh! As a newby to this site it is so interesting to find out about all the difficulties that the Everlys and their fans have had with unscrupulous people trying to hijack things but I suppose it was ever thus? So nice to know this site is run by and for the true fans! I only joined at the beginning of April 2018 but have enjoyed the whole experience so far and it's so great to "meet" other fans of Phil and Don's and know that we all...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 30 2 monthsDeeDee (714): Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 5 monthsMeFloody (5730): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 4 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
i am finally back oldrosie 15 1 hourRoxy (1341): Glad you have sorted out your computer problem Rosie and are back on track. Welcome home. ❤️
Don and OMAHA bert 1 1 hourbert (2520):
site rosiebarm2 27 2 hoursChrisW (5883): Keep going Rosie, in the UK we would call it the 'Bulldog Spirit'. Never let Windows 10 get the better of you! 🥇
Don solo bert 6 5 hoursoldrosie (24): @Redhead1966 you have very good taste:angel:
How Can I Meet Her Joyb 4 8 hoursJoyb (7179): Thanks Liz and good luck with your search xx❤️❤️
TV interview with Don 1996 Redhead1966 4 10 hoursbert (2520): Always great to listen to their stories.
HAPPY DADDY DAY! annefrances 8 15 hourssalfitz (3225): thanks Ricardo.. not heard this one before.. so sweet.. thanks again:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Phil : Better than now bert 3 23 hoursDeeDee (714): Great bouncy number! Phil and Mark sound good together! thanks for the link Bert and hope you are well?
Baby you know me, Phil solo Liz58 47 23 hoursChrisW (5883): So funny Redhead, ended my day which has been laughter for the last hour!!! Phil singing "Love Angel" is a WOW song for me, love it. Thankfully I have it on an album.
Mike or Tree annefrances 8 1 dayDeeDee (714): Good to know how to get back in if something goes wrong re accessing the site!! I didn't know you could lock yourself out!!! YIKES!!!!
Phil honored bert 12 1 dayRedhead1966 (1581): No problem, bert!
many many thanks mike w oldrosie 1 1 dayoldrosie (24): thank you mike and so sorry for all the problems---guess you thought you had a crazy woman there for a while thank you cause you know how much I love and enjoy our group here. :(|):(|)
Albert and Don's Gibson guitar Liz58 49 1 dayDeeDee (714): OMG!! You all sound such experts!! I have only been playing for a few years Mostly self taught with the able assistance of Justin Sandercoe online!! I write a lot of my own songs but that sounds as if I really know what I am doing!!! I play chords and use a capo but don't really understand what it does except changes the sound to something that sounds better with something I have just written or am singing!! Sometimes I just fiddle about with...
album flash everly bro rosiebarm2 14 1 dayDeeDee (714): I am sure I have this wonderful compilation on a DVD?? It's part of a longer one I think? It is so nice to watch and hear what Phil and Don were thinking about the process of putting EB84 together They sounded and looked great and that old car looks wonderful too!!!!
Another Everly Tribute Band Redhead1966 12 1 dayDeeDee (714): Just saw the brothers [Wilson?] in Carlisle a couple of weeks ago on their UK tour and it was a great night tho' of course they weren't a patch on Phil and Don but it was good to hear all the hits and see how much the whole audience were enjoying their night out!! I have seen a video of the Zmed brothers and don't think they capture the harmony either but if you want a live show with a flavour of the Everlys I am sure either act gives a good...
Is this Don jilledgar 4 1 dayRedhead1966 (1581): It looks like Don's mouth but the hair is light and jilledgar is right - it looks like a girl. It wouldn't be the first time, not the last, that the internet got things wrong. I found a site that said Phil's elder son's name was Jordan. You can't believe everything you read or see online, that's for sure!
A Kiss is a terrible thing to Waste Liz58 12 1 dayDeeDee (714): Never heard this either! It's great to have this wonderful Everly site to visit and to be privileged to hear all these first hand recollections from people who knew Don and Phil so well and have people posting songs and video that some of us have never seen or heard of before! Thank you all!!!
Let it be me Joyb 17 1 dayDeeDee (714): Although I am British I had never seen this clip before! Phil looks lovely and is so gracious to Cilla who was everyone she appeared with's friend and did very well over the years with her very limited vocal abilities She had a tendency to just shout when trying to go up in key and it could sound very harsh so really she did OK with Let it be me and didn't spoil Phil's lovely performance Enjoyed it just to see new video [to me] of him...
MESSAGE FROM ROSIE annefrances 1 1 dayannefrances (1539): got it tell m=he has my address wrong it is he hasit barrosie wrong I canconfirm what he sent with that one tthanks and tell everyone I am still alive barbara
Stained Glass Morning Redhead1966 5 4 daysLizzieB (13692): Haven't heard this in ages. Thank you. xx
The GREAT Albert Lee bert 11 4 daysRicardoAPriori (2580): Took me sometime to watch the whole thing [in easy quarter hour installments], but really great interview! Thanks again Bert. Your recent blue acquisition looks like a really fun project with excellent end results. More a Gibson than a Fender man myself, sure wouldn’t mind owning a Strat for all those Buddy Holly, Hendrix & out-of-phase in-between-pick-up switch sounds. Though, certainly not a collector [still drool over your...
Beat & Soul Album jopip 1 5 daysjopip (36): Thank you for your response Kathy relating to this Album Cover. You may well know the answer to another cover that has always intrigued me. The Album cover of Stories we Could tell has always seemed to me as a strange picture for an album cover. It is a depressing & dismal picture of the boys who are obviously not happy. The picture looks to have been taken in some dirty basement or cellar somewhere in the middle of Winter. Of all the...
You Can Bet- 2 versions Liz58 11 10 daysJoyb (7179): Thanks for all the great postings girls. Liked them all I certainly wouldn’t have turned Phil down. He’s alway been special to me. I ended up marrying a Philxx❤️❤️
Happy Birthday Chris!! Liz58 23 10 daysJoyb (7179): Belated Happy Birthday Chris. Hope you had a wonderful day. You lucky girl with the gorgeous picture of Phil with flowers for you. Hope you didn’t eat all the cake xx❤️🎂🥂💐
back on line rosiebarm2 11 12 daysChrisW (5883): So pleased it is sorted for you Rosie:heart:
The Queen's reaction to the Everly Brothers Redhead1966 13 14 daysJoyb (7179): I educated all my family to the music of Don and Phil my grandma who passed away in 1964 used to listen to radio Luxembourg on a big old radi. I visited her every day and she used to say your Everly boys have been on the radio. In about 1991 I took my mum and my eldest daughter Caroline who was about 10 to one of their concerts I stockport. It was wonderful to be there with them. I’ll never forget it xxx❤️❤️
Happy Birthday Kathy! Liz58 13 14 daysKathyc (846): Thanks DeeDee and MeFloody I did and Jane whose husband is my twin! You guys are so very truly nice. Thanks xxx
The Archie Bleyer Show GaryTheroux 4 15 daysGaryTheroux (15): It appears that the Swedish announcer bits were cut in or dubbed in in order to broadcast "The Archie Bleyer Show" in Sweden. The underlying production. though is all in English. Unfortunately the end credits are cut off -- as they would be of great help in learning the source and/or ownership of the film.
chet and boys rosiebarm2 4 18 daysannefrances (1539): thanks Rosie...Don has got that hair going on!!!
Everly question on today's The Chase!! Liz58 4 18 daysDeeDee (714): Shame we can't see this in the UK but a good story!
phil don phil girlfriend singing rosiebarm2 12 18 daysDeeDee (714): Sounds great to me!!!
DEAN MARTIN SHOW rosiebarm2 7 18 daysannefrances (1539): Thank you Rosie..I had never seen this...Love the boat joke and them dancing with Dean Wonder if they would get four yes on AMERICAS GOT TALENT!!
red white blue PHIL rosiebarm2 7 20 daysMarieLuluSibenik (6): Thanks to both of you.
Walk Right Back, the show, Dundee 23rd May Liz58 26 20 daysKathyc (846): Yuk!!!
Born Yesterday Jane43 8 20 daysKathyc (846): Happy Birthday to Jane's Ken give him our best wishes. Born Yesterday is a fab album and a very poignantly beautiful song written by our dear Don. Sorry about the diabetes my dad too had type 2. Unfortunately my lovely husband developed type 1 around 4 years after we were married, they said it wasn't heredity, but our son developed it 5 years ago, so glad my husband never got to know he would have been devastated.
Let It Be Me on Steve Wright CameronMcMenemy 3 20 daysJeanroberts (1692): I can see 'Let It Be Me'. being a popular song all over again, with enough plays! xxx
Mandolin Wind bert 3 20 daysJane43 (9087): One of my favourites. Rod wrote a great song but they do it much better.
an oldie price of love 1966 rosiebarm2 3 21 daysAnnmary (1428): Just great Rosie, thanks.
GONE GONE GONE rosiebarm2 5 22 daysMeFloody (5730): Oh Rosie, as if Phil would be looking out for girls😄 All I can say in Phil's defence is that he always acknowledged me and my friend if we were close to the stage with a smile and a thumbs up 😍
PHIL NEVER DREAM AGAIN rosiebarm2 3 23 daysMeFloody (5730): As Don said "A happy, sad song". They were Masters of them. ❤
Enhanced When Will I Be Loved Liz58 3 23 daysLizzieB (13692): Yes I do like it. Love the early sound of these voices. It's a hit for me! :heart:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHYC! Jeanroberts 11 23 daysLizzieB (13692): Happy Birthday Kathyc for Monday. Your celebration can start from now. Enjoy your long weekend. Love reading your uploads , Thank you. :heart: