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***Please leave condolences here*** Admin 247 17 dayscraiglhope (2334): Back stage at The Mann Music center in Philadelphia one Summer Day long ago, while Don & Phil were waiting to go on stage, I quietly mentioned old cars to Phil and he turned and smiled and starting talking....gracious, kind, interested in what I was saying, polite,....i couldn't get over it...he was a gentleman, indeed! What a great neighborhood teen friend to have grown up with. His harmony was absolutely crucial and critical to that...
Harmonies From Heaven DVD Ready To Pre Order LizzieB 27 4 monthsJane43 (4440): I guarantee you will watch it again soon Millie, it is a very special DVD. ❤️
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 27 1 yearkbeane33 (12): That was a touching message you wrote about your brother. I have great respect for you don. you will be in the light of love and peace with your brother relaxing and enjoying being around every one but until that time keep rocking don . may love peace be with you and your family always . god bless you don. kevin
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 41 2 yearsTree (1392): Phil's welcome video to our site, legitimizing THIS site as the only such "official". Have all original emails to us with video, and of course their participation in OUR family production/ show just before Phil's passing: As you all know this video was our landing page video to the site since its launch.
Phil Everly Memorial Fund - COPD Foundation Tree 9 2 yearsjust4friendship (498): I would just like to say I am trained in both medical and stop smoking fields. I cannot offer a cure, but I can offer hope. If you would like to talk send me a private message. I was a 4 pack a day smoker. Have been free and no problems since 1989.
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 3 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 11 3 yearsflkevin (1209): lalopz, thank you for the link. I am hoping that Don seeing all of the tributes from his fellow artists, would be doing songs with various artists in the future.
NME magazine. Best of the 1960s Joyb 14 46 minutescraiglhope (2334): Great info! teen Fan magazines were very big over here across the pond, also. Every page and every word was read. Girls, especially it seems, were in their own Fame-Adoration-Autograph Book world. plus, the advertisers products sold very well to this new, large populace who now had $$ to spend on all kinds of things. Elvis' autograph was emblazioned on everything. Lunchboxes, jackets, scarfs, clubs were major organizations, etc. ...
Rolling Stone -12 Essential EB songs Jane43 4 1 hourcraiglhope (2334): Great posts, as usual. 'Milk Train' - yep, the hippie, late '60's sound - song - tune - version - reminds me of the Crosby, Stills & Nash "Marrakesh Express" summer sound of that era, somehow.
Phil's 'Badass Guitar Stories' Jane43 5 3 hoursrosita (2865): A very nice article, thanks Jane. I read somewhere that Phil was a very good guitar Player, he supplied the melody and Don of course played his irreplaceable rhythm.
Australia '89 LizzieB 1 5 hoursLizzieB (10881): :heart:
Guest artists for Simon and Garfunkel Jane43 3 6 hoursLizzieB (10881): I would have been ecstatic to see Don & Phil walk on stage. I can just imagine the great welcome they got.. Didn't Don & Phil do great!! I like some of Simon & Garfunkel stuff, although not the biggest fan. :heart: Thank you Jane !xx
Silver Threads & Golden Needles. LizzieB 6 17 hoursRicardoAPriori (921): From Everlypedia (as usual, thanx & kudos to Robin Dunn & Chrissie van Varick): SILVER THREADS AND GOLDEN NEEDLES (Dick Reynolds/Jack Rhodes) Recorded 20th June 1963 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California in thirteen takes. It features on the album THE EVERLY BROTHERS SING GREAT COUNTRY HITS. Glen Campbell (guitar); Sonny Curtis (guitar); William Everett “Billy” Strange (guitar); Bert Dodson (bass); Hal Blaine (drums); Russell...
Phil & Cliff..I'll Mend Your Broken heart LizzieB 6 22 hoursMeFloody (3354): It was at the time when Don and Phil had agreed to get back together so I suspect the record company didn't see it had a worthwhile investment.
Buddy Holly Tribute with Phil midanno 9 22 hoursJane43 (4440): I've read that book recently Mike. Who knows what the truth is, only Buddy and he can't tell us.
I Used To Love You LizzieB 5 22 hoursMeFloody (3354): Its good though!! From a great album.
Take A Message To Mary Jane43 8 1 dayLizzieB (10881): Hi Ricardo. Thank you for the extras. I quite liked Art Garfunkel & son's version. It's quite haunting! Not too sure about the Bob Dylan one though? Hope you're well. :)
Rip It Up Jane43 4 1 dayrosita (2865): Sure gets everything moving, (not a pretty sight) Love 'em. :heart::heart:
Hello Again EB84 6 1 dayrosiebarm (10194): WELL HELLO STRANGER,its been a long time. glad to see you back again. I know you have some terrific songs, as they have been on you tube, and I always looked forward to see you posted. :):):)
Maybe Tomorrow Joyb 5 1 dayLizzieB (10881): Just beautiful Joy! Love the original sound. :heart:
So Sad - Harmonies from Heaven BobbyBri 8 1 dayLizzieB (10881): Thank you Bobby & Jane. It's heartbreaking to see Don in the 1st posting! Thank you Jane for the link. Loving tribute to a dear friend from Duane- must have been so hard for him also to lose his best buddy! Lovely photo of friends together in your posting Bobby. Thank you all. :heart:
EVERLY BRO LIVE LOS VEGAS rosiebarm 11 2 daysEB84 (282): For sure this is Post Reunion and after 1997. I think around late 1996 they changed from "The PRice of Love" opening to the "musical postcard" as Don called it of GR/KTY/BGreen Cheers, Darren
Vintage Rock Joyb 3 2 daysJane43 (4440): I would do the latter Lizxie. Mike has seen him recently so perhaps he can tell you what the concert was like.
I Can't Say Goodbye To You LizzieB 3 4 daysmidanno (3570): :heart::heart::heart:
How Can I Meet Her LizzieB 5 4 daysLizzieB (10881): Thank you Jane. As you said a great song.. In the days when things were a lot more innocent & less complicated as they are these days. :heart:
Why Worry LizzieB 10 4 daysJane43 (4440): That's a great link Millie, thank you.
Happier Days Joyb 7 4 daysJoyb (2571): No!! You can't go into hibernation. We'd miss all your great postings and photos!! ❤️☃️Xx
Stories We Can Tell rosita 5 5 daysmidanno (3570): No matter what was going on they sound perfect :heart: Thanks for posting Rosita. I don't remember seeing this before :heart: Love their shirts :)
This Little Girl Of Mine LizzieB 4 5 daysrosita (2865): I just love every thing they did. I don't know what I would do without my daily Everly shot. :heart::heart:
Couple Photos LizzieB 5 5 daysrosita (2865): Lovely to see, thanks Lizzie.
Carolina In My Mind LizzieB 5 5 daysrosita (2865): Not heard this for sometime, great, thanks Lizzie
My Gal Sal LizzieB 3 5 daysrosita (2865): This is just great, love it, thanks Lizzie.
Patiently by Phil Jane43 4 5 daysrosita (2865): I love this one too, thanks Jane.
Boys With Roy Rogers & Dale Evans LizzieB 10 5 daysJane43 (4440): I knew someone would remember him Craig and it had to be someone born in the same year as me. Thanks for the information about him, he sounds my kind of man! I found this article from a newspaper, The Black Country Bugle which is published in a part of the Midlands called The Black Country. Alan Keeling is a dab hand at TV history and continues to supply us with memories of some old favourites that we used to watch on the little box in...
Photo/Phil,Don being sworn into marines. LizzieB 2 6 dayscraiglhope (2334): Another feather in their caps. The Marine Corps is not an easy branch to get through. Their six weeks of Basic training is REAL training. Kudos to our heroes!
Mabel's Room--Phil LizzieB 5 6 daysLiz58 (108): As the others have said, a cheeky little song! Nice video too.
I Can't Be Myself LizzieB 2 6 dayscraiglhope (2334): Can't go wrong with a Merle Haggard number sung so well by Country Artists like The EB!
Like Strangers Jane43 4 6 daysLizzieB (10881): Gorgeous listen Jane. Sends a shiver down the spine-harmony is beautiful.. Perfection. :heart:
Phil and Don in the crowd BobbyBri 10 6 daysLizzieB (10881): @MeFloody & All. The video was listed couple days ago by Joy. Under the title listing of Happier Days. About 15 down ! :heart::heart:
video country special 1987 rosiebarm 6 6 daysrosita (2865): Wonderful thanks Rosie. They looked so happy together.
What About Me LizzieB 5 6 daysrosita (2865): Another new one for me, very nice. The weather is not too bad here, dull and drizzly. We seem to miss the worst of the weather here in this corner of Essex. My dog doesn't mind the rain unless it absolutely pours, then she is not too keen.
EBs Australia/Part 1 of 2 LizzieB 3 8 daysrosita (2865): I to my eternal sorrow never got to see them. But I am so grateful for all the DVDs and videos. Fabulous as you say Jane. We shall never see their like again. ( I love Don's belt too.)
Phil on David Frost show 1970 Joyb 6 9 daysJane43 (4440): I think Phil always wore his heart on his sleeve and it is so endearing. Despite two divorces he maintained a wonderful relationship with his two sons which isn't always easy. He was also very honest, admitting that the break up of one of his marriages was 100% his fault. What a special man he was.
Torture Jane43 3 9 daysrosita (2865): I just love this, wonderful harmony. thank you Jane.
Don and Phil BobbyBri 11 10 daysLiz58 (108): What a cute picture this is! It's so sad that it was a smoking related disease that was responsible for Phil passing away...., but let's just remember and appreciate the golden voice he had, and Don has , and be glad that they were such a fantastic duo, and will always remain so. (Apologies if over emotional here, but my oldest friend, who I've known since we were 5 years old, also has COPD)
Down In The Willow Garden(Rose Connelly) LizzieB 7 11 dayscraiglhope (2334): You wonderful people are so very, very knowledgeable about music,groups, songs, etc., it's an academic treat to learn on this site. Indeed, Mich and Keith are something lese, indeed, have made the history books and also thought very highly and watched every move The EB did on stage when The EB were the closing acts on the British tours and everyone could have lived happily ever after, But, IMHO, times were achangin', tastes were changing and...
Don & Emmylou..Every Time You Leave LizzieB 3 11 daysRicardoAPriori (921): Make sure you don't miss the "back up singers": + some undeniable influence: :)
Great Roy Orbison documentary Albert 18 12 daysAlbert (33): You're quite welcome! Happy New Year!
Phil & Cliff LizzieB 5 12 daysBobbyBri (1170): Cliff always had great respect for the Everly Brothers. He said some time ago that that all he and his pals were doing in those early days was copying and following them all the time. It was the fact that they could sing and play live and make sounds that were so extraordinary different. And he continued: “What the Everly Brothers did, how they sounded, if you play it now it still sounds exciting as it did when it first came out. It's...
Photos of Phil LizzieB 6 13 daysJoyb (2571): Thank you lizzie. Lovely photos of a lovely man. Always in our hearts xx❤️❤️