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***Please leave condolences here*** Admin 251 2 monthsjulieswan (0): Ohhh, it is so sad. Here is 29 January and I am crying right now. I am looking at photos, but why aren't any photos here? I have found some old photos here - . I hope you will enjoy. Rest in peace....
Tributes from other artists to Phil Tree 12 2 monthsMeFloody (5181): Just revisiting this post Tree. Still lots of tears but an acceptance that I'm not alone in that, when reading these wonderful tributes :heart::heart::heart:
James Taylor & Art Garfunkel - For today Tree 8 6 monthsrosiebarm2 (1182): THANKS TREE LOVELY SONG almost as good as the everly bro and thetwin towers in background just brings memories :heart:
Harmonies From Heaven DVD Ready To Pre Order LizzieB 33 7 monthsLiz58 (3078): I do like this DVD 📀, having had to wipe the recording of it from my TV box. The second disc , shall we say, has it's moments - entertaining, seeing Terry Slater in person backing Don and Phil, but other moments are a bit uncomfortable. When all's said and done though, I'm glad that I bought it.
Don Everly comments on brother's passing Tree 27 3 yearskbeane33 (12): That was a touching message you wrote about your brother. I have great respect for you don. you will be in the light of love and peace with your brother relaxing and enjoying being around every one but until that time keep rocking don . may love peace be with you and your family always . god bless you don. kevin
SITE BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST! Tree 41 3 yearsTree (1578): Phil's welcome video to our site, legitimizing THIS site as the only such "official". Have all original emails to us with video, and of course their participation in OUR family production/ show just before Phil's passing: As you all know this video was our landing page video to the site since its launch.
Phil Everly Memorial Fund - COPD Foundation Tree 9 3 yearsjust4friendship (498): I would just like to say I am trained in both medical and stop smoking fields. I cannot offer a cure, but I can offer hope. If you would like to talk send me a private message. I was a 4 pack a day smoker. Have been free and no problems since 1989.
Rolling Stone: Phil's son Jason on his dad Tree 7 4 yearsAstrid (0): Thanks to Jason Everly and Patti Everly for shearing moments of dear Phil`s time. <3 I have liked and loved his Music since I heard it for the first time when was a little girl. I also have the CD of their reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall, and I have watced it at least ten times and will certainly watch it more. I don`t think there is a nicer, more good looking man in the Whole wide world than Phil, and certanly not as great singer as him...
Help needed! Berit 2 17 minutesLizzieB (13497): What on earth has happened Bobby? That's strange for sure. Maybe you need to get in touch with Tree. You should get a way to contact her by private mail at the very top of the threads. Maybe someone else would manage give you another way to contact Admin. Sorry to hear this Bobby as I'm sure you've never been disrespectful to anyone. :heart:
Everly Land EB84 1 1 hourEB84 (366): Hey everyone, How is life in Everly land?
JD Souther on Phil and Don Joyb 1 1 hourJoyb (6663): I’ve come across a nice article on Don and Phil but don’t know how to post it here. I tried emailing it but goodness knows where it’s gone to!!! Phil sang the beautiful White rhythm and blues with him or if someone else could post it please or tell me what to do Thank youxx❤️❤️
The Ventures Albert 19 12 hourscraiglhope (4758): Yes, Chris I saw Charlie Gracie a number of times and in 1959 he visited his cousin who lived close by in the neighborhood and pulled up in a brand new Cadillac convertible (top down), bright red with white interior and yours truly got to sit in the front seat while he drove us ecstatic teens around for a few blocks. We thought we had all died and gone to heaven. He had a monster hit with "Butterfly" and seemed to always be big in...
Interview with Phil's friend Heide 1985 ChrisW 19 13 hoursJeanroberts (1059): Yes can imagine this too Chris! I'll bet, he made them laugh such a lot too! So nice he took Edan under his wing with his own boys too! A kind and just person! xxx
Phil at the beach....cheers! bert 36 14 hoursRedhead1966 (663): ChrisW - Sorry, I now see (thanks to Jeanroberts) that you provided the lyrics! I tend to think it's about his divorce. That's how I felt during mine!! Thanks again!
Just came upon this LizzieB 13 1 dayKDF (75): I have seen videos where Phil actually said that Boudleaux who apparently sang on the demo when it was presented to Phil and Don and Phil said it would still have been a hit for Boudleaux Interesting as it is my money is on Boudleaux Kevin
Tribute to Phil Liz58 23 2 daysLizzieB (13497): Nice little clip Liz. Thank you. I haven't seen this one before.. Nice work ! :heart:
Phil and Don with Tony Joe White ChrisW 26 2 daysLizzieB (13497): Welcome Lynda. Nice to see another new member. x Hi Chris.. I had never heard of Tony Joe White before. Thanks for the info. Interesting. I had never realised who wrote the song. Elvis seems to have sang it pretty much the same as the writer himself does here. Pity we don't see too much of the boys here. :heart:
Old Grey Whistle Test Joyb 10 2 daysLizzieB (13497): OOhh!! Lovely Joy. Gorgeous boys & beautiful harmonies. Love these songs, :heart:
Happy Birthday Liz58 Joyb 17 2 daysLizzieB (13497): Belated Happy Birthday Liz. Hope you had a lovely day. Really sorry to hear this past year you lost your Sister. Hopefully this year is kinder to you. xxxxx
DON SUES PHIL'S FAMILY rosiebarm2 17 3 daysCollibosher (156): Phil's estate has counterclaimed against Don's declaratory judgement action. Below is his answer to this counterclaim. The matter is quite active. I'll post a link to the ongoing discovery list if anyone is interested.
First in line Joyb 5 3 daysAnnmary (1317): Another one of my favorites, one of so many. I love it, thank you Joy.
Joy, for me, thanks to our Joy Liz58 5 5 daysChrisW (5181): One of my all time favourite songs Liz, I absolutely love it. This is the link for Bill Kenwright's "Golden Years" show.
DON AND PHIL never forget the music rosiebarm2 14 6 daysRedhead1966 (663): Craig - No, I was never teased about my hair. I give off quite an attitude that one shouldn't mess with me. Plus, I was pretty well liked in grade school, ignored in high school and also in college. So no teasing to deal with ;) Jeanroberts - Yes, it's sad it happened just a few months after Phil died. I don't know if they knew they were in the running or not.
Carol Jane , never seen these clips bert 19 6 dayscraiglhope (4758): Wow, Bert, you put me to shame. What an amazing and wealth of fine, history! Thank you. You are a third Everly Brother, indeed. But, everyone on this great site is a close, close fan of Don & Phil, no matter what one's 'contact' is or has been. We all have our precious 'connection,' somehow, someway. Best to all and those great sounds from "back in the day." It's always a beautiful 'Summer's day' in one's soul when listening to...
From the same photo shoot bert 7 9 daysChrisW (5181): That sounds a perfect birthday:heart:
Happy Birthday Bert ChrisW 12 10 daysSharon (129): Thanks for everything, happy day to you!
Live concert: The Orleans, Las Vegas 1997 ChrisW 9 10 daysRoxy (1053): Sharon, that is a lovely photo of the Everly brothers on that poster. I love the way Don is leaning his head against his brother's head. Very touching. Thanks for posting. Also thanks Chris for posting clips from shows. ❤️❤️
Venetia, 80 today Liz58 12 10 daysLiz58 (3078): I have no idea when it is from, but it was the only one i could find of a " later" date. From what I have read, she hasn't remarried, and i have also read that she isn't in good health. (I'd need to search again for where I've read these). It's a pity about the marriage ending, after 3 children, but that's between Venetia and Don only.
Let it Be Me Joyb 5 11 daysChrisW (5181): I totally agree such a beautiful song being messed about with. I want to ask the uploader...why?
March 1-1957 Recording Bye Bye Love bert 15 13 daysChrisW (5181): So young Bert, what an untimely dreadful thing to happen. I know from experience that traumas such as this never leave you. You remember the day so vividly. You will have made many good memories of happy times together and those will stay with you too.
Slippin' and Sliddin' Liz58 7 14 daysChrisW (5181): I wouldn't mind Mike, I am ready for some lovely warm weather, it makes me want to plan an holiday any time soon.
Not Fade Away Liz58 6 14 daysChrisW (5181): Every time I hear this song I think it sounds like Don has a cold. Once you have paid for the session to record the song you have to make the most of it. As the say "Time's money"
Warum Liz58 6 14 daysMeFloody (5181): Thank Bobby. I have had this ep for over 40 years and never did understand the lyrics or know that it was recorded in Germany 👍😊
A rare one. bert 2 15 daysLiz58 (3078): I got this album, from a vinyl shop , but unfortunately it jumps in places, so I'm looking out for another copy. Nice Guys is an appropriate title, isn't it, for our favourite duo? ❤❤
From Phil's estate sale bert 22 16 daysJoyb (6663): Ha ha Jean no. We’ve lived in the house for 30 yrs & I’ve never seen anything untoward Thankfully. The only scarey thing is me first thing in the morning !!! Xx👻👻
Homecoming Concerts ChrisW 67 18 dayscraiglhope (4758): IMHO there will be many, many concerts still to come "up there." A stadium.....big-time! Millions in attendance. All kinds of miracles comin' up. "Let's see here, Craig Hope requested that we do our Steel Pier Show from Atlantic City in 1960, so lean back and..voila!!!...we are all there again. Smell the sea air, hear the seagulls outside, that darkened, mystical theater...we are there! What's that? Someone wants to hear...
Just One Time Liz58 21 18 daysLiz58 (3078): Yes Joy, you're right, shawl neck is what I meant,( and i like cowl necks too)
Lonely Weekends Everlys at Hullabaloo ChrisW 1 19 daysChrisW (5181): Steve Lawrence on the Hullabaloo show with Phil and Don, first song was "Lonely Weekends" http://
Everly's and Steve Lawrence bert 5 19 daysChrisW (5181): Felice Bryant said Phil's voice was like a Stradivarius violin. Boudleaux wrote "Devoted to you" to showcase Phil's voice, they said they could hardly believe how high the notes were he could reach and they liked to see how far they could push him. He truly had a unique voice which I am not sure we will ever hear the likes of again. Ricardo is good with sheet music for songs so maybe he could tell us. Bert may also know.
Gone, gone, gone MeFloody 10 20 daysJeanroberts (1059): Ah! Redhead, I'm so with you there! I thought the original recording rather dull! Again it's sung in the 'reunion' and their harmony blends to the slightly slower tempo bringing out the melody lost in the original recording! Their voices had mellowed so the song does not sound so shrill either! Their vocals matured like fine wine! Ha! Ha! True! xxx
Bowling Green Demo Liz58 5 20 daysChrisW (5181): I have an Everly friend who says exactly the same thing Bert. I like it for the same reason too.
Dancing in the street bert 5 20 dayscraiglhope (4758): Fontella Bass "Rescue Me," "The Name Game" Shirley Ellis, Verdell Smith "Tar & Cement," "Mr. Tambourine Man," The Byrds, "Like a Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan, "It Ain't Me Babe," Sonny & Cher....1964 and on and on and on...... I think of the three muses / arts, Literature, Art, Music, that Music is the most powerful to the soul....
Phil as best man ? bert 17 20 daysRoxy (1053): Nice photos Chris. Don looks so sad in his. It cannot have been an easy life for either of them and I do hope Don has found contentment now, he certainly deserves happiness after all the happiness he has unselfishly given to all of us his devoted fans.❤️❤️
Don, with a great song bert 27 20 daysbert (2007): Yep that's the photo BobbyBri that I was looking for!! And Redhed great that you found a solution !!
phil and don 1968 Phil111 16 21 daysChrisW (5181): That would be a very good idea Joy. I need to get a party dress out😄
Phils interview from Mystere 1990 Joyb 4 21 daysChrisW (5181): This is the photo which they have used for the cover of the new interview with Heide, Phil's home.
It's Been Nice (Goodnight) ChrisW 3 22 daysJoyb (6663): Great song Chris. Thanks. I think mike Sweeney might have played it a couple of months ago on his Sunday show xx❤️❤️
Not COLD but GOLD ! bert 6 22 dayscraiglhope (4758): So true, Jean, we simply won't hear the likes of them again because as fate, chance, happenstance, Moira, kismet, whatever, would have it,1957 was a fore-ordained "pivotal" year for all kinds of things in America and the singing duo known as The Everly Brothers were a large, large part of it. "Bye, Bye Love" was right at the start of it. A two minute country-rock-pop tune with Don & Phil & Chet being the creators of...
The Everly,s - Nothing Matters But You bert 29 23 daysJeanroberts (1059): Oh! bert, Yes I remember the feeling of looking in at The Everly's albums, longing to have the money to buy them! Years later I finally could afford 'A Date with The Everly Brothers' I played it until I could play the other side without turning it over! Oh! the yearning I suffered! Sob! ha! ha! xxx
phil everly Phil111 12 23 daysSharon (129): Land in Kansas City, my Jeep will be ready to go...October!