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Harmonies From Heaven DVD Ready To Pre Order LizzieB 33 7 daysLiz58 (1641): I do like this DVD 📀, having had to wipe the recording of it from my TV box. The second disc , shall we say, has it's moments - entertaining, seeing Terry Slater in person backing Don and Phil, but other moments are a bit uncomfortable. When all's said and done though, I'm glad that I bought it.
***Please leave condolences here*** Admin 247 8 monthscraiglhope (3372): Back stage at The Mann Music center in Philadelphia one Summer Day long ago, while Don & Phil were waiting to go on stage, I quietly mentioned old cars to Phil and he turned and smiled and starting talking....gracious, kind, interested in what I was saying, polite,....i couldn't get over it...he was a gentleman, indeed! What a great neighborhood teen friend to have grown up with. His harmony was absolutely crucial and critical to that...
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 27 2 yearskbeane33 (12): That was a touching message you wrote about your brother. I have great respect for you don. you will be in the light of love and peace with your brother relaxing and enjoying being around every one but until that time keep rocking don . may love peace be with you and your family always . god bless you don. kevin
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 41 3 yearsTree (1437): Phil's welcome video to our site, legitimizing THIS site as the only such "official". Have all original emails to us with video, and of course their participation in OUR family production/ show just before Phil's passing: As you all know this video was our landing page video to the site since its launch.
Phil Everly Memorial Fund - COPD Foundation Tree 9 3 yearsjust4friendship (498): I would just like to say I am trained in both medical and stop smoking fields. I cannot offer a cure, but I can offer hope. If you would like to talk send me a private message. I was a 4 pack a day smoker. Have been free and no problems since 1989.
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 3 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 11 4 yearsflkevin (1227): lalopz, thank you for the link. I am hoping that Don seeing all of the tributes from his fellow artists, would be doing songs with various artists in the future.
To show I love you Joyb 3 15 hoursLizzieB (12753): Beautiful one Joy.. What a glorious sound. xx:heart:
WGZS-FM interview Annmary 2 16 hoursJoyb (4422): Thanks Annmary. I've not heard that before xx❤️🎸❤️
Phil and JD Souther Joyb 6 16 hoursJoyb (4422): Wow Liz that's so good. I like quite a few of his songs. He wrote a lot for the Eagles and I think Linda Ronstat also recorded it with him Xxx❤️🎸❤️
Dion and Phil Everly Roxy 12 19 hoursRoxy (183): Thank you All. Jane I will check that one out soon. xx
That Uncertain Feeling (for Midanno) Roxy 6 19 hoursRoxy (183): Thank you x
Love Hurts Annmary 8 1 dayChrisW (2826): Thinking of Jane with "Smokie" and what about Norah Jones with Keith Richards and of course "Aerosmith" and not forgetting "Bon Jovi" http:// http:// http:// http://
AN OLDIE ENJOY rosiebarm2 5 1 dayChrisW (2826): A favourite for me too Rosie.:heart:
The Everly Brothers Show 1970 ChrisW 5 4 dayscraiglhope (3372): Hi Chris, First of all, I made a typo on the 6th word in on my last msg....meant to say...your...not..our, regardless, you are an expert indeed, so thank you. I remember being excited when I saw this Dual (?!?) LP album in the Summer of 1970 as I recall. Bought it, took it home, went up to my bedroom and listened to it, but it was a revised / revision of the older, earlier tunes, plus newer songs of the day, into a, not exactly 'hippie', but...
The Palomino1972 Joyb 4 4 daysChrisW (2826): I love the Palomino shows. I love Phil's quote about appearing there. I have only managed to find time to listen to this clip once before so thanks for posting it Joy.:heart:
Different title, same album... Liz58 11 4 daysChrisW (2826): I love to read your comments Craig.:beer:
Phil. Goodbye line. Live performance Joyb 5 4 daysChrisW (2826): Thanks for posting this song Joy, it really is a fabulous song and Phil can hit those high notes here, even when he is obviously tired at the end of a set. At 17 I had half a cigarette twice, I wondered why did anyone want to smell of smoke, I hated it and that is my total consumption of cigarettes. Alas before non smoking was introduced into pubs, restaurants, cafes etc we have all inhaled second hand smoke. I just hope that most of us make...
J Cash Show 5 - The Everly Brothers ChrisW 13 6 daysAnnmary (564): Still sounds awful. Sounds like 109 years to me Still it takes all sorts.
Everly Bros present J C show 6 Joyb 1 7 daysJoyb (4422): Don and Phil for Johnny Cash Show number 6. Audio only xx❤️❤️
Best Hit Wonder album ChrisW 5 8 daysRicardoAPriori (1581): LOL! Oh Napster, Napster... :D
Glen Campbell -RIP Jane43 13 8 daysChrisW (2826): The BBC do great quick programmes don't they Jane? There was one on BBC Radio 2 on the day Glen passed away at 11pm that evening. This is the link for the show.
sit back and enjoy rosiebarm2 5 8 daysAnnmary (564): Lovely thanks Rosie, it will keep me going all afternoon. :heart::heart:
Happy Birthday Cuddles 🎂 😊 Liz58 14 9 dayscuddles (390): thanks, Lizzie B I had a great birthday with the family peter
Don & Phil JCShow no. 5 video Joyb 2 10 daysMeFloody (4245): Thank you for posting this, Joyb. I with on the Melanie bit and I wound why these clips have numbers and time displays on them; must have been a weird video machine or have they been added later I wonder? Tina Turner is amazing 😊
Phil demo- You Can Bet Liz58 5 10 daysChrisW (2826): Those box sets are on my wish list Liz, I have an Everly friend who I have met a couple of times and we are in contact by phone and email, we get on very well. When I visited her the first time she had the box sets and the books are sooooo good with all the quality photos, it just makes me want them more!! :| Liz, the Scottish Rockabilly Trio "Shakin' Pyramids" sang the song "You Can Bet" for the album "Celts and...
Fun in Iowa with Albert Lee midanno 2 12 dayssalfitz (2562): he's a star :heart::heart::heart:
Nothing Matters But You - The New Album ChrisW 5 12 daysAnnmary (564): Thank you Chris and Ricardo I love them all.
Johnny Cash/Everly Brothers Show 4 ChrisW 13 12 daysAnnmary (564): Great shame, I would love to have a copy. He sings it so beautifully.
Favourite solo songs Jane43 29 13 daysJoyb (4422): Most definitely. It's so beautifully sung by Phil. I get cross EVERY Time it comes on the radio by the Hollies. Same with Love Her by the Walker Bros. it's such a copy of Don and Phil's version. Love of the common people is another one by Paul Young. Don't get me started. Don and Phil were definitely innovators xx❤️❤️
Don and Karen Liz58 23 13 daysLiz58 (1641): Looking forward to seeing the typed articles. Thanks for doing it, much appreciated.
Don't Say Goodnight Jane43 3 13 daysChrisW (2826): Thanks Jane, lovely song, I do like the intro to this one.
Everly Brothers on Ed Sullivan show 60 years midanno 19 13 daysJane43 (6786): Happy Birthday Peter. Hope you have a great birthday. Thanks for the article Craig. Time really does go so quickly but I've enjoyed the ride.
Reunion concert Liz58 11 13 daysmidanno (4737): Wow, I have always wondered what Phil said to Don. It seems that through the song Phil was filled with emotion, small smiles, a nod to Don even possibly fighting back tears. Thank you Kevin. It does make sense. Thank you for asking the question Liz :heart:
From Eden To Canaan Jane43 5 14 daysmidanno (4737): This song is one of my go to songs :) I love it for all of the above reasons :heart:
ENJOY EB rosiebarm2 5 15 daysAnnmary (564): Thank you Rosie, great choice.
Mystic Line Liz58 5 15 dayscuddles (390): thanks, liz if and when you come to Australia and if you have time come and see me it would be good to see you and thanks for sending it to me can't wait to I get it if I have to pay for it how cares hope your family get better soon peter
Virginia Perl and Phil Liz58 17 15 daysJane43 (6786): Thanks Ricardo. Yes, most questions are answered on here eventually.
Johnny Cash show no 3 Joyb 2 17 daysChrisW (2826): What a beautiful time for you Joy, welcome to the world Maggie Ava. I guess you have literally had your hands full!!:heart:
Nice article Jane43 2 18 daysAnnmary (564): I have read this before, but still very interesting Jane, thank you.
Homecoming Concerts ChrisW 46 18 daysChrisW (2826): MUHLENBERG COUNTY, KENTUCKY - Muhlenberg County is part of the Western Coal Fields region of Kentucky, where Don Everly was born (in the town of Brownie) and where many of the Everly family still reside. As of the year 2000, the population was 31,839. The county is named after Peter Muhlenberg. Its county seat is Greenville, Kentucky. The two...
Les Idoles Americaines du Rock n Roll vol 2 ChrisW 8 19 daysChrisW (2826): Song 15 "I'll Throw Myself At you", this is a SoundCloud clip for that song. All songs are now found to listen to.
60th anniversary of Bye Bye Love hitting #1 midanno 6 19 daysJane43 (6786): I so wish I still had that record. Too many house moves and decluttering initiatives I'm afraid. 😠
Walk Right Back the Play midanno 13 19 daysJane43 (6786): Thanks Millie. Let's hope it does well and we all get to see it.
Edan Everly Country guitar lesson key of G ChrisW 2 20 daysAnnmary (564): Very interesting lesson, thank you Chris. Unfortunately I think It is too much for my arthritic fingers.
Happy Birthday Rosita Liz58 30 20 daysAnnmary (564): Chris that would be just great, we can dream can't we?
Phil at Long Beach California ChrisW 25 21 daysChrisW (2826): So do I Kathy, I have to get my Phil fix.:)
I will See Your Light Annmary 7 23 daysJane43 (6786): I don't know how to cancel a posting either, sorry. The New Album is quite expensive on Amazon so well done Chris on getting your mint copy. I have put stickers on all my EB treasures just to make sure that somebody checks the value before disposing of them. Joy, I always think of The Mamas And Papas when I play this too. Just a piece of trivia I have picked up when searching: at one time Don's gf at the time (Anne Marshall) was a good...
Solo years information Jane43 10 24 daysChrisW (2826): Margaret would like to open a Museum in Nashville, but like Mike says father time waits for no man and she really needs to get it up and running if she has the funds, re: building, rates, lighting, display cases etc. It would need constant cleaning and electricity after initially setting it all up. Unless someone has a pot of money to throw at it, it may not ever get off the ground. Look how much work has gone into the Central City one and that...
Ventura Boulevard Jane43 31 25 daysRoxy (183): Found it Chris. Appreciate your post. Will watch these tomorrow, my eyes are too tired at the moment. Thank you so much, something to look forward to. This is such a wonderful site.