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***PLEASE LEAVE PHIL CONDOLENCES HERE*** Admin 256 20 dayscraiglhope (5289): Howdy donandphilfan, What a wonderful message you wrote. So true and insightful. Thank you! "They were both so friendly and down to earth." That's exactly what I encountered, also, a few times. They took time to talk! Phil was one heck of a guy. Talent galore, polite, smiled,......alas.
About Us / History Of This Site Tree 74 23 daysJoyb (7110): Nice to hear from you again Ricardo. Hope all is good with you xx❤️❤️
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 9 24 daysDeeDee (624): Fabulous! The Twin Towers...just so, so poignant! I was in New York the year after it happened and couldn't bear to go down to the site of so much destruction and heartache! How some people can stoop this low just baffles me!! We all have such a short time on this Earth and it could be filled with beauty and brotherly love instead of hate and dogma! People, be kind!!!
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 42 1 monthDeeDee (624): Gosh! As a newby to this site it is so interesting to find out about all the difficulties that the Everlys and their fans have had with unscrupulous people trying to hijack things but I suppose it was ever thus? So nice to know this site is run by and for the true fans! I only joined at the beginning of April 2018 but have enjoyed the whole experience so far and it's so great to "meet" other fans of Phil and Don's and know that we all...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 30 1 monthDeeDee (624): Don Everly's poignant words on his brother's passing do show that they had a special connection that sibling rivalries and petty bickering over the years did not touch! Phil always seemed the gentler brother and the peacemaker over the many years they performed together to me from comments in the many videos and interviews over the years, but they were, at the end of the day a Duo, and so sadly the most sublime harmonies were silenced forever...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 5 monthsMeFloody (5625): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 4 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
perry como show rosiebarm2 14 53 minutesRedhead1966 (1458): Thanks!
Article from Record Mirror 1968 Jane43 28 60 minutesKathyc (627): Yes Jane I so do remember chicks in a shoe box with cotton wool by the fire they were so lovely.
The GREAT Albert Lee bert 7 6 hoursJane43 (9021): What a long interview, I will have to watch the rest later. Glad you are on the road to recovery Bert.
Royal Albert Hall Oct 12th 1971 ChrisW 5 1 dayChrisW (5790): I know that it was between Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall and because they had such a memorable time with Ike at this earlier time they both independently chose the Royal Albert Hall. When I was in New York 2 years ago and saw Carnegie Hall all I can say is that I think they made the right decision.
WISHING PHIL rosiebarm2 4 1 dayDeeDee (624): Wishing Phil was still here with us. Such a sad loss!
Live: Concert In Germany bert 3 1 dayAnnmary (1404): That is just great Bert, thank you.
DEEP WATER rosiebarm2 7 1 dayAnnmary (1404): Love it, thanks Rosie.
GREAT BALLS OF FIRE rosiebarm2 2 1 dayAnnmary (1404): A bit frantic, Rosie but I love it.
PHIL BOWLING GREEN rosiebarm2 4 1 dayAnnmary (1404): Very very nice,haven't heard it before. Thank you Rosie.
Long time gone Liz58 4 1 dayAnnmary (1404): Thanks Liz, I just love the way they sung at the reunion concert.
Like Strangers Emmylou Harris bert 7 2 daysrosiebarm2 (2001): welcome back hope all is well miss your entertaining comments
oh baby bye- rosiebarm2 4 2 daysAnnmary (1404): Such a feel good video. so lovely to hear them laughing.
don phil 1963 rosiebarm2 5 3 daysJeanroberts (1638): I honestly do remember your request being read out by Don! I always listened to Saturday Club! xxxxx
everly vs pacemakers rosiebarm2 6 3 daysRedhead1966 (1458): I still like seeing it. It's always funny when things go wrong :)
A Study In Contrasts Jane43 11 3 daysMarty (333): I odnt blame them for being less than happy. The photos make Don look like he has a pot belly.
Pop Culture Classics interview with Don Jane43 5 3 daysMarty (333): @Kathyc Watching Little Richard perform from stage left whilst watching Don at stage right = Heaven 😍
Pop Culture Classics - interview with Albert Jane43 3 3 daysJane43 (9021): I have put in an alternative link. Sometimes the Link function on here doesn’t work for me.
DON TIRED SINGING LAS VEGAS rosiebarm2 1 4 daysrosiebarm2 (2001):
album flash everly bro rosiebarm2 8 4 dayscuddles (819): all good glad i can help let me know how you go peter
little hollywood girl rosiebarm2 5 4 dayscraiglhope (5289): March 1962. Captures that time / sound superbly!!! Then again, in one way of looking at it, anything they sing is 'time-less.'
Prairie Home Companion Joyb 9 4 daysJoyb (7110): Oh dear. That made me laugh but poor budget. She sounded like a handful. Does she have children. If so is it payback time!! Xx❤️❤️
DON A LITTLE BIT CRAZY rosiebarm2 4 4 daysLizzieB (13638): Love it Rosie. Not heard this one in a while. Thank you. Guess we're all a little Crazy..;) :heart:
DON OH WHAT A FEELING rosiebarm2 6 4 daysRedhead1966 (1458): Annmary - That line gets to me, too.
It's all over DeeDee 50 4 daysAnnmary (1404): Thank you Ricardo for agreeing with me, about Phil singing the solo part on that particular version of'It's Over' I did read all your thread and saw that you had got your Phil and Don mixed up, but I was wary of mentioning it, I thought it was me misunderstanding.
Photo Jane43 2 4 daysJane43 (9021): Sorry I don’t know why this posted twice.
Happy Birthday Roxy LizzieB 12 4 daysRoxy (1308): Once again, thank you all for your good wishes.
SOFTLY TENDERLY rosiebarm2 5 5 daysBobbyBri (2622): Thank you Rosie. :heart: Oh what a beautiful, soul-stirring song! Don and Phil performed it quite passionately on Garrison Keilor's Lake Wobegon Spring Weekend on 16th May 1987. I never heard it before until I saw the video after Phil's passing when it was uploaded as a tribute for him. Oh man, I burst into tears like a broken dam! Even today I can't listen to this recording without tears coming to my eyes. Liz, you see, I fully sympathise...
EVERLY DISNEY rosiebarm2 6 5 daysKathyc (627): Thank you so much for posting Rosie you are a star. Xx
EVERLY BRO 1990 HONOR ERNIE LEE rosiebarm2 11 6 daysJeanroberts (1638): Haven't seen this post Rosie! Thank you! xxx
Warming up the Band Liz58 6 6 daysRedhead1966 (1458): Now you've filled in the initial reply so my post looks ridiculous :) Just to explain to anyone reading, the initial post she made just had the letter "I" and nothing else :)
EVERLY BRO SONGS rosiebarm2 1 6 daysrosiebarm2 (2001):
Since you broke my heart Joyb 36 6 daysMeFloody (5625): Too true, Rosie. Take care out there in Texas 💕
ONLY ME DON rosiebarm2 2 7 daysRedhead1966 (1458): I adore this song. Don as a solo artist was amazing.
Happy Birthday to Redhead today also LizzieB 31 7 daysRedhead1966 (1458): Thank you, Ricardo!
Everly photographs MeFloody 46 7 daysKathyc (627): No luckily I have a younger sister and brother. So feel for your daughter though, to have one still birth and then a second poor love, (she was very brave to have tried again) so glad she now has little Sebastian and as you say very precious. My husband use to act and the first part I saw him in was Sebastian in Twelfth Night.
2014 R&R H of F tribute to the Everly Bros Marty 10 8 daysMeFloody (5625): Kathyc I was privileged to be able to attended the RRHoF tribute to the Eve's. There was a marvellous selection of Everly CD's available in the shop there in Cleveland but as I was looking through them, there was this woman to my right trying the "edge-me-out". I thought, I was here first! WE happen to glance at each other, and both howled with laughter; it was non other than Laura :D:D:D
Happy Mother's Day BobbyBri 3 8 daysKathyc (627): Thank you Marty. Our Mother's day (or as my mother in law use to tell me) was called Mothering Sunday and was on the 11th March. So we are lucky ladies and have had it twice, but I only got the flowers and cards last time! So thanks for the wishes what a bonus!! Xxxx
Albert at Kinross video, about Don and Phil Liz58 18 8 daysKathyc (627): Yes Sunshine Smile was a favourite of mine too, so nice to hear Albert's version which was great, I always loved it but had forgotten what a great song it was. Also pleased that Phil Cranham is still working with him. Earlier today I was looking through my old singles and I have one of Jamie's People. Jamie (or rather Pete) was my friend and neighbour and guess what Albert was a member of the band way back when. I don't remember even buying...
Don’t Ask Me To Be Friends Jane43 15 8 daysLiz58 (3465): I think that this song is the opposite of Don't Ask Me To Be Friends?
Why Worry.... Liz58 3 8 daysAnnmary (1404): One of my all time favorites, I never get tired of listening to. thanks Liz.
Lord of the Manor - Live at the Bitter End ChrisW 24 9 daysMarty (333): @craiglhope I can’t like that enough!!! Well put, Craig💕
Video of the Zmed brothers tribute Redhead1966 49 9 daysJeanroberts (1638): Chris! I saw loads of artists too! I do envy you seeing Neil Sedaka! What a great singer/songwriter he is! I've seen his live performances on television and had his albums both studio and live! Don't know how I managed to not see him! How did you manage to never see The Everly's! Strange how these things happen isn't it? I live in Brentwood UK. The Everly's came to the Brentwood Centre! Walking distance from where we live (ten...