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Harmonies From Heaven DVD Ready To Pre Order LizzieB 27 29 daysJane43 (3660): I guarantee you will watch it again soon Millie, it is a very special DVD. ❤️
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 27 1 yearkbeane33 (12): That was a touching message you wrote about your brother. I have great respect for you don. you will be in the light of love and peace with your brother relaxing and enjoying being around every one but until that time keep rocking don . may love peace be with you and your family always . god bless you don. kevin
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 41 2 yearsTree (1383): Phil's welcome video to our site, legitimizing THIS site as the only such "official". Have all original emails to us with video, and of course their participation in OUR family production/ show just before Phil's passing: As you all know this video was our landing page video to the site since its launch.
Phil Everly Memorial Fund - COPD Foundation Tree 9 2 yearsjust4friendship (498): I would just like to say I am trained in both medical and stop smoking fields. I cannot offer a cure, but I can offer hope. If you would like to talk send me a private message. I was a 4 pack a day smoker. Have been free and no problems since 1989.
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 2 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
***Please leave condolences here*** Admin 245 2 yearsrosiebarm (9969): @Franmoore so nice to hear from you again. yes we are still and will always miss Phil. I just hope Don has found peace, and someday , if he has not done yet, read all the kind and nice comments received in the past 6 months., from this site and even the other sites who have many members who love the Everly Brothers.
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 11 3 yearsflkevin (1203): lalopz, thank you for the link. I am hoping that Don seeing all of the tributes from his fellow artists, would be doing songs with various artists in the future.
R.I.P. Bobby Vee LizzieB 3 4 hoursLizzieB (9810): @JBro Sad as you say . It's reported he had advanced Alzheimer's. The Good Lord sure seems to be getting the best for His Heavenly Choir!
More Photos LizzieB 1 4 hoursLizzieB (9810): :heart:
Photos LizzieB 1 5 hoursLizzieB (9810): Photos from Tumblr.. :heart::heart:
Phil Photo LizzieB 9 5 hoursLizzieB (9810): @Joyb I hope you feel better now Joy & the others who suffered last week. These viruses go around everyone. Keep well my friend. :heart: Sally- enjoy your little 18 month old. They grow too quickly. . I am looking forward to the break Jane.. No little ones & no leaves to collect !!! :heart::heart:
Danger Danger Jane43 6 6 hoursJane43 (3660): No not Welsh Sally, we have lived in Shropshire for thirty years so not far away. Our little dog is Welsh though, from Pembrokeshire.
Photo of the Boys//Getty Images LizzieB 7 1 dayJane43 (3660): You don't see many pictures with Phil wearing glasses; he looks very cool.
Maybe Tomorrow Jane43 4 3 daysJane43 (3660): I'm glad you are getting something Rosita. It was always one of my favourites too, written by the boys, hard to believe it was a B side.
update on rosita rosiebarm 6 5 daysmidanno (3444): Thank you Rosie :heart:
EVERLY BRO SINGS COUNTRY rosiebarm 4 5 daysJane43 (3660): Wonderful songs, thank you Rosie. I hope you are back to normal soon Rosita, you need your daily fix of all things Everly.
COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME annefrances 13 5 daysannefrances (285): Yes and we as the audience missed out too.
Rock'n Roll Painting BobbyBri 7 6 daysannefrances (285): Thanks for sharing !
Wings of a Nightingale on Des O'conner Show LizzieB 6 6 daysJane43 (3660): I love the way they look at each other and smile. I love the video too. Thank you Lizzie and Bobby.
DON STOPPED LOVING YOU rosiebarm 4 6 daysannefrances (285): that don everly has got it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil and Don again BobbyBri 2 7 daysLizzieB (9810): Oh! I love that.. Beautiful& different.. Not seen this before.. Handsome men as you say! :heart:
Phil Everly: A Life In Photos Jane43 19 7 daysJane43 (3660): What a wonderful memory Craig.
Phil & Patti Photo LizzieB 12 8 daysLizzieB (9810): Thank you Millie for the video & the link. Loved them both- really great to see them both tell their story in the link . Boudleaux had something in common with the Everly Guys- great head of hair. Imagine Ike actually cutting his hair in the very early day. Great find Millie. :heart:
Phil and Don in the crowd BobbyBri 5 8 daysmidanno (3444): And Don looks cool :cool:
Oh! What A Feeling LizzieB 9 9 daysJane43 (3660): Don's version.
What Has Got Phil's Attention? LizzieB 5 9 daysJane43 (3660): What would life be without dreams ladies?
Photo 1995 LizzieB 3 10 dayseverlyann (615): they thrill me today just as much as they did in 1957.
Always It's You Jane43 3 10 daysMeFloody (3105): Heard this a thousand times or more and still find it wonderfully moving :heart:
SKI FI 1984 MUSICAL SPECIAL rosiebarm 2 10 daysJane43 (3660): A great interview by Tony Blackburn, a real professional.
Photo backstage somewhere LizzieB 4 10 daysJBro (270): Great picture Lizzie thanks for posting:)
DON HARD DAYS NIGHT rosiebarm 1 11 daysrosiebarm (9969):
Abandoned Love LizzieB 7 11 daysLizzieB (9810): Another from written By Bob Dylan.. :heart:
Now Is The Hour midanno 5 12 dayseverlyann (615): fptgibr midtakrd = cab ibky tyoe wurg ibe fubge
A Change Of Heart midanno 4 12 daysJoyb (2226): Oh Millie I absolutely love this song it's one of my special favourites. It's so sad so beautifully sung. Thank youxx❤️❤️
When It's Nighttime In Italy It's Wednesday midanno 3 12 daysLizzieB (9810): A great fun song. Hopefully they had a few giggles recording it. Thank you Millie. :heart:
Talking To The Flowers LizzieB 2 12 daysJane43 (3660): Very like something The Mammas and The Pappas would have done, I love the arrangement. Thanks Lizzie.
What About Me midanno 4 12 daysJane43 (3660): I don't remember hearing this one before, thanks Millie.
What Kind Of Girl Are You midanno 3 12 daysJane43 (3660): Great song by the wonderful Ray Charles, sounding even better by the boys. ❤️
Don Quote LizzieB 6 12 dayssalfitz (1422): It was a very emotional and wonderful evening Lizzie..yes I am very proud..especially as he works so hard and makes so little of it.. no fuss..just gets on ...not like his mother!! Christy Moore was fantastic,really fantastic, and such a lovely man..full of love and humour..did you enjoy your listening on You Tube.. I must do the same..
PHIL TALKS MUSIC rosiebarm 5 12 dayssalfitz (1422): I love the way he deals with those silly questions.. just gets on with what he wants to say and puts the questioner on the back foot ...great ..a true professional and yet gentle and no big pride deal.. he was a treasure ...thanks xx
A Woman And A Man - by Phil Jane43 4 12 dayssalfitz (1422): He sings it with his heart and soul ...and all he's got..I howled my eyes out when I played it after he died. It is absolute Phil Everly..thanks Phil... hope you know how big an impact you have had over the years.
Less Of Me midanno 4 12 dayssalfitz (1422): It is a very real prayer and one to live by xxx
Some Photos. LizzieB 4 12 dayssalfitz (1422): gorjusssss :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Two and Three CD sets on Amazon Jane43 4 13 daysJane43 (3660): My three CD set has arrived and I am just playing Disc 1. The sound quality is great and there are 20 tracks on each disc. So it's ten out of ten from me.
Don't Ask Me To Be Friends LizzieB 7 13 daysJane43 (3660): I just love this one Millie. Don's voice on this makes me go weak at the knees.
Letting ago by Don Jane43 5 13 daysLizzieB (9810): @Jane43 No problem Jane. Still recovering from listening to it!!
Phil Photos(Cleartone) LizzieB 1 13 daysLizzieB (9810): Phil & James Burton Phil & Jason
HURRICANE rosiebarm 8 13 daysJane43 (3660): That picture is a great reminder of the power of nature. I hope things return to normal soon AnneFrances.
Dave Edmunds article about the boys. LizzieB 2 14 daysJane43 (3660): He certainly made two fantastic albums with them. A great read, thanks Lizzie.
Another Phil Photo LizzieB 14 14 daysJoyb (2226): Thanks everyone for photos and info xx🐶🐶🐶